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  1. Moonside

    (PP-F1) Road to Fashion <<Earning a Living>>

    Mimi couldn't imagine going into any other profession besides tailor now, since fashion is hardly incorparated into any of the other professions. Hestia had stated that Kuro would be sleeping in today and that they wouldn't really need him on this quest anyway because of the lack of combat in the quest. "Okay, but that makes a lot of sense for Kuro to sleep in. I guess he deserves a break today. It'll be a day for just us sisters then!" Mimi, taking one last look up the stairs. Mimi looked at all of the crystals in the cavern as soon as they walked out and it definitely gave her a refreshing feeling to start her day. It was always a pretty sight to see. Mimi headed towards the exit of thr cavern, going off of her memory of them coming in. Mimi noticed Hestia walking close to her and she chuckled a little bit. "Don't worry, I'm not gonna get lost. You can hold my hand if you want to." Mimi said, holding her hand out.
  2. Mimi just and watched as Domarus walked away from her and Keres. Just by the way he had his head in his palm, Mimi could tell that he wasn't even remotely close to happy about this. He didn't have to be, but the way he took this all in this violently really just broke Mimi's will to keep trying to serve him. Keres hugged Mimi, and it cheered her up a little bit, since Keres wasn't being violent with her. Keres said that she had only seen Domarus like this only three times before, so Mimi got her hopes up a little bit. She didn't want to serve anyone that was always as violent as Domarus had just been. "Alright, I never said anything about giving up. So he's still on his first chance. I could already tell I scared him. I would probably react the same." Mimi said, returning the hug.
  3. Moonside

    (PP-F1) Road to Fashion <<Earning a Living>>

    Mimi thought of all the ridiculous costumes that pop stars wore at concerts sometimes and it made her giggle a little bit. Mimi nodded when Hestia said that it made sense that Mimi would go for the tailor profession. "Yeah, I was deciding on either Artisan or Tailor, but in the end I wanted to stay true to my fashion and become a tailor." Mimi said as she grabbed onto the sides of her dress and lifted them up a little bit. Hestia asked where Mimi wanted to put her shop, and she thought about it. "Umm, I haven't really decided on that yet. I was thinking of doing it on a less busy floor so I can get more customers, but I don't have any other ideas." Mimi said as she opened her inventory and got out a purple coat to wear in the cold. "Let's get going then. Is Kuro gonna sleep in today?" Mimi asked as she started to head for the door.
  4. Mimi's smile faded away as Domarus had set her down and kept an even tighter grip on her. Her efforts were going to nothing so far, and she had caused nothing but more problems for herself. If this was what she had to deal with, then this wasn't even worth it. Mimi had come to the conclusion that she would never find a master quite as good as her former one, no matter how hard she tried. "Go ahead, break me. I want to be of some use to you, so go ahead and shape me into what you need." Mimi said, not even resisting his grip now. When she was finally let go and pushed her towards the cliff where Keres was, Mimi just continued to stare into his visor. "Loud and clear. Just say it was all a prank. Then I will just avoid you for a while. I will do just that." Mimi responded. Hopefully she wouldn't ever see Domarus after this, and she could resume her search.
  5. Moonside

    (PP-F1) Road to Fashion <<Earning a Living>>

    Mimi found it a little funny still that Hestia hadn't noticed her from the very beginning. She thought she was in plain view, but maybe Hestia had just been too into her singing. Mimi also found it a little funny that Hestia said that Mimi should be her fashion designer in the real world, since it seemed pretty convienent for what Mimi had planned for today. "Yeah, I guess no singer is complete without their wardrobe." Mimi said, thinking back on every pop singer and group she could think of. Hestia asked why Mimi was up this early, noting that she was never up before Hestia was. "Well, there was actually something I wanted to do with you today, so I woke up earlier to tell you. I wanted to go on the Earning a Living quest with you so I could get my tailor profession. That's okay right?" Mimi asked, raising one eyebrow.
  6. Mimi felt more and more hopeless as Domarus towered over her. She tried to think of something else to say that could possibly save her, but Mimi was only drawing blanks at this point. "Yeah, I guess my reasonings are not as helpful as the others. I can tell you want me to just die, and I already know you can just bring Hidden here to do just that." Mimi said, trying to buy herself some time to think of what else she could say to convince Domarus to let her live. Domarus brought up the possibility that anyone could make the connection that Mimi had found the evil person she was looking for, and Mimi had completely forgotten about that when she had been asking around. She once never thought ahead of what to do after finding a master. Now that she did, things weren't turning up as well as she thought. "The best reason to keep me alive would simply be as another warrior to fight for you. I can get strong and I can fill a role similar to Hidden or Embers. As far as the whole connection problem goes, your idea sounds the best. The only thing I could think of would be changing my name and appearance." Mimi said, trying to get herself out of Domarus's hold.
  7. Moonside

    (PP-F1) Road to Fashion <<Earning a Living>>

    After waiting for nearly two hours, Mimi heard Hestia come down the stairs to the shop. Apparently Mimi had gone not noticed by Hestia on the couch because she went straight into her vocal exercises and started to sing. Mimi was about to say something, but she figured she would just wait until Hestia finished her performing and just listened, occasionally humming along with the songs. Some of them she recognized from the real world, but she couldn't quite remember the names. Hestia turned around and then she finally noticed Mimi. Although she seemed a bit embarassed that Mimi had seen her performing. "Hey sis, good morning." Mimi greeted as she stood up off of the couch. Mimi clapped a little bit with a smile on her face and then stopped when Hestia asked what she thought. "Well, I think the singing was pretty good. The dances were pretty good too." Mimi complimented.
  8. Mimi woke up in her own bed again and rubbed her eyes. She looked around her room and then got out of bed. Mimi had been thinking about getting a profession for a while now, but today for sure she was going to get it. Mimi put on her usual yellow dress and stepped out the door of her room and looked up the stairs. She wanted to wake up Hestia, since this was one of the first times that Mimi had woken up before her, but Mimi decided to wait and walked down the stairs. She sat down on the couch and collected her thoughts about what her profession would be. Mimi planned to go for the tailor profession so she could pursue her passion, and put her shop on a nice floor, a little bit isolated from other shops. Yeah, that sounded about right for a tailor shop, now all Mimi had to do now was take the quest. @Hestia
  9. Mimi was still squirming in Domarus's grasp when he dropped her for a split second above the cliff. Mimi's smile disappeared for a few seconds as she started to panic even more, her eyes widening quite a bit. She forged a smile again, and tried to calm herself down to avoid looking afraid. Mimi braced herself when she noticed Domarus spin around, and then slam her into the ground. Mimi yelped out in pain upon being slammed into the gravel. She shot Keres a distressed look, and then looked back up at Domarus. "So you already have others to use to dispose of me, nice." Mimi said in a casual tone, trying to hide her fear. Domarus was getting more angry at her it seemed, which wasn't what Mimi was hoping for. "How can I be of some actual use? Well, if you don't have a tailor, then I could help there. If you need someone to spy on others, or if you don't want me around, I could just walk away. Or are those not good enough?" Mimi asked, calming her tone a bit more.
  10. Mimi felt Rhozarth's grip get tighter on her shoulders, but she continued to try and get out. Mimi stopped trying though when Rhozarth had breathed fire beside her face. Not wanting to touch the fire, Mimi just kept her head still and just watched what was happening with Keres and Domarus. Domarus was being pretty violent with Keres, and Mimi felt a little bad for dragging her into this. Watching her get slammed onto the ground and being pushed with his knee. Keres had tried to explain to Domarus why Mimi was here, but it had clearly just made him more angry. This was definitely a bad time to come. Domarus had grabbed Mimi by her throat and held her over the edge of the cliff, which really got Mimi panicking. She tried to hold on to his arms with her own, but she couldn't get out of this. Domarus asked for her to give one reason why he shouldn't kill her, and Mimi chuckled a little bit. "W-Well... for starters, your cursor would turn orange... and then your facade would go away... others will find out. I just want to serve you sir." Mimi said between gasps for air. She looked at Domarus directly at his visor, putting on a small smile.
  11. Moonside

    [F16-PP] Fun in the Sun

    Mimi rubbed her eyes and got a big soft smile on her face when Hestia agreed to let her sleep in the same bad as her tonight, as long as she would sleep in her own bed once it was personalized. "Don't worry. I'll be sleeping in my own bed tomorrow, just for tonight I want to sleep with you. It's been so long for me at least since I have slept in the same bed as someone, I just did it occasionally with my big sis. Thanks." Mimi said as she followed Hestia into her room. Kuro already looked to be asleep and Mimi faintly giggled. She was practically half-asleep already, but she managed to walk over to the bed and sat down beneath the sheets. Mimi patted Kuro on the head gently and then laid down on her back. She curled up slightly and looked towards Hestiam "Good night sis, see you in the morning." Mimi said as she closed her eyes and went to sleep.
  12. Moonside

    [F16-PP] Fun in the Sun

    Mimi felt herself being led up off the couch and led up the stairs of Hestia's shop. "Hestia... I can stay awake... don't worry." Mimi said as she yawned again. It was now completely obvious that she was tired, but Mimi still tried to hide it, but it was basically impossible at this point. Mimi looked into the plain room and then looked back at Hestia. She had said that they would personalize Mimi's room tomorrow or some time later, and she gave Mimi one last hug. Mimi walked into her new room and looked around it. It was rather late, so Hestia was getting her sleep too. Mimi didn't have to worry about not staying up with Hestia in that case. She changed out of her red dress into her undies, which were a plain light green bra and pair of panties, since that's always how she slept. Before she got in bed, Mimi thought about everything that she did today with Hestia. "Wait!" Mimi called out as she ran back of her room and ran up to Hestia. "Can I sleep with you in your bed tonight? It's been so long since I've gotten to sleep in a bed with someone." Mimi asked, tugging on Hestia a little bit.
  13. Moonside

    [F16-PP] Fun in the Sun

    Mimi nodded understandingly when Hestia said she wanted a kind and patient person regardless of gender. "Whatever floats your boat. I guess I wouldn't mind a strong and tough woman either. I just don't want someone who will take advantage of me, I want it to be mutual, not one sided love." Mimi said as she yawned again, but covered her mouth this time as soon as she did. Mimi was a bit tired, but she wanted to stay up as long as Hestia would stay up. Hestia told Mimi not to worry about her regret, and pointed out that this turned out to have it's positives. "Yeah, I think today is a perfect example of why I shouldn't regret coming into this game. I got to meet people like you." Mimi said as poked Hestia in the nose with her finger. Mimi yawned again, and Hestia asked if she needed to head to bed. Mimi shook her head quickly, but her face said otherwise. "I just want to stay up as late as you do. So I'll go to bed whenever you want to." Mimi said as she rubbed her eyes a little bit.
  14. Moonside

    [F16-PP] Fun in the Sun

    Mimi giggled a little bit when Hestia said she would only build a house when she found the right person to settle down with. "So only when you find a boyfriend? Yeah, maybe I'll wait for that day too. I want a big strong man for a boyfriend, what kind person do you want?" Mimi asked before yawning quietly. Hestia wondered how people fell in love in this game and Mimi agreed, she didn't really understand it either. "Same here, I hardly see any couples, but the ones I do see always look super happy. Maybe we'll both find our match before this game ends. I worry about my family too, but we have a lot of investments, my father was super rich. He had some close ties to Kayaba, which is one of the reasons I got this game so easily. Now I regret ever taking that copy from him, he always did prefer my big sis. Sometimes I wonder if he knew I would get trapped, so he sent me in here on purpose." Mimi said, she then yawned again, this time a little louder.
  15. Moonside

    [F16-PP] Fun in the Sun

    Mimi had never been a cold person in general. Whenever she did her seasonal fashion, she always skipped winter. Mimi loved modeling in swimsuits, but she could not stand modeling in snow gear. Hestia said that as nice as it would be to stay in Aincrad, they had to get out and beat the game. "Yeah, I know. I don't literally mean years. I just mean't that we stay together for a long time. I want to get out of here too, although maybe not as much as you." Mimi said as she leaned out of Hestia's hug, but stayed on the couch. Hestia had said that she would always be happy to let Mimi stay at her shop, and Mimi nodded thankfully. "Well, I can always help you out with the col. I don't have much, but I can pay for some of it." Mimi said as she petted Kuro on the back.