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  1. Taka

    [PP-F2] What Makes a Story? (Taka)

    ID# 99044 LD:6 We walked out of the towns gate and headed to the closest mountain trail to look for some ores only found in these mountainy regions. Since I didnt have any loot tracking items i figured that the chance at me finding one was almost none, but i sure wasnt going to stop trying. A strong wind blew past me, making me loose my balance. That shifted my eyesight towards the valley down below us, and there i could see some wild beast type monsters, however they didnt seem to notice us, so I figured we could continue looking for materials peacefully. Suddenly I remembered about the weird look Kasier had when we left the town, and decided to pay attention in case if it was something to be weary of. "You previously said that it wasnt anything serious, but are you sure about that? Im just worried it might put us both in danger, since this game has the death element to it." @Kasier
  2. Taka

    [PP-F2] What Makes a Story? (Taka)

    I looked around the market thinking of Kasier words about leather armor not beeing worth it, and wondered what should I get, when I noticed Kasier next to me suddenly had tensed up. "You OK there? You looked spooked for a moment, somethings the matter? Anyway I think I'm good here- I've eaten my fill, and I don't think I'm interested in any gear from here. Then shall we go gather up some materials? “ I asked while looking around, trying to find out what had happened to make Kasier so uneasy all of a sudden. However I did not find anything suspicious around us, so I figured it wasn't any immediate danger. I started going to town gate, figuring that my companion would catch up with me when shell be ready. I also wanted to have a look around the town some more, so I said to Kasier, that she can take her time.
  3. Taka

    [PP-F2] What Makes a Story? (Taka)

    I looked around, trying to keep my enthusiasm hidden and keeping a straight face. There was a ton of food stalls, trinket shops and so much more to see and take in. "I think Ill stick with food for now." I say as I stop at some food stalls, getting my hands on some takoyaki and crepes. I wasn't realy interested in trinkets and items, because even tough I had the money I still decided to save up- this was only the second floor after all. What I was even more exited about was going material gathering, because I looked forward to seeing what this floor looked like outside of towns. "So, what have you bought? Maybe something you could recommend?" I asked Kasier, because after all she was much more experienced than me. We had came to the centre of the market and the sheer amount of sold items were overwhelming, shaking my previous conviction not to buy anything, but food.
  4. Taka

    [PP-F2] What Makes a Story? (Taka)

    After I had told Kasier, that I would love to tag along, for one because I actually hadn't thought trough my venture to the 2nd floor. I had almost finished all tutorial quests, except for getting a job, which I had decided to do a little bit later. Second of my reasons was that as far as I had come I had learned that a party is always good however you got in it. This, of course didn't apply to player killers. Since my geographic skills on the second floor were worse than average I let Kasier lead the way to the market she had told me about. I hadn't spent a lot of money since the start of the game, and I tough I might like something there, so I was eager to get there. As we walked I started to observe Kasier, trying to figure out what kind of player she was, but with no luck.
  5. Taka

    [PP-F2] What Makes a Story? (Taka)

    In the same time I was sitting in the same shop drinking my last drops of tea. Earlier I had ate a bunch of sushi so I was filled to the brim. I noticed a girl sitting next to me and judging from her gear she was more than a few levels ahead of me. However since this was my first time in the 2nd floor I had to find someone who could show me around, so I took a chance. I drank my glass empty, loudly put my glass down, breathed in and turned to face her. "Hi, do you know this floor well? I just came here from 1st floor and I need some pointers about what is the best things to do here. And by the way Taka is the name. And Im level 6" I say hoping that she wont just turn away and leave, or totally ignore me. My smile slowly starts to drift down, as I wait for the reply.
  6. The name is Taka, nice to meet ya! Hope we can get along! I say trying to sound as friendly as possible. I quickly open my menu, maneuvring my hand to bring up the party window. After sending party request I sight and sit to take a look at the quests details- dragging some guy I don't know on a quest that I know more or less nothing about, that's just me. As I read through the request I start to see some interesting details- for example, that the item I had received and was supposed to deliver was a fishing rod, and there were some implications about the guy who needed it being old, so naturally, I started to suspect that we will need to fish something. Neo, that was the name, right? Have you fished here, in Aincrad I mean? Because our quest is to deliver a fishing rod to an old fisherman, keyword being old, so I think we might need to do the fishing.
  7. After finishing the meal with Hestia I said goodbye and started thinking about what to do next. On one hand, there was the quest I had quickly accepted from Hannah without reading it, but since it was another delivery mission it didn't sound so good, but on the other hand, it was a good opportunity to gain some levels before going to the second floor. I sighed as I considered the pros and cons of both options. I could go, but it would be nice to find some other low level player, like me, to join. I look around and surprisingly I saw a boy with black hair and bright green eyes standing in the distance. He didn't seem to be a team player, but I decided to give it a shot anyway because after all the more friends you have the better! Hey, you, you are free, right? Wanna join my party and help me with this quest?"
  8. Hy, anyone wants to help me with the 4th lesson? I would really appreciate it.

  9. "Hey, Hestia. Remember what I said, about going out to look for a new party? I think, that that is what Ill do. There are a bunch of people here in the Town of beginnings, who need you more than I do and I think I'm ready to go out by myself. I'm really grateful for everything that you have done to help me, so if you ever need my help, then send me a message and I'll come. And I would like you to help me catch a familiar when my level gets high enough- yours really inspired me. Nut now- let's go eat, ok? I'm starving." I stood there and thought, how weird this situation was- people stuck inside a virtual reality game having to deal with their natural needs like eating or sleeping and having real meaningful conversations- my family, back in the real world would say, it's not real, it doesn't count, but being here breaks one's perception of reality and virtual image and makes them become one- my current real world.
  10. I sigh with disappointment because my stomach is making me aware of my hunger, but in the end, I decided to give in to Hestia's manner driven plan and go to the park instead. I walked in silence, as I didn't feel well enough to make some small talk. Each time I maneuvered in the city I got faster- I could find faster routes and thanks to the minimap, which I now know how to use, I didn't need to worry about getting lost. We quickly arrived at the designated place and gave Hannah the gems. For this, she gave me a ring of focus, that increased my ACC by 1! Lucky me, but when she told that she has something more we could do for her I said that I will come later because I was HUNGRY. However, NPC dialog didn't stop and I received a package addressed to some fisherman, that she needed to be delivered. I waved my head and impatiently waited while Hestia repeated the process.
  11. "Well, I actually think, that this was a bit easier, because it was bigger and easier to hit, and plus it was much slower." But in my mind, I really taught that it was much scarier than a measly boar, that deals almost none damage. "Okay, anyway, let's go to the town. I hope we can get back before the nightfall." Walk back to the town was more or less peaceful. Thankfully we did not run into any trouble. When we entered the town of beginnings it was still bright, as the sun had just started going down. "Hestia, it is still day, maybe we could go eat something before giving the gem to Hannah?" I ask her because Im starting to get hungry from all the excitement during the gem hunt. And I really needed some soup or meat in my belly to keep on going, but I still needed to ask Hestia.
  12. Taka vs Cave Guardian ID# 91209 BD:6 MD:3 "Okay, I will keep it in mind, might help in later battles," I shout as I run around the monster trying to find an opening in its defense. Suddenly I see, that the Cave Guardian is preparing some special move, as its arms twisted around it, but then suddenly it started spinning around. However, since I had noticed this attack I was standing at a safe distance. I swap my head around to see how is Hestia doing, but it seemed, that the attack hadn't affected anyone. As the monster froze in place after its attack, I saw a sight chance to strike. Since the monster was about three times bigger than me, I had no other chance to strike an attack, than to look for an opening. My blade quickly found its way towards the monster and broke into its rock solid body. The crack from my attack started expanding and spreading until it reached the monsters head, cracking it in half. Then, as with all other monsters both of its halves disappeared in the air. "Yes! We did it!" Cave Guardian: HP: 0/20 [Dmg: 50 5(Does not gain bonus damage from crits)] [H:4]Hestia: 445/460 Energy: 35/46 [H:1]Taka: 60/60 Energy: 4/6
  13. Taka vs Cave guardian ID# 91184 BD:2 MD:4 I look at the cave guardians HP bar and it has dropped down to the red zone. In my mind, I figured, that one hit and its all over. I attack it with all my strength, but just as I'm in the strike distance an arm comes in my view and I quickly jump back, bearly dodging it, but losing my chance to strike. I really need to pull it together, otherwise, I will fail to deal the finishing hit. I look around, only to notice, that golem is charging forwards Hestia. I quickly start running to deflect the blow that was coming to Hestia. "Hestia, watch out, why is it attacking you?" I shout out, losing my breath for a second. I jump forward to the Cave Guardian and with my dagger deflect its hard, rocky arm. As the dagger connects with the arm I feel the force, pushing me backward, but I push my feets in the rough rock, holding my ground and without falling down. I guess the system had something to do with my balance because it felt unnatural. Cave Guardian: HP: 2/20 [Dmg: 50 (on first successful hit only)/ 5(Does not gain bonus damage from crits)] [H:4]Hestia: 445/460 Energy: 34/46 [H:1]Taka: 60/60 Energy: 4/6
  14. Taka vs Cave guardian ID# 91163 BD: 9 (Critical +1) MD:5 I quickly pull out the potion of safeguard, that Lyle gave me and drink it all in one swoop. As I finish it the bottle scatters in the air, leaving nothing but a green aura around me, signaling that the potion worked. "`Key, I'm going in!" I run forwards to the golem-like creature in front of me. Just as I prepare to strike a blunt hit trambled my body as the arm of the monster connects with my hand, however, I felt no pain, thanks to the potion. Then I think to myself, that I would b better to use this situation for my advantage, so I jump on to the arm and run until I reach the shoulder, striking my dagger in the joint of the golem, which seemed one of the weaker spots. Then, to get out of the harm's way, I jump backward, landing with a bit rough roll. Cave Guardian: HP: 16/20 [Dmg: 50 (on first successful hit only)/ 5(Does not gain bonus damage from crits)] Taka: 60/60 Energy: 5/6