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  1. Floofy

    Expanding the Circle <Hestia and myself>

    "R-Right! I've started the quest, so we can get right on it! O-Oh, and uhh, by the way call me Sakoda.. I kind of wasn't expecting this game to become... well, you know." Sakoda shrugged, smiling with uncertainty. She figured that this girl was the on the more laid back portion of the player-base trapped here. Well, maybe 'laid back' wasn't quite the right wording, but she didn't seem to be one of those psychopathic player-killers that she had heard rumors about. "Do you know where we need to go? Er, I mean, do you remember? It's probably been a while since you've done this quest, hehe.. I mean, it's alright if you don't remember! I'm not trying to make fun of you or anything!!" It was becoming painfully obvious that Sakoda had no idea how to interact with other people very well. Was this her way of trying to make small talk?
  2. She nodded, listening intently as Domarus explained to her the plans that he had. She knew that she would need to stay focused and keep herself under control, and she could only hope that she would be able to master her own internal demons while learning from Domarus. He could only teach her so much, and many of her improvements would have to come from within her mind and body. All of this sounded stressful and nerve-wracking, and yet she felt oddly calm. Confident, even. If someone were to ask her how she was suddenly so collected, Sakoda wouldn't be able to explain it. She just... was. It was as if she had come to peace with her place in SAO, accepting whatever would come her way. To think that she had only been active for a short while, and already she had changed this much. Sakoda chuckled to herself, imagining if she hadn't taken that initial quest and left the safety of towns. She would probably be sleeping in barns and eating bread and scraps. "OK Domarus, I'm ready."
  3. She nodded, and started eating. She hadn't realized just how hungry she was until Domarus brought up the suggestion of food. Once she had her fill, and recovered from her desert trek, she went to the NPC whom she needed to turn the quest into, and completed it. She truly did feel like she had learned from her experience, and was more willing than ever to learn from Domarus and follow his lead. As she walked behind him, Sakoda spoke up, "Domarus, what do you have planned for me? I mean, like, for training me and stuff... Do you think I'm going to die?" The last question seemed to come out of nowhere, but she needed to know what Domarus envisioned for her in the future, and if he believed he could help her survive. If he expected her to die, she wanted to know for sure. Not everyone would survive this place, and if she were to be one of the fallen.. She had to know what he thought.
  4. Sakoda was in pure stunned silence. The reaction she had received was nowhere near what she had expected. She had no idea how much time passed before she finally spoke. "Y-You aren't...mad?" She asked, finally breaking out of her stun. She thought for sure that she was going to be yelled at, and berated for her poor performance in the quest. Thoughts flooded her mind, as Domarus' reply went against everything she thought she knew about him. She found her eyes fluttering back and forth, between Keres and Domarus, wondering if this was all some kind of trick to further humiliate her. The more time that passed, the more she realized this was no trick. "D-Do I.. accept?" Her gaze went down to the ground as she repeated the question over and over in her mind. Finally, she looked up, tears in her eyes as she gazed at Domarus, and she nodded. "Yes, I do accept."
  5. Sakoda blushed deeply when she remembered her quest. Her blush only continued as she returned to the town with the items from the caravan. Looking up to Domarus, she quickly bowed her head and followed him, accepting the water and towel. She walked down the trap door, her embarrassment dominating the rest of her emotions. She knew, somehow, that Domarus had watched her entire mess of a journey. Rather than taking a seat in a chair, she knelt down on the ground next to the table. She wanted to say something, anything to try and defend herself, but she couldn't find the words. She knew she had, for all intense and purposes, failed her task. As such, she knew that she couldn't say anything. Her fate was up to Domarus to decide for her, and she had accepted it. Sakoda simply kept her head bowed, and awaited judgement. She wanted to start crying, but figured that would only make things worse for her.
  6. she looked up, seeing the bird still flying and sighed with relief, running to catch up with it. "Thank Kayaba it didn't fly too far off.. but where the hell is it going?!" Sakoda thought for sure they would've made it to town, or at least an oasis. Wiping the sweat from her forehead, she opened up the menu to check what the in game time was. Upon doing so, she also opened up the floor map. She was beyond grateful that she was alone in the desert now, because she became filled with embarassment. If Domarus found out that she completely forgot about the map literally built into her inventory.... Yea she was going to keep this detail to herself. Sighing, and calming herself down from her embarrassment, she examined the map in further detail, no longer focused on the bird that she had been following.
  7. She continued to follow the 'bird' as it let her towards her true goal. With the beast flying so high in the desert air, it was impossible for her to tell that it was Rhozarth guiding her. The more she watched and followed the flying creature, the more her focus stayed on it, distracting her from her anger and rage towards Domarus. Having been following for so long, Sakoda did not want to lose sight of it and end up even more lost than when she started. At this point, she hadn't even been keeping track of what direction she headed in, even though it hardly mattered. Trying to figure out what direction she was headed in after already being lost wouldn't be very useful. It did occur to her that the Sun rises in the West and sets in the East.... er, wait, no.. did it rise in the East and set in the West? Did SAO's sun even follow the same logic as the real worlds sun? Did each floor have it own kind of 'sun' that followed its own logic? In all of her pondering, Sakoda had stopped watching where she was going and tripped over a rock in the sand, causing her to face-plant. Cursing at herself and how often she found that she was tripping over rocks and other things, she dusted herself off and looked around for her winged guide.
  8. She followed the 'bird', believing it to be leading her to the city. It was too high up in the desert sky for her to be able to tell that it was actually Rhozarth, nor was she able to tell that he was leading her to her actual goal. At least her winged guide was able to distract her thoughts away from her unbridled anger. She had even began to suspect that Keres was somehow involved in this whole mess, although she had no actual proof or reasoning to believe it. She more or less was blaming everyone except herself at this point. Even without any sound logic behind her suspicions, she continued to include Keres in her frustrations, not realizing she was more frequently complimenting her, thinking things like, "I can't believe she would agree to do something like this to me! She's too cute for something so mean!"
  9. So.. Sakoda had finally realized that she was lost, and wondering around aimlessly. However, in her moment of clarity, she noticed a bird flying above her, seemingly random and seemingly trying to lead her somewhere. That, or she was getting desperate. Regardless, she started to follow the bird. Even if she WERE going insane, the bird, assuming it was real and not some illusion from her insanity, would need to land to eat and drink eventually. That meant she could find food and water for herself! If she were really lucky, the bird could lead her back to civilization. She would be able to pummel Domarus into the ground for this stupid desert excursion! Not that she would kill him, maybe.. She was unsure if she could actually kill anyone in this death game. If she could though, Domarus was the closest to being the first on her hit list. Actually, she didn't really have a hit list, but if she did then Domarus would totally be up there!
  10. It had been some time now, and Sakoda had all but forgotten the quest that she had originally set on now. Her mind had completely settled on proving to Domarus and Keres that she was strong. Strong enough to overcome this world, even conquer it if she so desired! Wiping the sweat from her forehead she walked on, steaming in hate and desert heat. As she walked, she openly cursed Domarus for sending her into this stupid desert on this stupid quest, realizing she didn't even remember what the quest was, but not caring enough to worry about it. What she didn't realize is that she was walking in the wrong direction completely, going away from the main hub and away from the quest objective. At some point in her rage, she had lost her directional awareness. Sakoda later would scream at nobody in particular, but blaming Domarus of course, about how far away the quest goal was. She had begun doubting that there was even a quest out here to begin with, and Domarus just wanted to humiliate her further than he already did. "I'll show him! I'll find my way back and beat his smug face into the ground!!"
  11. Face down in the sand, Sakoda finally admitted the truth to herself. She had no idea where she was, and was entirely lost. She cursed loudly, mainly in Domarus' name, blaming him for not giving her clear enough instructions, or not giving her good enough gear, or even just blaming him on her own personal lack of direction. Truthfully, none of it was actually Domarus' fault, but that didn't stop her from blaming him. "I'm going to kill him for this.. It's his fault! He's trying to get me killed! He knew that this place was too extreme, and sent me here with the hopes that I'll fall over dead! I'll show him! He's going to think I've died, then when he's least expecting it I'll jump him and break his neck!!" Sakoda declared all of the things she would do to him, laughing with what was either insanity or evil desire, or even perhaps a mix of the two. Regardless, it was evident that Sakoda was breaking again.
  12. Floofy

    Expanding the Circle <Hestia and myself>

    She nodded at first, then kind of titled her head. "Well, it's kind of a spin-off series... Really, it's something to watch after you get involved in the whole Fate universe" she giggled. Not wanting to spoil anything, she left her comment there. "Anyways, where are you leading me? I explore the area a lot, but I never really memorize locations. At least, not very well. I know where a few things are, like stores and stuff, but other than that I'm at a loss." As she spoke, she looked around at their surroundings, trying to take anything in. Truthfully though, she'll probably forget it all by tomorrow. It's not like she tried to forget anything, she just had a short memory span to anything that didn't stick out to her. She was terrible with directions especially...
  13. Floofy

    Expanding the Circle <Hestia and myself>

    Sakoda followed behind Hestia, listening and nodding as Hestia confirmed her knowledge of the Japanese language. She hummed to herself, looking at the familiar and trying to think of what anime was nagging at the back of my mind. "I'm... not sure.. just the name sounds familiar to me. I'm sure I've heard it used as a name, though." Furling her brow, she began to become frustrated at her inability to think of the name. She continued behind Hestia, practically staring holes into Kuro as she tried to remember the name of the bloody anime!! a few minutes passed, and Sakoda shouted out, "AHA! THATS RIGHT!" as she remembered the anime. "It's Fate/Kalied Prisma Illya!" She announced, beaming with glee at the fact that she remembered the shows name. Truthfully, she had a hard time remembering a lot about the real world, especially recently...
  14. Floofy

    Expanding the Circle <Hestia and myself>

    She blushed, slightly embarrassed at her name. "Please, call me Sakoda. Anyways, thank you for accepting my request for help! Kuro... that means shadow, right?" Her attention turned to the familiar at Hestia's side. "I really like that name! It's really cute! It reminds me of an anime I watched too... Anyways, sorry, lost my train of thought for a second! I just need to slay a few Boar Pups, nothing too hard right?" Sakoda smiled innocently, having faith in her new companions abilities. A tank would be especially helpful to take damage, she remembered. With Hestia's help, surely the quest would be done in no time at all! Brushing her hair back behind her ears, as it had fallen forward when she bowed, Sakoda nodded to indicate that she was ready to go if Hestia was ready.
  15. Floofy

    Expanding the Circle <Hestia and myself>

    Sakoda fell back in shock, having come back to reality once @Hestia addressed her. "o-oh! I-Im sorry! I was just uhh... s-say could you help me with a quest?" Sakoda found herself blushing deeply before bowing before Hestia. "My name is Sakoda, miss! Meet to please you! I mean pleased to meet you!!" Sakoda sighed deeply, wondering if she could make herself any more of a fool. Looking up, she noticed how pretty Hestia looked. "Uhh.. you look very pretty," was all that she managed to spit out after a moments hesitation. It was bad enough that she wasn't good with people, but with attractive people, she didnt stand a chance! She could be manipulated to no end if she started to have feelings towards someone that wanted to take advantage of her. Shaking her head of the thoughts, she sighed again. "I'm doing the second quest available to players, and would like your assistance please. Would you be able and willing to help me, and ensure that I complete the quest safely?"