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  1. Heyy, boys~!

    So I've been looking for some threads (not you Neo), and I was wondering if anyone would want to do some stuff with me ;w; 

    I know the orange cursor puts off a lot of people, and I encourage you to play your character. But! New or old, I'd love to write with some of you, if it's reasonable in-game uwu like i promise nothing bad will happen without a serious reason lol 

    I'm open for all sorts of stuff! Gathering, story-driven threads, and quest/questlines are all fair game, dude. I can help you through whatever, with some exceptions, depending on the person. I'm risky with the quests though ;0 wink wink ayy haha badum crash bam boom pow

    I don't have anything particular in mind for a story with other people right now, but I'm always open to suggestions!

    i want to write 
    really bad
    pleas e

    1. Neopolitan


      Awww, you're no fun. But you did promise me that you'd start a CTC with me and I haven't seen the notification for that yet.

    2. Pinball


      I know, and I still plan on doing it. I'm really close to wrapping up this dungeon with Zandra and Hestia, and once it's locked I'll have hit T3. Those are the stats I gave you to run the numbers for, and I wanted to start it when those were the ones I actually had. I'm not forgetting about you, and we'll do it for sure, but I do ask that you wait just a little bit longer uwu