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  1. After Shepherd took a page out of his book and crafted a perfect quality potion, Spidey was a bit happy. His method worked again. All he did was do what he thought he remembered from other games. As they were about to walk out, Zachariah gave them another quest. They had to deliver a package to Lyle the blacksmith. “well I know one thing as soon as I finish this quest I'm going to find the nearest tree and fall out”. Shepherd said as he chuckled. Spidey was curious. “Why fall out and not pass out?” It may have been dark out but the twin had street lights that made it easier to see. So the didn’t have much of a chance of getting lost. “I wonder what he gave us. Do you think it might have been the perfect quality potions we crafted? If so, that would be cool.” Spidey thought it would have to be something related to potions. He just didn’t know what.
  2. “Spidey, we got a bogie on our six, run!!” When the dark shape was charging Spidey didn’t even question Shepherd. He just ran. Once they made it back to the town, Spidey wasn’t as chatty. After reaching Zachariah's shop, Shepherd did most of the talking. Giving Zachariah the materials and explaining the monster that chased them back. What surprised him was the free lesson on alchemy. ‘It wasn’t even his fault!’ Nevertheless, Shepherd took a shot... and failed. ‘Is it that hard?’ Spidey didn’t think so. It seemed pretty easy to him. “Dang it. Hey Spidey, why don’t you give it a try?” “Sure, how hard can it be?” Spidey gathered up the materials and started crafting a potion. He started by grinding up the dry materials, then after heating up the liquid, mixed them together in a vial. “Ohh. It’s a perfect quality. I guess that means I succeeded. This is much easier compared to actually gathering the materials.” And to Spidey it was. “Looks like we now have to wait on you. Completely different from earlier.” At least he got lucky at something. ID# 105350 Craft: 10.
  3. “Yeah I’m coming. As for the rest. Your right we do need to be careful and views like this are worth visiting.” Picking himself up, he started walking with Shepherd. Keeping an eye out for mats and mobs. Luckily he found a green mushroom as he was walking. Without stopping he bent down and scooped it up as he walked by. “Hey Jet. I finally got the last mat I needed. We can start heading back now. I wonder where I’m going to sleep tonight.” Knowing Shepherd would follow, Spidey started walking back towards the town. He was taking it slow in order to carefully watch for monsters as he walked. Being ambushed out here was a dangerous thing. Especially if one wasn’t prepared. While thinking he glanced at Shepherd. Who knows how his life would have turned out if he hadn’t met him. He sure wouldn’t be here right now. But he’s was glad. He had someone he could trust here. How many others could say the same. Trust is as valuable as ones life. That’s true anywhere. ID# 105346 Loot: 19
  4. After seeing Shepherd lay down on the grass, Spidey started walking over their. He was interested in what Shepherd had found. When he got to Shepherd he was stunned. Letting out a small chuckle, he said “Man Jet, you sure found a good view. Maybe it is a good idea to relax for a little bit and enjoy this view.” Who knew about such a sight. “It’s funny in a way. if I hadn’t run into you, I might have never seen this place.” Spidey decided to lay on the grass to for a while. He didn’t bother checking because he saw Shepherd do it already. ”Life is crazy at times, and sometimes all you can do is follow the flow.” Spidey slowly closed his eyes for a minute to enjoy the breeze, before opening them again to look at the meadow. “I wonder where it will take us.” His mind starts wandering. The view is something to Spidey, who doesn’t travel much it truly is breathtaking to him. He considered himself to be lucky to see such a sight. “Does Jet travel a lot? Is that why he didn’t react as strongly. Lucky guy” ID# 105333 loot: 3
  5. Spidey fist bumped Shepherds fist. “Glad to hear it. Same to you to man. I’ll help you find Juni. After all, what kind of person would I be if I abandoned the 1st person I can truly trust outside of family?” Spidey really was relieved. Because Shepherd actually looked like he let go of some of that guilt that was tearing him up. He looked like he could hope again. Spidey knew it wasn’t completely over yet. Those ‘what ifs’ could come back, but he started going down a path different from what Spidey did. “Besides, we all have troubles. Troubles we find hard to share. We can’t afford to live like we do IRL in here. Trust is the hardest thing to earn, but the easiest thing to lose. We can’t trust we won’t ever be ambushed by a PKer. Anyone any time. That alone terrifies me. That’s why I’m glad I found you. We can’t hide much of anything from each other. Well help each other survive.” In the middle of talking he looks down and sees a red mushroom. Bending down to pick it up he continues. “Besides, it will be more fun with a companion, right?” After putting the mushroom in his inventory, Spidey asked. Practically already knowing the answer. ID# 105299 Loot: 20
  6. Spidey was looking at Shepherd out of the corner of his eye. Shepard broke his gaze from the landscape to listen to what he had to say. "That's is true in some cases" Shepherd said cracking a smile. But Spidey noticed the change in his attitude when he asked Shepherd “what about you?”. Spidey pretended not to notice. By they way Shepherd tried to hide that change in attitude and brief pause, making Spidey glad he pretended not to notice how Shepherd acted. “No I guess I don’t” Spidey could tell that Shepard was tired of him asking questions. Spidey had trouble looking for materials now. Right now he was more or less acting like he was looking for materials. Spidey was wondering why Shepherd looked like his cat had died and was hiding it behind a rather convincing smile. Spidey has a feeling that Shepherd was tired of his questions, and wondered why react so much to his last question in such a sad way. It was then he remembered Their conversation about Juni. Suddenly everything clicked for Spidey. He could speak his mind possibly turning it into some lecture or speech that makes Shepherd hate him in the end but could possibly help stop him from dying because depression distracted him in battle or keep silent and stay his friend hoping for the best. Keeping that in mind Spidey decided help and hope for the best. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bring up your memories of your close friend Juni. You said I don’t have to worry about asking the hard questions questions around you because your ok with, but that doesn’t mean I can’t feel sorry for bringing up painful memories when I don’t even mean to. You told me I very intuitive, I just think I’m very observant, but seeing how I can’t find any materials you might be right!” Spidey stopped and looked at Shepherd. “I may be nosy, hate the awkward silence, brash, a little rude, and straight to the point, but I try to be a good friend. I tend to over think things, get impatient, get mad, and hide myself from the world just to show off to keep them looking to closely at the real me, but I try and make real connections but, good lord I’m going off point here! What I’m trying to say is you have your problems. I have mine. You don’t have to tell me yours but you’re not going to be able to make them my problems by telling me them. Just as I can’t make my problem your problem by telling you about it. You are LITERALLY the 1st person I’ve opened up to because you’re the 1st person that I think won’t judge me for being me. Sure the information might be minor to some people, but I am letting you see me. Usually, I’m careful with what I say, divert, make people think they see me. But I never truly open up. You are the 1st person to notice that. No joke, I knew you knew my smile was a mask. You know more about me then everyone who knew me IRL! But you beat yourself up over guilt. I know you trust me enough to tell me your age, and about Juni, HECK! I don’t even know if that’s her name in here or IRL! So trust me enough to help you Help yourself.” Spidey didn’t guilt to destroy his friend. So he had to explain that there was no way it could have been. He just hopped this would work. “1! IT’S NOT YOU FAULT! KAY? You had NO idea. The only way it could be considered your fault is if you convinced her to play the game knowing this would happen.” Spidey knew guilt wasn’t an emotion that drove anyone to do much with out hope. Guilt will weigh you down, hope drives to to try and fix it. “2! You said it’s your guilt that drives you to stay alive and find her. That is probably a lie. It’s true you might feal guilty, but it’s hope that drives you. Under all that guilt, you hope that she will forgive you, that she won’t blame you, that she doesn’t push you away. that’s what drives you. But what terrifies you the most is the possibility that she hates you, wants you to disappear. That’s what makes you feel guilty.” Remember the phrase ‘takes one to know one’. Spidey knew that the ‘what if’s’ Can tear some up until they stop believing in others altogether. If Shepherd stays on that path, even if his friend did forgive him, he would always doubt her and her words until their relationship was destroyed. “3! I know what it feels like going though all the ‘what if’s’ in my head. You try to come up with excuses to any argument you think that she would use right? Ways you could atone for your ‘mistake’, right? Ways to make it up to her. You need to stop. Before you end up getting killed. IRL, you could mope all you want, put on a mask and slowly have you emotions rot and slowly all that’s left is the need to keep the mask on. Because that’s all you feel like you have left, but in here? You need to focus on the here and now, the future, but not falling to despair over the past.” Shepherd was friends with her right? He knows what kind of personality she has. And Spidey knows guilt tends to make you focus on your mistakes and forget about the other persons personality. Assuming that the other person is mad and will never forgive you. Spidey hopes that getting Shepherd to focus on her personality and how long he’s known Juni to help him reconsider how she will actually react when he sees her again. “4! You actually know her, and I only know what you told me. Do you think for EVEN A SECOND that she would blame you? I can’t speak for someone I don’t know, but I don’t think that it would be possible for you to become close friends with a mean and spiteful witch, so she must be a good, kind, and caring person. You have known her for years. At least long enough that you feel like you guys are close friends. Enough that you could convince her to play it with you on that afternoon instead of waiting until the next morning. Enough that she actually got on, keeping her word instead of just saying that she would and leaving you to get stuck in here alone. She doesn’t seem like she would blame you.” After all that, Shepherd probably won’t want to be his friend anymore. But Spidey just knew after all that the least he could do was apologize for what he did, he just hope it helped. Jet, I know I’m crossing the line by saying all of the. I know for a fact that if anyone said all of this to me with how little they know about me. If you get mad at me, that’s good! At least I was here to say something to you. I had no one, different situation, but it left me in a state similar to what you are in. If I am completely wrong and that’s just how you always act, I’m sorry and chalk it up to overthinking. Either way, Sorry for rambling, meddling, and sticking my nose where it doesn’t belong. Before I dig myself a deeper hole, I will now stop talking unless you ask me a question, and look for materials so we can end this quest.” Spidey stopped looking at Shepherd and proceeded to look for materials. ID: 91236 LD: 8 ((OOC) Really sorry for the super long post. Should mention you already told Spidey about Juni. Read the 1st page of posts. Should be around the middle.)
  7. "Nah I don't mind. I'll keep an eye out for any threats while you look." Spidey felt a little happy. Someone who saw him without out his mask (even if only for a few seconds) and didn’t ditch him. He couldn’t help but smirk a little. He took a look a the sky. "So, did you know this quest has a few that follow it after it's done?" Shepherd said. Spidey decided to let his mask drop a little more, but not completely. People tended to betray him, or use him so he still had to cautious. “Isn’t that obvious? Most quests do. If someone isn’t careful they end up with 50 quests to do before they realize it.” Even though Spidey was talking to Shepherd, he was mesmerized by the sky. The sheer beauty was breath taking. But he couldn’t stare forever. He started to look again but his back felt a little stiff, if that was even possible, so he bent his back straight back and looked forward though his legs. He continued to walk (like a penguin) with his arms close to the grass looking for materials. After about a minute he stopped, ‘That felt better’. “You know, even though I can’t find any materials, and we are stuck here and this IS a death game, I don’t regret my decision and this sight is a sight to behold. What about you?” Roll ID # 91014 LD: 6
  8. “Well I’ll keep that in mind” Shepherds response didn’t surprise Spidey at all. After all who would want a free answer to any question. After Spidey found the red mushroom, Shepherd said “about Time man I was about to give up hope.” He stopped to pick up a flower and continued. “Hey looks like I’ve got all of mine you only need two more let’s keep looking.” Spidey couldn’t help the shock that crossed his face. Shepherd seemed like a really good guy. Usually people don’t want to stck around when let’s down his guard even this much around them. But Shepherd wasn’t scared away at all. He just had to be sure. He probably just misheard him, right? “You really don’t mind staying untill we find all of the mats I need?” He really hope he didn’t mishear Shepherd, and he didn’t want him to wait to long if he did, But he still couldn’t find anything. ID# 90923 LD: 9
  9. After Shepherd stopped for a second at his question about age, Spidey heard him take a deep breath. “I’m 18”. Spidey was kind of surprised. “You must either really trust me or think that information is really useless in this situation. But you know age is just a number. Names hold power. I won’t ask cause I won’t tell if I was asked. Proper netiquette.” Spidey was still looking but wasn’t having much luck. But he didn’t give up on searching for mats. “And sorry for putting you on the spot like that. In return you can ask me any question. Except for my name. You can use it now or later, your choice. But you can only use it in private like we are now. Sound good?” To Spidey it was fair. He saw that the question shocked him, if it was even only for a second. That made him feel like he crossed a line, even though Shepherd did answer him. Spidey saw something red. When he went to pick it up he found out it was a red mushroom. “Finally! I found another item!” Roll ID: 90845 LD 11 ‘I accidentally added 2098 in the perma roller by accident. I still hope it counts’
  10. Spidey had his worst fears confirmed when he heard Shepherd say that. "With her need for adventure, I knew from the beginning that keeping her from VR was impossible from the beginning. I just wanted to prolong it as long as possible." Spidey felt a little relieved by the fact he had bought one of the last few SAO disks. That meant that there was less of a chance that she had bought the SAO game. "I doubt she'd thank me though. If you couldn't die and could log out of this world, would you thank someone if they tried to keep you from a world like this?" Spidey noticed they had closed about 1/2 the distance to the wall. He told Shepherd everything h could without revealing names. Not that I'd make much of a difference here. After all they look exactly like they did in real life. That was the main reason why it was taboo to tell people your name. It was up to Shepherd if he wanted to hear Spideys name or not. His reasoning for telling him was he thought of Shepherd as a good friend to have. Spidey thought against it at the last second. Shepherd doesn't seem like that kind of guy. Not to mention they don't know each other that well. "You're the kind of guy I'd really like to have as a friend. How old are you? I'm guessing your around 20-25 but I could be wrong. I'm 16." Even wile he was talking to Shepherd, Spidey was looking for mats. He was getting a little frustrated. 'Why is is it so hard to find materials!' He only found two so far. ID# 82668 LD: 7
  11. "Hey Spidey you mentioned you have a family outside of this world do you ever miss them?" 'If only Shepherd knew.' "Yes, I do miss them at times, but I'm happy that I can't see them. Before you jump to conclusions, I'm saying I'm happy that I can't see because they didn't get stuck like I did." Spidey was relieved he had put the nerve gear on instead of his sis. "My little sister was always seeking out out new thrills or adventures. When I started playing VR on nerve gear, I became distant to try and keep her from playing VR games. She'd probably get lost in the VR world. About a month before the release of this game, she started disappearing a lot more often and for longer periods of time. She always ate dinner with our family. Probably just to keep them off her back." Spidey knew that what he did wouldn't last forever. He knew she'd get curious at some point, but at least she was safe from this, right? "I know I can't keep her from it forever and probably ruined our relationship, but at least she ain't here. At least I hope not." Spidey couldn't find anything. Not a single material. And he hoped that answered Shepherds question. ID# 82542 LD: 4
  12. "I feel as if our lives in reality prepared us for this world"Shepard says with a smile. "That's funny I just thought about it so many people want to clear this game and get back to their reality when the truth is that this world is our reality" Shepherd saw Spidey pick up a mushroom "Hey, looks like you found one" Shepherd jumped off the rock and landed beside Spidey. Shepherd then starts walking in the direction of the town. "Let's start back to town and search along the wall." 'why does Shepherd think we will have better luck there?' They walk in silence for a bit before Spidey starts to talk again. "You're right, and your wrong at the same time, you know. Your right in the sense that in this world there are many who look down on us for being who we are. There are people who will still try to use us or take advantage of us. But you're forgetting something. It's what makes this reality different from that reality. The rules are different. In that reality, I wasn't allowed to fight back. I didn't want to get punished. I'd rather endure it those 8 hours a day 5 days a week and live my life outside of school then sit being punished for sticking up for myself with my fists. It was all verbal bullying and the teachers didn't care. But, in this reality. No one bosses me around. That's why I put on the nerve gear. Not just to escape that reality but the rules to. H*ll, in that reality, you can't leave your country without a **ck^n' passport. But with the nerve gear? There's nowhere you can't travel in a game. You just need a high enough level." They still had a ways to go before they reached to wall when something caught Spidey's eye. A birds feather had fallen off. He picked up the feather. "Got another one." ID# 82297 LD: 17
  13. 'So he wants info on me? Bout time. I'd thought he'd ask earlier when I asked about him.' still walking along the edge of the field, Spidey starts to explain. "I was bullied in school. All grades. I had very few friends. Life was basically h*ll for me. Books, games, and TV show were my escape. Anything that deviated from reality. I can't hate the bullies though. They help me get stronger each time I got back up. I matured a lot faster because of the bullies and all of the books and games. Because of them, I learned to read people. I Learned to hide my emotions behind a mask so good I almost fool myself. VR games were the perfect escape. Instead of 'living as the character" in a book, I actually live as the character in VR. I skipped school to play this game. Ironically, the reality I escaped from is no longer my reality. I can't hate the creator for creating a world like this. I wouldn't choose to live in it though. And I hate that he dragged others into his fantasy. I skipped school to play this game. My mom, dad, sister and the few friends I have are waiting." Spidey was walking around a big rock when he spotted a mushroom. He stopped and picked it up. "Hey, Shepherd. I found a mat. It's a mushroom." Spidey then put it into his inventory. 'Now I need four more materials. And Shepherd needs 3 more' ID# 82085 LD:14
  14. Shepherd made it clear that this topic was over. Spidey understood immediately that Shepherd was wasn't gonna say anything more about Juni. But now at least he had a name. 'Why is it that hard to get information out of him. Is he still wondering if I can trust him. Well at least I got a bit of the story. But why weren't they together on day one?' There were to many holes for Spidey to get an accurate profile but he guessed that they got split during the mass teleport on day one. "I don't intentionally ask hard questions, but I'm not gonna doge question or dance around the big question. I get straight to the point and will be honest. Your luckier then me though. You have something to strive for, someone to look for. A reason. I came in alone. I hope you fine your Juni." Spidey decided to end it with that. He started to get frustrated with this quest. 'Why is gathering materials this hard!?!?! It should be easier then a kill quest!' Spidey decided to ask Shepherd a question "I don't know why but I can't find any mats around here. Should we go to the edge of the field? We might have better luck there but I not sure it will help or not." He decided to leave the decision up to Shepherd. Since Shepherd has 2 already, it seemed best to listen to him. ID# 81585 LD: 5
  15. Shepherd seemed to get depressed. "It's all my fault" a look of pain was on his face it was as if his heart had just been torn out "she was always the better gamer" Shepherd stopped to take a breath "I was saying she was probably in heaven being here, she loved games it was her life and now it really is because of me" Shepherd seemed to himself his normal demeanor he turned to Spidey with his normal expression on his face "sorry about that I don't know what got in me lets keep moving." Shepherd continued on walking. But Spidey couldn't let that go. "Shepherd, wait. From what I've learned so far about you and this person, let me get this straight. Tell me if I'm wrong, but this girl is someone close to you, a friend or your sister. You grew up together. You convinced her to play this game and now you blame yourself because you feal like it's your fault she's stuck here, right?" Spidey was saying this to prove a point, but for the point to get through he had to rip those defenses down. Guilt is like a stab wound. Just wrapping it up won't let it heal. You need to stitch it back together. And while he was talking, he was searching for mats. "It's not your fault. When we first met, you decided not to tell me. I still respect that. But you aren't going to live much longer holding guilt in. It will crush you. I don't want a friend of mine to suicide when I could have done something to prevent it. I don't judge people for things they can't control. Only the actions they can. You wanted to have fun with her in here. You had no idea. It's not your fault. If someone says it is, then they are absolute morons. You said games were her life? She probably loves it here. The perfect escape from reality. " Spidey couldn't find anything while he was talking, but Shepherd stopped being stoic and seemed a little lost in thought. ID# 81560 LD: 4