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  1. Ruby had smiled and said out to her "Ah I see, I can see that. Why be good at one thing when you can just be good at a lot of things. But... wouldn't that make enhancement building kind of a pain to keep up with from situation to situation? I would imagine that sucking from time to time deciding which things to take and which not to take. I would understand the skill mods being pretty simple, but wouldn't the enhancements be hard to really find a balance? I mean what I have now is fine, but leaves me insanely squishy and I take a lot of damage if the enemy strikes me." she had asked her genuinely asking her about the whole Jack of All Trades type deal, she had only imagined it being a somewhat messy thing to keep together. Ruby had been kind of thinking of having a build like that however she really is worried about it getting all messy. 46/100 Hestia: 4/5 Ruby: 5/5 Loot: 2400 Col, 5 T3 Materials, 1 T3 Rare Weapon, 2 T3 Rare Consumables
  2. "I mean-" she thought for a moment before remembering she hasn't shown her the new toy she had been planning, she just shook her head and said "Don't worry about it." then she had looked over to where Hestia had been looking toward then listened to what she had to say. Ruby smiled a little bit amused saying to her "Well, Shield is Shield and always takes the easiest routes before the hardest, so... I see your point." she then started to walk with Hestia towards the location, looking over Ruby said "Ah just a pair of gaultlets, nothing too special. I have always found it weird how the system decided what the item becomes, I think it just sees Martial Arts are my most used weapon." she had shrugged "So anything new and interesting with you with your build or anything? Any new skill you have been picking up? Anything cool?" @Hestia 46/100 Hestia: 3/5 Ruby: 4/5 Loot: 2400 Col, 5 T3 Materials, 1 T3 Rare Weapon, 2 T3 Rare Consumables
  3. Ruby had sighed and said out to her "Well, I would of been mad if we couldn't of progressed to the next floor if was for Hirru, however he had made his escape and we managed to get here. He really just needs to learn how to get with the flow of life here in Aincrad. Even if they are AI they are programmed to have feelings and interact with us via key words, which even though being trapped in this game is bad. It really started a revolution to how society." she had stood up from being on her knees and patted herself off. Ruby smiled and said "Ah you know some Col, some materials, a unidentified Weapon, and consumables we wont even use." she had giggled. She had looked around and let out a "uh" sound until she had said out to her "Ah, lets just go wherever you feel. You are the leader here after all, I am just a copy cat to your build after all." she giggled once more. 46/100 Hestia: 2/5 Ruby: 3/5 Loot: 2400 Col, 5 T3 Materials, 1 T3 Rare Weapon, 2 T3 Rare Consumables
  4. Ruby had looked up to see Hestia walk up to her as she had been picking the lock, Ruby had grinned and said to her with a bit of disappointment "Well, isn't he just the brightest person on the planet right now." she had shook her head "One of these days people will know when to just let things not bother them. Its like for me I just want to move on and get closer toward's beating the game. No point in being super depressed for so long anymore." she had sighed "What's his problem anyways?" she had asked out to her as she had finally opened the chest peering inside seeing a handsome amount of loot this time. Or... at least a decent some of things. Ruby took the items and put it in the pot for her and Hestia to split once this whole escapade is over. ID: 110418 - LD: 7+5=12 46/100 Hestia: 1/5 Ruby: 2/5 Loot: 2400 Col, 5 T3 Materials, 1 T3 Rare Weapon, 2 T3 Rare Consumables
  5. Ruby had looked around, she figured she would help out to the cause to find the labyrinth or just in general finding other things. After a few shifts in direction, they had been put on a different direction. Still looking around she had been keeping her eyes peeled to find a lot of other things. After a moment she had seen something hiding in some bushes, moving over in the direction Ruby had moved the bushes to the side and pulled out the found treasure chest that she had found. Getting onto her knees and letting out a puff of air getting out one of her lockpicks she said out to herself "Well... lets hope to god this isn't a mimic and something good comes from this... however with my luck lately... I shouldn't really expect anything." she then began to toy the lockpick around at the key hole trying to find the sweet spots to get it open. ID: 110417 - LD: 19+7=26 [Chest Found] 46/100 Hestia: 0/5 Ruby: 1/5
  6. Ruby had rubbed the back of her head as Hestia went on saying that she had been going down the "Hestia" path she had said out to her "Well... I guess, my build is going to be a fair bit different from you, like I don't have a Shield and I use my hands more often than you I would guess." then paid attention as she had basically described creating some sort of police force, in which she thought that Aincrad needed desperately, as there has been a handful of player killers and a lot orange players running around willy nilly. Ruby had smiled and placed a hand onto her hip and said out to her "I thought that I was already a part of that Police Force Hestia, we kind of need it badly with all the chaos running around. Some people just need either a reminder its a task we all need to group together to get out of, or sit and wait for us to get out or simply just be taken care of to prevent more chaos from spreading." @Hestia
  7. Ruby knew that the Colosseum meant that now everyone has a official place to go fight each other, which could be a little dangerous knowing that conflicts could end up here, or worse. But shaking off her thoughts she had just continued to look around at the many different places around. A lot of water to this floor as well, along with the many different islands. It certainly was a interesting floor, however all around Ruby liked it even though its basically nothing new, a lot of which seemed to look like used assets already. Ruby had shook her head and let out a small chuckle at that thought. Ruby had let out a puff of air being a little bored, however there wasn't really much she could really do about it, she was just here along for the ride and to get things all done and to get moving to the next floor boss raid. ID: 110415 - LD: 15+7=22 22/100
  8. Ruby had giggled a little bit and said out to her "Well, what I have planned is a sudden shift in build. No longer will I be as squishy as I did before, and now dawning a brand new look and a brand new pair of hands, I can start working on being just a tad bit different... however..." she had sighed and said "I need a new familiar, Purobolos one day got really mad and exploded as per usual, but he never formed back. So... I think he died, but I am not exactly sure what in the world had happened. He never returned, so I guess I just have to find a new one. I am looking for a Mitigation one to make sure my plan is working out well though." she had tried to keep a somewhat smile on her face even though she is seeing someone she cared about again thinking that she had died and the loss of her previous familiar, a couple tears fall down every now and then however she is trying really hard to not let them flow. Shaking her head she had asked out to her "So, whats with this poster stuff you have been doing?" @Hestia
  9. Ruby had looked around at the floor as was colored impressed though, however Purb really wasn't too enthused that it was this way, Purb wanted more combat and things to be a bit darker, which did always made Ruby somewhat not like her familiar as much. Ruby had looked over behind her from her shoulder and saw the two from a far distance still were conversing, or what looked to be conversing amongst each other. Ruby had sighed and thought to herself as she shifted her head forward "Geez, wonder what got into him. I may not be a close friend or anything, but for the sake of getting out of this game he sure is keeping a lot bottled inside for granted no reason whatsoever. Tis to be different though, tis to be different." then she had looked at from a distance that there had been a Colosseum, placing her hand onto her chin she had began to think a little bit to what this now means with all the players that had been running around from floor to floor.
  10. Then there was silence, she had then thought that Hestia was coming to her, Ruby had stood up from her seat and started to quickly move her way to the floor teleporter. After a moment has past, Ruby had spotted the black haired tank and she had ran up to her still wearing her armor and gave her almost a tackle hug, but not enough to knock her over, just enough to feel it. Ruby placed her head on Hestia's shoulder and cried a little bit "D-don't you ever almost die on me again you hear me... don't you dare..." she had raised her head and with a giggle she had said to her "I could kiss you right now thats how much I was upset, but don't worry I am not going to. You are in a relationship and so am I." she then let go of her then took two steps back dawning her new pair of Armor and her brand new shiny gauntlets that had glowed with blue energy, but soon shifted to a dark mist. @Hestia
  11. Ruby had looked over to her familiar as Hestia walked off to go speak to Itzal she had somewhat walked ahead to make sure that she really couldn’t listen anything from the conversation, it’s not her place to be butting into conversations. She had given her familiar a few pats on the head, him getting more grumpy with each pat as growls got more loud as Ruby said out to him “Well buddy, it’s just me and you for the time being. I know compared to the floor boss it is very boring to you, however we can’t be in combat 24/7 I’ll more than likely run of HP or Energy pretty quickly and things would get sour you know.” Purb grunted in agreeance, but still in a somewhat grumpy manner. Ruby had looked around the new floor, she did like it however she felt like it could be a tad bit better at a different spot than where she is.
  12. Ruby had looked around as it had remained a tad bit silent for the most part, with Hestia more interested with all the sights to see, and Itzal…? Ruby just assumed he was just being a stick in the mud. Purobolos had looked around the area and had grunted a little bit, Ruby rolled her eyes and said out to him “Come on Purb, enjoy something for once, not everything needs constant combat or things on fire or exploded you know.” Purb simply rolled its eyes back. Looking back over at Hestia, Ruby had smiled and said out to her “Why don’t you try to speak to Itzal, I’ll keep out of hearing distance. I’ll be fine, as long as I got my explosive balloon and my fists at my side. Plus I am sure you would be able to see me from a distance. Go out and speak to him.”
  13. Ruby had looked over to Hestia with a smile and said out to her “Well, at least the job will be done more than anything. However if your attention is toward him then I don’t mind just stepping a couple steps away for a talk to occur.” she had returned the small hug. However she did ask her about her opinions about the boss, which took Ruby a second to think, however she found the answer she sought for in her mind and spoke to her “Iiiii, really think that it was just a rodeo of many different emotions and just- I guess, we realized the emotions we once lost and it came all back here from the moment Hirru wanted to protect a child, to even frontliners turning on each other. Needless to say it was just a lot of needless drama that hopefully within the next few bosses is long gone. We need every soul to be as one to make it out of here.” she sighed looking forward on the path. @Itzal
  14. Ruby had blinked as a exchange and happened between the two, Ruby raising her finger to the air once trying to intervene however just had let it go. Ruby lowered her hand onto her hip and waited for the moment to speak… meaning her turn. After a moment she had spoke up and said “I don’t quite think I know what is wrong, however if it’s the boss just a lot of things happened, but at the end of today we all can’t sit around and be depressed about it for long. We are all on a time limit here in this damned world after all. We as friends need to stick together and get out of here, otherwise we’ll all die here laying on a hospital bed. So, come on let’s go.” she had waved for them to get moving, Purobolos floating next to her crossing his arms getting a little impatient as per usual. @Itzal
  15. After a few minutes, or what had seemed to be longer than that, Ruby had received a message back from Hestia, however immediately and not wasting any more time and let out a deep breathe of relief as she had heard that she was alright and began to write back to her: She giggled as she had sent the message. While Ruby did in fact miss her old familiar, he was... a little bit too grumpy for her tastes. Eventually he just popped and never got himself back together, so he... died? Ruby was confused at what happened, he just got so angry he popped and poof, gone. @Hestia
  16. Ruby had smiled back seeing Hestia’s and noticed that she had grabbed a man’s arm saying that he was coming along with them. Ruby had blinked a few times, she could of sworn she had seen that man before, however it has been either been a long time since she has last seen the man or she just forgot entirely and never met him at all. Either way she had spoke up and said out to him “I am pretty sure I have seen you before today, however it’s a pleasure to be out exploring with you today.” She had looked over to Purobolos and patted him on the head and said out to him “Alrighty Purb, we are just heading out and explore the new floor that we have unlocked, however I am not too sure how the next fight will be...” she then shifted to a slightly worrisome tone knowing that many bad things had happened in this previous fight. @Itzal
  17. Today was another day till she had received a invitation from Hydra to meet up with her at a wedding... however she read it to be Neo's wedding. Ruby had blinked for a moment read it just about five times to make sure she had been reading it correctly. She was a little shocked that someone like Neo had been getting married mostly because she chooses to just say nothing most of the time. However with a deep breathe, at the end of the message she was happy for Neo to finding that one person to love her. With a smile Ruby had messaged Hydra: After picking out her dress, she had started to walk towards her coordinates which didn't take her much time at all. After a moment she had walked up to @Hydravion and placed her hand on her hip as she stepped next to her and planted a kiss on her cheek "Looking good today sweetie, have you been staying out of trouble?" she had asked her with a giggle. To those not wanting to press the word dress:
  18. Ruby

    Astral blade

    Trading to @Zandra in return: <<Gleaming Stone>> [All players who did not land the last hit bonus receive this drop] Changes 1 Equipment from one Type, to another. Is consumed after use.
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    Oikawa's Chest

    Approved dog.
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    Skill Refund Evaluation

    Skill(s) Being Dropped: Fishing, Energize Mod(s) Being Dropped: nope SP Refunded: 25 Cost: 25000
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    [F13 EB] Adulterated Realms T3

    Ruby's eyes had widened as the boss has attacked everyone around her, killing not only Morgenstern, but it had ended Hestia's life at least to her knowledge she thought it did. Ruby had suddenly became angered, everything lost its volume and things had just turned sour, Ruby's day had just been absolutely ruined. Ruby had looked over to the boss after taking a devastating attack from Zandra saying out to it "You monster- You took someone that I loved away from me." she had growled "This ends now freak- I'll end your life. May the gods send you to hell. I'll kill you." she had spoken almost crazy at this point and moved forward and slammed her fist against the monster hoping it was going to be enough damage to send it back to hell.
  22. Last night had been a blur, Ruby had yawned as she had woke up but when she had woke up she had remembered that she had met a woman and things had got very romantic and she got herself into a relationship. However she woke up with her arms wrapped around her... but she had looked to see that there had been a lack of clothing. Ruby had blushed a little bit before quickly opening her inventory to equip her nightgown and getting out of the bed to stretch her arms before patting Purb in his little bed saying out to him "Morning purb, lets make some breakfast." she had quietly made sure Hydra had still been asleep and made her way into the kitchen just making the simple Bacon and Eggs, a quick and simple breakfast Ruby had come to eat quite a bit as days have passed by. @Hydravion
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