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  1. Fetu Lagi gladly ate the food inside the bag. There was a fish burger, French fries and some protein bars. Fetu wondered to himself about the NPC. Fetu then thought to himself “I ain’t a homeless hobo.” Fetu ate his food slowly as NPC’s and players went by him. About twenty minutes later Fetu finished his meal. “Ahh man. Damn that was good.” Fetu said out loud while he was wiping sauce off of his face. Fetu was very satisfied with is meal. After he was done with his meal Fetu Lagi began to explore the Town Of Beginnings. The parts of the town he hasn’t seen. Fetu made his way to the center part of town. Fetu saw a board with a map. He checked out the board with the map. It was a map of the Town Of Beginnings. Fetu Lagi decided to travel to the south east side of the town. Fetu went off and made his way there. The time getting ready to turn towards the middle of the afternoon. The lighting from the sun turned yellowish orange, so did everything else aswell.
  2. Fetu Lagi chilled on the porch and crashed for the night. Later the next day Fetu was a woken from talking. NPC's and players walked through the town. There was a lot of foot traffic. Fetu was a bit sleepy still "As man.. gosh what time is it" Fetu Lagi said yawning. Fetu rolled over and lifted himself up from the wood he was laying down on. He was very swore from laying on the hard cold wood. Fetu stood up after fully waking himself. An NPC then started to run over towards Fetu Lagi. The NPC was wearing all blue and kinda looked like a Pokemon trainer, from the game Pokemon. "Here you go Mr. Player. Bye bye." The NPC said in a giggling voice. The NPC ran towards Fetu and dropped a bag near him, about three meters away from Fetu. Fetu had a very puzzled and confused look on his face. Fetu wondered what just happened and why that NPC gave that to him. Fetu then thought "Oh it must be a messenger, a mail NPC. Huh, I wonder." Fetu then went and grabbed the bag. Fetu looked into the bag and there was food. This put a smile on his face.
  3. Fetu listened in to what everyone was saying. Fetu just kept silent to himself and listened. As @Arabelle finished what she was saying Fetu Lagi jumped in. "Ah, hi! Uh... Yeah, I agree with you, Arabelle. That's ah, pretty good strat man. I will team up and or, group up with @Reinholt. Also, I am level 5." Fetu Lagi said trying to throw his words out there so that the other players can hear him. Fetu Lagi began to follow the other players as they went onwards towards the forest. He stayed near Reinholt cause he's the only one he knew. "Yep... What levels are you guys? Ah? What level are you @Krysta ?" Fetu asked. "Hmm, I wonder how this mission would be. I will probably make new friends. I gotta socialize more. I think it would be fun. I don't know. Time will play. Time will play. Well, see." Fetu Lagi thought to himself.
  4. The time of day was nearing the nightfall. Fetu decided that he will sleep here and take a rest here at the end of the day. Fetu Lagi looked for a place to sleep at. There wasn't a lot of players around Fetu surprisingly. There was a decent amount of NPC's around him though. "I guess there's not a lot of players around the southern part of town." Fetu said to himself as he walked around the streets in the Town Of Beginnings. There were a lot of buildings. Stores, tents houses, fountains and more. It wasn't abandoned. A lot of the houses there and the buildings, in general, did look really old and worn. Later, about an hour later, Fetu Lagi was walking and spotted quiet store. He went over towards the storefront and decided to sleep there. Fetu took off his bag and set it aside. Fetu then got down on to the wooden porch foundation. Fetu used his backpack as his pillow and, laid there for the night and slept.
  5. Fetu Lagi figured that this mission on getting himself a familiar would probably take a long time. The old hag even said that it is a challenge. "It is not going to be easy" Fetu said with a grin on his face. He wondered what his reward would be. "Hmm, I'll probably get like four Skill points, maybe six and of course the familiar." Fetu was located in the central part of town. The forest was located at south from the town and a bit east. The forest was about five miles away from the Town Of Beginnings. Fetu took his time walking towards the forest. He wasn't in a rush. If he needed to take a break and sit down he would. If he needed to eat he would also eat. As Fetu approached the southern part of the town it was already becoming 4 pm. Fetu then thought to himself. "Yeah, its probably gonna take more than a week. I don't know honestly. Time will play."
  6. Later the next day Fetu Lagi got straight up and was completely awake. He made the decision that he would do this quest/ mission. Fetu wanted to have a familiar/ pet. Fetu thought that that would be cool and fun. He wouldn't have to be lonely when he's on trips anymore. Fetu Lagi started the quest and made his way towards a forest. It was around 11 am in the morning, around lunchtime. He figured that he would probably be done with this quest in exactly a week. The quest will probably take about seven days. Fetu Lagi went towards a forest he's been to before. When he took the quest "The First Few Lessons Are Free" he went over towards a forest to gather materials. There was a lot of wildlife, materials, greenery, and life there. While he was walking he looked up and felt the sun's energy hitting his skin warming it up.
  7. Fetu went up and asked some questions to some of the players, gathered all around the tree. "Yeah... uh... My name is Fetu Lagi whats up! ? So, we're all gonna do this mission "Save The Village From Disease" Let us do it, come on. Anyways. Who are you guys? I know this guy. Reinholt. I've partied up with him before. Whats up Rein!" Fetu Lagi said. Fetu didn't really know what to say. He just figured he's just gotta introduce himself and say hi. For sure that would start up the quest and start a conversation. Fetu was a bit shy of meeting some new players. Fetu Lagi then swiped open his menu with a flick of his wrist and sent everyone party invites. He thought about how this quest would go. "We will see how this is. Time will play. Time will play." Fetu Lagi thought to himself.
  8. The woman then faced towards Fetu. She looked quiet old and she seemed to be a gypsy. The old gypsy woman then pulled out her hand and pointed at Fetu Lagi. Her hand was very wrinkly and old. "Ye seem quiet lonely boy. Did ye know that if ye feed a monster, it may become tamed and accompany ye on ye adventures, and sometimes even help ye. However, taming a familiar is hard, and ye may even be damaged by the animal. Use caution young boy. Ye should do this ye might like it." She said this in a rusty old airy voice. Fetu Lagi then asked "Huh, wait! You mean I can get a familiar in this?" The old hag then wander off, disappearing in the darkness leaving no trace. Fetu Lagi was confusing and continued his way towards the town. He kept this thought in his mind and wondered about this. When Fetu Lagi then made it to the Town Of Beginnings, Fetu looked for a place to sleep. He crashed in an Alley near some dumper cans. He thought about getting a familiar and thought it was pretty weird that an old hag went over towards to to tell him about this. Fetu Lagi then thought to himself. That he will try and do this tomorrow morning, bright and early.
  9. Fetu Lagi was on the first floor nearing the town of beginnings. It was around 11 pm. It was really dark and Fetu barely could see the trail. His only source of light was from the moon and from some torches here and there. The Town Of beginnings was glowing with lights and shinned in the darkness. He just finished a quest called Long Live The Queen where he had to kill a bee Queen. He had help with some other players. As Fetu Lagi neared the gates of the Town Of Beginnings a dark figure approached Fetu Lagi. As it came closer to Fetu Lagi, it became clear. It was a woman wearing and hoodie and baggy clothes. She was pulling a cart, with a lot of boxes with her. She then stopped moving when she approached Fetu Lagi. Fetu couldn't see her face that well cause it was all covered with a hoodie. She was wearing a lot of face gear. She had scarf's, a hood, goggles, and bandannas. Fetu then stopped and kept his guard on. Fetu then said, "Uh, hi how are you? Do you need help with anything?" Fetu said this in a nervous, but confident tone.
  10. As Fetu Lagi stepped foot outside the building he looked around looking for a place to go. He decided to finish this quest off by eating a sandwich near a fountain. He walked towards a fountain. Fetu Lagi then planted himself near a fountain. He swiped open his menu and equipped his backpack. Fetu's Backpack then appeared on him holding a lot of weight. Fetu took off his bag, unzipping it and took out a sandwich. Fetu Lagi then chomped down on the sandwich eating it. It was had ham, cheese, and bread. Fetu Lagi then looked up at where the sun was. The sun was a bit farther than it once was. Fetu Lagi figured that it's probably around two o clock now. "Alright finished the quest I gotta move on to another." (((Fetu Lagi Gains))) <--> <<Artisan>> Profession <---> Successfully Crafted Item (The ring he made) <---> Standard <<Artisan>> Shop (Able to have an Artisan thread in the Merchants & Shops section) <---> (5) Tier 1 crafting materials <---> +1 SP for 20 posts and +1 SP for completing the quest. (2 SP in total)
  11. "Ah, ye see that?. Look at that Petu Lagi. That right there that you just crafted is in a rare condition. That means that that item is really uncommon to come across. Well done Petu Lagi. Ah hey, Petu Lagi! You can also enchant that item if you wish!" Malachi said to Fetu Lagi. Fetu Lagi listened to every word Malachi had to say. "Ye are now one like me! An Artisan! Rank one Artisan! Ye just need to open a shop now and you'll be all set! Ah ha!" Fetu then waved took his belonging and put it in his bag. He got his ring that he made and wore it on his left index finger. He then swiped open his menu and unequipped his bag. Both Fetu Lagi and Malachi waved goodbye at each other. After saying goodbye to Malachi Fetu Lagi exited Malachi's Jewellery shop.
  12. Fetu Lagi Tried again once more. He put the materials this time in a different liquid. He then strained out the liquid. The materials all emerged together and became one. It looked completely strange. Fetu Lagi then puts on some gloves and held the substance. It looked like a nugget. It acted as a goo. Fetu Lagi then molded it in the shape of a ring. After about three minutes the goo turned completely solid. The craft looked complete. The ring looked like something from a game CSGO. It had the look of an Amber Fade skin. The ring looked pretty cool it was like a solid mood ring. Malachi said to Fetu Lagi, "Ah... Looks like you got it kinda Petu Lagi. Well, you got the idea! You can Crap-ft!! Well done Petu Lagi!" Fetu Lagi then smiled and grinned at Malachi. "Thank you, well that task is done what now?" Fetu Lagi asked. ID Battle Craft Loot MOB Character 100319 7 11 17 1 Fetu Lagi
  13. Malachi put the materials on the workstation and then walked to the side. Malachi waved Fetu Lagi over towards the workbench. "Alight ye wanna v-be an Artisan. Ya must know how to crap-ft. Go do it make whatever you want I need to see ib you can crap-ft an item." Malachi said. Fetu Lagi figured that this guy has somewhat of a Pinoy accent. He talks like a Filippino. "Oh well, Let's go craft something." Fetu said to himself. Fetu thought to himself what to craft. He decided to craft an easy simple ring. He put all the materials in the center of the table and began to experiment. He was building up tension and stress and pressure cause he was being watched. Every move he did Malachi was watching over him on his left. "Hmm.... Ahh..." Fetu Lagi grabbed some tweezers and a hammer. Fetu then grabbed some glue and some strange chemicals that Malachi provided him. Fetu attempted to craft something. He mixed some of the materials in some liquids and the liquids completely dissolved the materials and became so hot that it broke the glass container it was in. The substance went on Malachi's workbench and went straight through the workbench like acid. "HMMM.. Ahh Petu Lagi its okey. Try again." The pressure was building up on Fetu as he attempted to craft something else.
  14. Fetu shouted to Reinholt and Pinball, "I will kill it! I got this! I won't miss again! This FLYING STINGING PIG is gonna die! I won't fail.The power of Fetu! MAGANDANG GABII QUEEN!!!" Fetu took out his sword from his sheath and grasped it. He charged towards the BEE. Of course, the bee is flying, so Fetu Lagi charged and jumped, lifting his sword above him and slamming it straight down on the Queens' head. Both the Bee and Fetu Lagi fell on to the ground. The sword was stuck firmly in the bees' head. The Bee then twitched on the floor a bit. "Ah, sick! I just killed a yellow, black queen! Yeah! Looks like I killed it." Fetu then took out his sword. He took a close look at the Queen. He then took a closer look at the Queens health bar. "Oh! No, It's still Alive! ONE HP! The flying yellow queens still ALIVE!" As Fetu Lagi yelled this out the Queen woke up and flew up. Fetu ran over to the other players. "Alright your turn guys. You got this!" Queen Bee 1/50 HP {H:1} Reinholt: 138/140 HP | 2/14 ENG | 7 DMG | 18 MIT Fetu Lagi: 20/20 HP [H:3] Pinball: 620/620 HP | 61/62 EN | 7 DMG | 3 ACC | 3 EVA ID Battle Craft Loot MOB Character Link Purpose Time 100317 9 6 10 5 Fetu Lagi