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  1. Gwydion will take this alone
  2. I killed the wolf

    1. Ryo


      *tosses confetti over the wolf's corpse*

  3. you know that moment when you get yourself into solo combat with a monster that has 12 health and you deal 2 damage

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    2. Kasier


      That moment when everyone dies at level one and quits.

    3. Gwydion


      That literally happened to one of my characters in the past

      killed by a boar at lvl 1

    4. Aereth


      That moment you realize hoe freaking unbalanced combat at low levels is...


  4. Gwydion takes this quest alone.
  5. Gwydion


    Completed Threads [Not Dying Immediately] <<The First Few Lessons are Free>> http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/15845-sp-f1-not-dying-immediately-complete/
  6. Gwydion


    Gwydion Appearance: Gwydion's build and straight-backed posture lend power to his tall form. His brown hair falls over the shoulders and back like a cape. Within an oblong face rest tawny eyes; these would be focused, but in supposed seclusion, they'd dart about. Something about Gwydion's stance seems forced. Profile Name: Gwydion Real Name: Samuel Adams Age: 24 Gender: Male Height: 6 Feet History Samuel Adams was the youngest. His home was full of family; he counted at least five brothers before giving up. Entering, you'd smell bacon and cigarette smoke, and you'd hear a bottle shatter as a man yells for the remote. Sam would give it to him, always trying to help but always receiving the brunt of anger. Sam made friends and went to their homes often. They'd play games; usually video, but gathering weekly for Dungeons and Dragons. Sam played an honorable knight, and something rubbed off. Eventually he mantled his character's values in the real world. He strove to be strong, kind, and respectful, in part to spite his siblings who'd not turn the same. This carried to adulthood, where even as a laborer he stood straight and spoke like a lord. But he could never fully escape his childhood; even now, things linger. Sword Art Online was an obvious purchase for Samuel. He liked video games, and this was their pinnacle. He'd walk this world as Gwydion, a hero. And then the sky turned red. Virtues Kindness. Gwydion knows the opposite. To be kind, he simply acts his father's inverse. His heart is soft, and he wants to help; although his desire for masculinity often conflicts with his warm soul. Stateliness. Gwydion opens doors for others, coughs in his sleeve, and stands straight. Though unpracticed, he puts effort to moving gracefully. His manner of speech is dignified and respectful, if lacking vocabulary. Drive. Gwydion doesn't easily give up, a common attribute among those with troubled pasts. This is doubly true with physical tasks; he embraces pain and sweat. Once he's a goal in mind, he's focused and determined, even if that goal is ultimately impossible to reach. Flaws Anxiety. Gwydion is uneasy and fearful of misfortune and making mistakes. He looks for danger in places it's not and takes too much care at times. Though he smothers these feelings, they're visible when overwhelming. Stubbornness. Gwydion always thinks he's right. He's slow to consider other ideas, though he politely acknowledges them in conversation. His beliefs are adamant, right or wrong, even in the face of proper logic and reasoning. Judgement. Gwydion is quick to judge, and it's hard to overcome his preconceived ideas. He relies on first impressions. And combined with his anxiety, the slightest hint that you're up to something will make him suspicious for long. Anger. Gwydion is easy to rouse. He suppresses this as best he can, and only alone does he allow it. Times of great stress might break his inner shield. Skills [3/8 Skill Points] Heavy Armor I: +8 MIT Inventory 2960 Col Steel Arming Sword [One-Handed Straight Sword] [Uncommon] [Enhancements (1/1): Damage I] A simple arming sword. Steel Plate Armor [Heavy Armor] [Uncommon] [Enhancements (1/1): Mitigation I] A simple set of plate armor. 5x Healing Potion [Consumable] Heals 50 HP when used. A simple vial of clear red liquid. Light seems to catch inside it. 5x Health Potion [Consumable] [Tier 1] Heals 40 HP when used. A simple vial of murky red liquid. 1x Damage Potion [Consumable] [Tier 1] Improves damage by 1 when used. A simple vial of murky purple liquid. 1x Overhealth Potion [Consumable] [Tier 1] Lends 50 temporary HP when used. A simple vial of murky orange liquid that sometimes cackles with yellow lightning bolts. x12 Tier 1 Material [Material] Simple crafting materials.