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  1. Fetu Lagi looked up at Pinball in a strange look. Wonder what the heck he was doing. Fetu looked near Pinball and right on his side was some sorta familiar. It looked like some kinda cat. "That's pretty cool I see you got a Familiar. How do you get something like that I would like be have a Familiar." Fetu said to Pinball. Fetu then listened to what Reinholt was saying. Fetu Lagi started to follow Reinholt. "Yeah, your right Reinholt the quicker where there the faster well be done." Fetu then listened to what Reinholt had to say about his old sword. A two handed straight sword that Reinholt was willing to give Fetu. Fetu accepted his offer. "Yeah I can take the sword. Thank you." Replying to Reinholt. "I think that's pretty nice that he is willing to give me his old sword. It sounds like he got my back to. Better listen to these guys. They seem to know what there doing." Fetu thought to himself.
  2. Fetu Lagi lunged himself up to the top of the boulder. When he pulled himself up, he then launched himself forward into the grass and some mud. There was still some dew in the air. He lifted his body up and crawled away from the edge. He rested on the grass and layed down. He took a deep breathe. "Yeah I made awesome." He looked around him at his surroundings and saw some ruins of a camp. He got straight up and made his way towards the ruins of the camp. It almost looked like a goblins camp. "Huh, I guess there were goblins here before." He saw some old and beat up box's, some sleeping bags, wooden and metal tools, a encloser and something that looked like a fire place. Fetu went over to one of the boxes and opened it. When he opened it saw saw a lot of loot. He saw a Ruby's He saw about 6 Ruby's and some other stuff. "Awesome!! Yeah I know that's gonna be my third material! Three materials down two more to go!" ID Battle Craft Loot MOB Character 99895 3 7 12 6 Fetu Lagi
  3. "Oh boy this is going to be something." Fetu said. Fetu saw some foot holes and some edges where he can support himself. He began to climb the boulder. *Chuckles "I got this. Just like boulder dash and just like Camp Chewanakii. I've rock climbed before." Fetu was climbing up he was putting foot after foot. He was constantly moving everything in his body to climb the rock. The rock looked really aged. It seemed to be like hundreds of years old. While climbing he ran out of foot holes and gaps to climb. "Man, I don't need gaps. I still see some edges. It's okay I'm almost at the top. Just about 3 more meters. Easy." Fetu thought to himself. Fetu climbed and climbed. By the time he was about to reach the top Fetu put both of his hands on the edge of the rock. When he put both of his hands on the top he felt moss and something slimy. He pulled his weight up like he was doing a pull up. He did get scratched a bit.
  4. After searching for a while Fetu Lagi decided to look some where else. He saw a little hill in the corner of his eye on his left. It looked like the it was one of the tallest points in the area. It did have some greenery on the hill. Fetu Lagi decided to go up the hill. The hill wasn't that far from Fetu. It was about twenty meters away from him. There was no path up, so Fetu made his own path up. There were a lot of obstacle's going up the hill. "Hehe, I'm not going to a path at all. In boy scouts I can't do that cause there's more risks." Fetu said chuckling and having a grin on his face. Fetu was going through multiple bushes, rocks and holes. Tall grass brushed through Fetu while he passed them. While Fetu Lagi was going up the hill he saw a huge boulder nearing him. He decided to climb on to the boulder so he wouldn't have to cross paths with the vegetation and the brush. When Fetu arrived near the boulder he examined the boulder and looked for a way to get up. The boulder was about 10 meters high and it was pretty big.
  5. The tree was about a foot wide and 15 centimeters tall. The tree was pretty big, it was very sturdy so it wouldn't be easy to get tipped over. It kinda seemed like someone planted it there. Since there were stones surrounding it to support the base. Fetu Lagi then took his attention off of the bonsai and dug his hand in the dirt and listened to nature and felt the soil with his hands. The dirt was cool and it cooled off Fetu's hands. Fetu listened to the chirping of the birds. Fetu relaxed under the tree for about 10 minutes. Later after, Fetu figured that his break is over and that he should get going. He got up and shook the dirt off of him. Fetu decided to look somewhere else. He looked in the tall grass and some of the trees. He thought for sure he would find something. But nothing, he didn't find a thing. ID Battle Craft Loot MOB Character Link Purpose Time 99878 4 4 5 6 Fetu Lagi
  6. Fetu Lagi looked around he decided to check out the other piles one pile to another. He looked and looked, searching and searching. Pile after pile. "I guess that pile where I found the amber was the only pile that was lucky. Haha. Oh well, there's still some other piles maybe they'll have something. I don't know. Never give up." Fetu thought to himself. After searching and searching he was getting a bit hot. Over where he was it felt like it was getting a bit humid. Fetu had sweat just pour down to his chin and to his fingers. Fetu decided to take a little break. He went over to a little skinny tree and rested on it. It was young and it seemed healthy. It was beginning to sprout some leaves and flowers. Infront of Fetu about 5 1/2 meters away, there was a little tiny tree. It looked like a Bonsai tree. It was surrounded by stones. ID Battle Craft Loot MOB Character 99877 8 8 3 7 Fetu Lagi
  7. Fetu spotted some cans laying on some of the rubble. He reached with his hand and grabbed some of the cans. Fetu Lagi interacted with the cans and it looked like some of the cans were filled with soda's, corn beef, and spam. "Mmm. That must be good. Haven't had that in a long time." Fetu said in a craving voice. Fetu threw the cans to the side and reached for one other can sitting on the lush soil of the dirt. Fetu grabbed the can and it appeared that something was inside it. Fetu Lagi looked inside and surely there, were four pieces of amber resting on the bottom of the cans' surface. Fetu Lagi got up and tilted the can upside down. He put his hand under the can and shook it. The four pieces of amber fell into Fetu's hand. Fetu's eye's glittered and shined. It was like he was holding something very special, like life. Fetu Lagi then raised up the pieces of amber towards the sunlight. He didn't see any bugs in it, but he did see some bubbles, dirt and other small minerals. "Wow, look at that. Look at that. That's pretty cool, this must be my second material. Cool two materials down, three more to go." ID Battle Craft Loot MOB Character 99865 8 10 11 3 Fetu Lagi
  8. Fetu Lagi searched this junky grove. He called it Junky and a filth but, it wasn't actually that bad. Though it was a mess it did look pretty nice in some areas. Trees, trees of green layed over the dirt and the soil. Moister filled the air, the area was pretty damp with water, and dew. Piles of trash were scattered along the trail. It was like there were homeless people living here before. "I'll check these piles first, I don't know, maybe I'll find something in these clusters of trash." Fetu began to search the piles of trash. While he was searching he became very desperate. He launched his whole arm into a pile. He then knocked the pile of trash over. Pieces of trash flew into the air, and dust, debris filled the air. Fetu Lagi looked at the aftermath of the chaos he did to the pile. Fetu Lagi looked at it, he checked if there was anything laying under that rubble he pushed over.
  9. "Ah, hi... My name is Fetu Lagi hehe. I would like to tag along with you guys on your quest." Fetu said. Fetu then swiped his left hand to open his menu. He then accepted Reinholt party invitation. "Hey, shall we go into a store or some cover, I'm getting kinda sick of this rain falling on me." Fetu then turned his attention to the player near Reinolt. Fetu nodded his head. "Hey, how are you? Pinball right? Ah?" Fetu said putting a grin on his face. Fetu Lagi thought to himself about these two players. Fetu figured that he can trust them. He was getting a good vibe from these people. Fetu looked at Pinball noticing that he was a very high level. "Wow, better not piss him off or mess with him. I'm guessing these guys are close friends and in the same guild as each other." Fetu thought.
  10. Fetu Lagi went up to the player Reinholt. "Hey, I hear your Reinholt and that you need help doing a quest to defeat a boss right?" Fetu asked in a confident voice, though he was tired. Fetu Lagi's sanity felt like it was dropping cause of the amount of rainwater hitting him and all the splashing and chit chatting noise, going around him. Backing up his other question Fetu asked, "I also hear that there is another player tagging along right?". Fetu opened his vision a bit wider so he can really focus. He saw Reinholt in front of him. " Wow." Fetu thought to himself. Fetu saw the dragon bone armor he had on. "Wow, hehe, kinda looks like Skyrim." Fetu Lagi thought to himself. He then wondered how this quest was going to be like. About how these next few days will be like. "Huh, hopefully, I won't die doing this quest." Fetu thought. @Pinball @Reinholt
  11. Fetu listened to what Kimi said. Fetu took a few seconds to figure out what to say to reply to Kimi. "Well, I chose to have a katana because back before SAO I used to do Arnis, Kendo, and Aikido. I was never really good at it though. Well, I was never good at it. It was mainly one of my older brothers that did it, and I tagged along with him. He was really good at Aikido and Kendo. To answer your other questions I am also doing a quest called Earning a Living. I would like to be an Artisan. Other than that I'm also doing some others like killing a Bee Bee Queen on the second floor and saving a village from a disease. I'm also doing others." Fetu said answering some of Kimi's questions. "Well, what about you Kimi? How's life? Ah?"
  12. Fetu continued his journey searching. He looked at some of the living trees and some of the dead and living bushes. "Nothing. Man, I wonder where these items would be.. Hmm.." Fetu decided that this area was all clear. He didn't think anything was going to be here. Fetu walked away and went towards another location in the wild. He saw a trail and followed the trail. While Fetu was following the trail he noticed that the trail was following the suns movement and that it was very quiet. He then found himself nearing groves of dead and living things. He saw some animals and huge seas of plants and green. The wildlife was everywhere. "This is a good spot to search and chill." It was really nice and beautiful where Fetu Lagi was. But there was a lot of waste and pollution. "Man why do people do this stuff. What a waste." ID Battle Craft Loot MOB Character 99774 6 5 1 9 Fetu Lagi
  13. FWhile searching inside a rotting tree trunk Fetu Lagi spotted in the distance a shiny glaring object hitting his eye's. Fetu Lagi stopped what he was doing and followed it. It was around fifteen meters away from Fetu. As Fetu Lagi got closer to the object it became clear that that was the first material he needed. It was an amethyst material laying on some dead leaves, between some roots and dead branches. Fetu Lagi reached down and grabbed it. He then dusted it off. It looked really nice and cool. It weighed about 8 ounces. I created a little smile on Fetu's face. Seeing that Jewel was kinda like seeing something very pretty. Fetu Lagi shook his head, "Ah, right no distractions lets do it. I need four more materials. I got this, I can do it." Fetu then took off his green backpack, pulled out a jewelry box and put the jewel safely and securely in the box. He then placed the box nice and snug in his backpack. Fetu zipped up his bag and continued to search for the other four materials. ID# 99769 results: Battle: 5 Craft: 1 Loot: 11 MOB: 6
  14. For Fetu Lagi rolling the tree trunk over was a bit hard. It felt like trying to roll a log with concrete inside. By the time Fetu rolled it all the way over he saw nothing. There were just bugs under the trunk. "*Sigh* Ah man. Nothing." Fetu Lagi continued to search and search. One tree after another. About twenty minutes have passed he saw nothing. Most of the longs were all flipped over. Fetu Lagi still needs to check out the trees and the vegetation around him, like the bushes and even the plants that are dead and rotting. Fetu Lagi checked the other logs. Fetu knew eventually he will find it if he keeps on trying. The weather of SAO was burning him up, luckily Fetu Lagi was mainly under the shade. The gusts of wind did hit him time to time. It was just the heat of the sun. After searching more Fetu Lagi eventually found the first material.
  15. Fetu Lagi went to the wild and searched he needed to find 5 materials in the wild for Malachi. Fetu Lagi looked up at the sky. The Sun was nearing the time of 11 am. "Alright, I should be done with this at 1 pm. I gotta hurry. Double time." From the northwestern part of town Fetu Lagi went north-west into the wild. When he exited the town he arrived at a bunch of living and dead trees. Some of the trees were old and fat while the others were still skinny and young. Fetu Lagi thought to himself, " You know, I think this is a good place. I'll search this place right here." Fetu Lagi began to search the grove. He saw the trunk of a tree laying sideways. "There could be something under their." Fetu thought. Fetu went over towards the trunk and rolled it over to see what was under it.