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    Please note, gender male. As in male writing a female character... just so there's no confusion. :)

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  1. For context... Chewy is Mack's Grizzly-Bear cub familiar who had no stat bonuses and was extremely food motivated...
  2. Ugh, I don't even remember all of my alt. accounts... only the other two linked to the Primary.

    Poor Irish Sword & Shield guy... you shall not be avenged.

  3. OOC: Same as last time, I'll transfer the col in just a second. "Excellent," Mutsu declared, grabbing the items and quickly adding them to her inventory. The new weapon was going to be a vast improvement over the old one, that much was for sure. Pulling up her inventory she swiped through menus before materializing a piece of armor that appeared to be gauntlets of some sort or another. She placed the pair of glove-like items down on the counter top with a heavy thunk, then added another pair of unidentified rare consumables on the counter next to the gauntlets. "While I'm here I think I'l
  4. OOC: I'll transfer the funds to you in just a minute, after I make the post. The journey had been less than pleasant to get to this shop. The floor was too, something. It wasn't the heat that bothered Mutsu. It was the humidity. And the fact that she was smart enough to know that drawing aggro on anything on her way to the shop would be pretty stupid, so she had been forced to forego any farming on the journey. And she was sweating. Some sweat in places she didn't know she had. More sweat in places no woman should have to sweat. As in ever. "Compound's big enough," she muttered
  5. Any Blacksmiths feel like making me a weapon?

    1. Neopolitan


      If you need something quick before the event, I would suggest Macradon. There is Dustin though if you don't mind waiting a little bit.

    2. Macradon


      If you need something, pehaps you can find it in the giveaway here -> http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/16915-op-f1-huge-alchemy-and-smithing-giveaway/


      If you can't find anything, then come into my shop and we can work somethin out.

  6. Mutsu


    Profile Username: Mutsu Real name: Tsubaki Mutsu Age: 22 Gender: Female Height: 5'1" History/personality: Tsubaki and her twin sister Natsumi were born less than two minutes apart but, oddly, on two different days. Tsubaki will be the first to explain that she is the oldest, by two minutes, by virtue of being born at 2359, local time, in Sapporo, Japan on 26 July. No, she will not tell you her age other than "old enough to do all the things and young enough to be willing to do all the things." Her twin was born at 0001, local time, on 27 July. For some re
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