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    [F01] <<The First Few Lessons are Free>> (Beginner Quest)

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    Susan's Journal

    Profile Username: Susan Markington Real name: Melinda Age: 27 Gender: Female Height: 5 ft 0 in About: History/personality Outside of the virtual world, Susan is seen as a rebellious girl. On the street she can be seen wearing a black leather jacket and jeans with her hair in a ponytail. In the classroom she is very intelligent and seen as a nerd. When she is in the virtual world, she is a warrior and a lover of battle. Susan is seen as a tank and she is never afraid to back down from a challenge. Susan is very outgoing. She is also kind, caring and respectful. Susan likes to joke around with her friends when they aren't clearing levels in the virtual world. If you get Susan Markington mad, you better watch out. She isn't scared of trash talking or getting into a fight. She will defend her beliefs no matter what. She is never afraid to back down from a fight. She will keep on fighting until she is the last one standing. Her family consists of her, her brother, mother and father. Her brother joined up with the police department and her father is a lawyer. Even though Susan is seen as a rebel in the streets, she's actually a nerd. She's a total gamer when she's not doing homework and when she heard about a new video game called Sword Art Online, she was one of the first ones to pre-order a copy for herself. Susan loves to play first person shooters, fighting games and multiplayer games. Virtues: Intelligent: Susan is very intelligent. She knows how to defend herself and when to attack. Her intelligence outside of the virtual world has helped her get to high school. Susan wants to attend college one day and she knows that if she continues to get good grades that she will get there. Brave: Susan Markington is brave. She isn't scared of her human opponents, but if she has to fight a spider or snake then you may see her bravery waver a bit. She got her bravery from her family and the thought of returning to them one day. Outgoing: Susan is seen as outgoing. She can make friends easily and is seen as funny. With such an outgoing personality, Susan is seen as a friendly person and a bit of an extrovert. Since she is seen as funny, other players often call her the "comic" of gaming. Flaws: Overconfident: Susan is very overconfident. She thinks she is the best fighter and will do whatever it takes to protect not only herself, but also her friends. She will never back down from a challenge. If you get Susan upset, you better watch out because not only is she overconfident, she's also unpredictable. Unpredictable: Susan Markington is very unpredictable when it comes to her battles. Will she attack first or defend herself? Will she win the battle or lose it? Due to her unpredictable nature, no one knows what she will do in a fight. If she is angered, you might not make it out of the game alive. Bigmouth: Susan can sometimes be seen as a bigmouth. She loves to talk and tell rumors about other players. Will anyone help her overcome this flaw? Since she is such a "bigmouth" most players avoid talking to her. She feels lonesome and outcast, but she takes her anger and frustration out on the monsters and bosses. Profession: Skills Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: » Rapier Rank 1 5/50 SP Passive Effect: Gain +1 base damage per rank. Access to rank 1 Rapier sword arts [x2] Rip Ravine (2 Energy) - Two quick slashes into a target Inventory Weapons/Tools: »[eq] - equipped; Rarity: [vanity]; [rare]; [uncommon]; [common] [eq][vanity] rapier [eq][vanity] shield [eq][rare] heavy armor (1 slot each) ► Thorns Cost: 1 Slot Cap: 2 Slots Effect: Successful non-critical attacks against you deal (7 per slot * Tier) unmitigated damage to the attacking enemy. Applicable to: Heavy Armor, Shields ► Mitigation Cost: 1 Slot Cap: 3 Slots Effect: Prevent (9 per slot * Tier) damage from successful attacks against you. Applicable to: Heavy Armor, Shields Roleplays » strikethrough means the RP is complete » [Solo] [SP - F1] <<The First Few Lessons Are Free (Q1)>> Learning the Ropes and Helping Zakariah Quest(s) » strikethrough means the quest is complete » [Solo] [SP - F1] <<The First Few Lessons Are Free (Q1)>> Learning the Ropes and Helping Zakariah Relationships Friends Enemies Neutral Col Log Material Log Story Thus Far