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    Fiora >>Basics<< >Real name: Eden Sørensen >Age: 20 (Birthday: October 28) >Gender: Female >Height: 5’5” >>History<< Eden is a Danish born college student studying abroad in America in hopes to become a world known dancer. As a young child, Eden grew up on acres of farmland, helping her family take care of the numerous animals like cows, goats, pigs, and even a few alpacas. Being a middle child had always been tough for her, being overshadowed by her intelligent big sister and glanced over by her sporty little brother, Eden had fought for a place her parents would finally notice her in. Having tried futball and working her fingers to the bone in her academics, she still never found a way to stand out and gain that proud sensation from her parents. That is, until her last year of elementary. Eden was introduced to ballet when her parents had taken her and her siblings to watch The Nutcracker one cold December evening. It had been life changing for her. Watching the dancers in their princess like costumes and the feather like elegance they displayed as they leaped across the floor made something inside her click. Less than a week later Eden was enrolled in a local dance school, practicing pirouettes and working on her flexibility. She could still remember her instructor’s words after her first month had passed, she was a natural born dancer. As she grew, Eden found her calling in both ballet and contemporary dance. She gave up her less than ungraceful futball career yet continued to climb up the ranks of both her academic class as well as her dance. Once she became a full fledged high schooler, Eden practically ate, slept, and breathed dance and school work. With the encouragement of her family, she had found that place she had yearned for ever since she was but a child. Through her high school years, Eden kept away from most people, rarely ever finding free time away from grades and split leaps to make friends. Her senior year had changed her popularity from shy leaping dancer to socialite valedictorian. Her smarts had rewarded her with a grand title and dance had kept her body agile. She was a dime a dozen and her parents couldn’t have been more proud. When the time came, Eden had announced she wanted to go to college to study dance. Almost instantly that pride in her parents eyes diminished, and her mother had jumped straight into a lecture about how dance was a hobby, going to school for it was a waste. Suddenly, the thing that she loved most had turned her family against her, shoving her off the pedestal she had worked so hard to climb onto. It had taken weeks, nearly the last month of her senior year, to pick up the pieces of her shattered pride and decide on something else that would make her family proud again. Using the love for animals from the long, hard hours she had worked on the farm, she decided on animal bioscience. It was a long shot away from the true thing she loved, but if it made her mom and dad happy, she’d do anything. The first year of her studies had been hard, but after moving from the farmland she once called home and moved into the stuffy dorms of her new school, she felt freedom. Something Eden had lacked over the summer before college had started. Her parents had made it clear they didn’t want her dancing anymore, so she pulled out of the dance school and focused on her upcoming semester. However, here in this little college town twelve hours away from home, Eden was able to do what she wanted. She worked on her classes, twice as hard as any high school course she had before, and when she had the free time she would escape to the dance studio on campus. Sooner rather than later she had caught the eye of the dance instructor who had praised her for her pointed toes and high leaps. The compliments gave her ego that little push she needed, and for once in those long months without the encouraging words she had grown used to, Eden felt whole again. The end of her first year had brought promise of more compliments, her grades no lower than an A minus. Eden had almost been excited to go back home for the summer, that is until the dance instructor had came running into the studio with a pile of paperwork one evening. They had claimed a spot for her on an international program the college did every other year for promising students. With one hand full of documents and another holding onto a plane ticket to New York, Eden was offered a once in a lifetime opportunity she didn’t plan on missing. The looks on her parents faces when she had told them she was switching her major burned in the back of her mind like a hot iron as she stepped foot on American soil for the first time. She would always regret leaving her family on such a sour note. But now she was in the country of opportunity and her new college awaited. NYU had welcomed her with open arms, and for the first time in her life Eden felt at home. That was where she had met her first boyfriend, a major game nerd who lived on campus and spent most of his free time playing any video game he could get his hands on. He had put Eden on such a high pedestal as their relationship blossomed she wasn’t sure if she’d ever come down. She enjoyed the attention, something she never got from her loved ones after high school. She knew it wasn’t a good idea, in the back of her mind she kept it to herself that she only kept him around for the constant attention and loving behavior he gave her. It made her sound like an ungrateful person. She did love him, but in reality they were just too different. While Eden was focused and concentrated on her degree, he was very lazy and procrastinated everything till the last minute. Her boyfriend seemed to catch onto the lackluster of their short time together and decided on a whim to buy two copies of that new MMORPG, Sword Art Online. He hoped that they could bond over the game and maybe save the relationship by doing so. After spending hours waiting in line and nearly wrestling the cashier who had reluctantly sold him two copies, he had set up one of his spare NerveGear in her dorm. With a promise to see him soon in virtual reality, they parted with a kiss and he left to head back to his dorm. Hesitantly, Eden decided to give it a go. If it humored him so be it. With shaky hands she slipped the device over her head, got comfortable on her bed, and mumbled the words he had instructed her to use. "Link Start" >>About<< Fiora is Eden’s more confident online persona. Once word was out that the players were not only trapped in game but also death would mean the end for both the online and irl person(s) involved, Fiora had abandoned her boyfriend’s character. Absolutely fuming and in complete panic, she took shelter in the Town of Beginnings in hopes this utter nightmare would end. This would be the last time she’d ever try anything new like this again, that is if she makes it out alive. >>Virtues<< >Nimble: Years of dance has given Eden a few desirable traits such as being nimble. She’s light and quick on her feet in most terrain thanks to the many days of trekking muddy farmland. Her body is fit and her stamina is strong due to the excessive exercise her body has endured. >Responsible: From taking care of living creatures, to making sure homework and studying was done, Eden is used to responsibility. Chores was certainly something that she shared with her siblings while living on the farm, and Eden took pride in always having her’s finished before anyone else. When someone needed something done, Eden was their gal. >Determined: After years spent working for a spot on the tall pedestal Eden’s parents set for their kids, determination coursed through her veins. Clawing her way up to be the top of her class to meet her sister’s GPA, to fighting her way to lead dancer, nothing would stop her from getting what she wanted. Being trapped in Aincrad wouldn’t change that fact, only increase her determination to stay alive. >>Flaws<< >Inexperienced: Eden has always been decent at real life, but virtual reality was not her specialty. Having found solace in music, she had no need for other distractions like games. With the few hours she has played video games with her little brother, along with the little info she got from her (now) exboyfriend, she’s trying to survive in Aincrad. >Clingy: Instead of a physical clinginess, Eden’s is more of a mental kind. Her dependence on others approval has made her weary of mistakes. She tends to ask questions a lot to make sure she’s doing things correctly. >Monophobe: One thing Eden is terrified of is being alone. Moving to America had left her distraught at first with the lack of loved ones, but once she started to make friends it had gotten better. Now that she’s trapped in Aincrad with hundreds of other people, will she still be fighting alone? >Profession: N/A >>Skills<< >Non-combat: >Passive: >>Search & Detect: Rank 1 >Combat: >Weapons skills: >>Inventory<< >Starter Iron Rapier >Starter Cloth Armor >>Roleplays<< >N/A