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  1. Illiure leaned on the stone rim of the bridge, her elbow propped on it while her chin rested on her palm. Her cyan gaze was locked onto the sun in the sky, Kueto sitting happily on the flat surface. It sure is beautiful.. Illiure thought sadly. But its all fake.. Her depressed eyes were glossy in the evening sun. Even the me in here is fake. She sighed dejectedly and looked at her hands. Am I really to be doomed here? She looked back at Kueto. As much as I love you, I know you're just a programmed part of this hell game. She gave a sad smile at the bunny, who seemed joyously playing with its ears. "Hey Kueto, are you real?" she asked, seeming to trigger the bunny's attention. The bunny shook its head and gave a sad squeak and then went playing again. As I thought.. Even if I do survive this game, what will happen to me once I get out of here? I'll be back at home with Toya and Kaito.. they'll treat me like dirt again. Whats the point? She asked herself, her mind was swirling with pity and sympathy for her lost soul. I'll never get out of here, not alive at least.. She thought bitterly as she hauled herself onto the thin rim of the bridge. Kueto gave out a terrified squeal as Illiure's posture straightened. "Don't worry Kueto, I'll be fine," she said calmly and gently, reaching down to scratch Kueto's soft forehead. I'll be fine. "Goodbye Kueto.." she whispered sadly. Just as Kueto gave a high pitched squeal of horror, she fell. Now she was gone, gone, gone.
  2. Illiure

    [F11] [Event Thread] Masquerade Ball

    "Thanks.." she replied blankly at the comment. Truth be told, I don't even remember where I even got this mask. She thought with a sigh. She looked at the salmon colored floor of the ballroom with a cock of her head. I'm not beautiful, even blind people can see that.. she thought sadly, the rim of her eyes sunk down into a depressing gaze. After a few moments of staring at the ground with a dead look, she looked up and shook her head. She listened intently at Reinka's favor and or request. "Very well," she huffed in defeat and twiddled with her fingers. "I'm not that strong so don't expect too much," she muttered quietly soon after. She gripped her hand tightly in wait of a response from the bright young woman. I'm not strong, I'm not, I'm not. I'm not. she repeated in her head over and over and over. Her lips quivered as she thought about the same thing repeatedly. I'm not. @Reinka
  3. Illiure

    [PP-F1] <<Feeding the Enemy>>

    "Its Kueto," she sighed in defeat, bringing her hands. "Alright, I give up. You win," she admitted bitterly. Kueto gave a shrill and victorious squeak and landed on her shoulders, making Illiure bite her lip in frustration. The player snorted and crossed her arms at the familiar. Shes never going to let me live this down. She thought coldly as she eyed the bunny chirping excitedly on her shoulders. She averted her eyes to the player and glanced at his bag. "So you're getting a familiar too?" she asked, taking once last look at the bag and then up at him. When I got the quest to catch Kueto, it was a living hell.. she sighed, her mind going back to the times in the bitter cold and desolate forests of Floor 4. Maybe I should warn him that its a lot harder than it looks? She spaced out while looking at him, her mind going blank. I mean it IS a lot harder than it looks.. Blood sweat and tears went into my quest for Kueto. @Janslow
  4. She gave a half hearted nod of appreciation at the NPC waiter and went back to toying with her hair. "Just basic stuff, to buy armor and equipment," she sighed, knowing it will be a bit before she can get the chance to. Her gaze eyed her familiar in the corner, dejected. What a baby, c'mon man up. She thought angrily at her familiar and poked the bunnies back. Kueto let out a low grumble and resumed to whatever she was doing. This left Illiure sighing and leaning back into her chair. "So, what are you doing here then?" she asked Mint, hoping to get her mind off her pesky familiar. Her arms crossed as she waited for an answer. Maybe for entertainment? Or for gear? He could come here for a certain quest too. Her thoughts swirled in her mind. She gave an empty sigh and crossed her legs. "Or perhaps you live here?" she said, her lips tugged down at her lack of concentration.
  5. Illiure shrugged. "Realistic or not, we're stuck here," she said bluntly, giving a dejected sigh after words. Ignoring the conversation, she crouched next to a small plant, t was blooming some sort of violet blue flower. She cocked her head to the side and picked up the flower, I guess this could work. She thought and placed it in her inventory. She jumped up and looked around her surroundings, it was very surreal and peaceful, almost as if the world was real. Her sleeves wavered as she gave a small inhale, taking in as much as she can. After a few moments she exhaled and continued searching. I guess it is sorta realistic.. she thought as her concentration wavered around the clearing. She shook her head and kept on searching. I cant think lie that. Remember. I. Am. Stuck. Here. @Core XI
  6. Illiure set the bag aside and took the menu quetly, leaving Kueto whining more. She scanned the list of foods, a small section catching her eye, immediatly knowing what she wants, she placed the menu with a sigh. "The sundae," her sweet tooth kicking in. Kueto heard this and gave a small and shrill snicker. Illiure gave an irritated glare at her and placed the bag of carrots in her inventory, only adding to the list of whines immiting from her familiar. "Aren't familiars supposed to listen to their masters?" she muttered as Kueto continued to paw her. Her familiar only head this as an insult and started batting her harder. After a few seconds, Kueto had finally give up and lazily shrouded into the tables corner. That's just childish. Illiure thought, sighing at her embarrassing familiar. OOC: I ran out of ideas midway.
  7. Illiure

    [PP-F1] <<Feeding the Enemy>>

    Illiure's eyes went wide at the call but dispersed back to her blank slate face after a few moments. Is he talking to me? She thought as she peered over to her right and left side, it was only her in the area next to the shop. Kueto on the other hand seemed excited and ready to meet someone new. I know what she's thinking, no, no, no. Illiure reached out to grab the flying creature before it was too late, Kueto had already took off. "Kueto wa-!" she cut herself off, knowing that it'd be pointless to retrieve the rabbit with a simple call. She blindly went running after the rabbit, who seemed to be looping in circles to the male player. Aren't familiars supposed to listen to their masters? She gave a heavy huff of thought before continuing to chase her bunny down. But by the time she ran in front of the male, Kueto was already circling around his head. "Ah, I am sorry for my familiars mistake," she said to Hypa, trying so apologetic but it came out as dead as ever. She sent a blare made of daggers at Kueto, who at the sight only blew her signature raspberry. You're going to get me killed one day. @Janslow
  8. "Kueto," she sighed, still concentrated on her familiar. You're such an attention seeker Kueto. she thought, her cyan eyes gazing straight at Kueto. Just then, a devilish glint appeared in her eyes. Oh ho, I'll get you back you darn bunny. She opened her menu and clicked lightly on the inventory button. At this point, Kueto was now hovering over Mint's head with a confused and wondering expression. Illiure's eyes now stuck on the menu pad, she scrolled down her items until successfully finding what she wanted. She gave a fake yawn and looked in the other direction."Hey Kueto, I have that thing you wanted~" She said in a sing songy voice. Kueto was now at the point where her full concentration was on Illiure. Illiure gave a small satanic smirk and clicked on the item, a bag of carrots appeared in front of her. She grabbed the bag just as Kueto gave out a high pitched squeal and dove straight in front of Illiure. Oh now you come back. @Mint OOC : I'm so evil. ;_;
  9. Illiure clicked her tongue, hugely embarrassed as Kueto let out equals and chirps. “Floor Four,” she said, hoping to keep her sentences as short as possible. Now look what you’ve done Kueto, I have to make conversation now. She thought warily as she poked Kueto aggressively but gently. The familiar let out an adorable fake hiss, trying her best to seem as hostile as possible before turning to Mint and circling around his head. Now that is just cold. Illiure’s face turned into deadpan. She gave an aggravated sigh and rested her chin on her palm. “She seems to like you,” she said coldly as Kueto seemed to like Mint more than her at the moment. Kueto heard this comment and turned to face her. Final- Kueto interrupted her thoughts by blowing a raspberry and then continued to circle around Mint. @Mint
  10. Illiure

    [PP-F1] <<Feeding the Enemy>>

    Seemly innocent Illiure was examining the gear through a display window in a nearby shop. Her familiar, Kueto, hovering happily next to her and occasionally giving a squeak or two. I need to buy some gear soon, or else I'm never gonna get anywhere. She thought, dead panning at the display glass. Kueto gave a shrill chirp at her and landed on her shoulder gracefully. "What is it Kueto?" she muttered as Kueto pawed at her checks with a whine. Kueto gave another whine and opened her mouth wide and clear. Oh so now you're hungry? Illiure thought as Kueto started lashing her tail vigorously. Illiure shook her head. "No, I only fed you a few hours ago," she said sternly, her mother/familiar owner voice showing. The winged rabbit gave a grunt of displeasure and went back to sitting silently on her shoulder. What a stubborn rabbit. Illiure thought, giving a similar grunt as to her familiar. Illiure's eyes scanned around the area of where she was at, her eyes making their way to an old lady and a male that looked a few years older than her. Isn't that the same NPC who gave me the quest that lead to me to Kueto? Her eyes drifting to the player speaking to her. Must be a player whose getting a quest from her. She looked over to her shoulder, where her familiar was shrouding helplessly. "Hey come on.. Look over there," she whispered to the bunny, gaining her attention. "That's the same person who gave me the quest to find you," she pointed to the old lady. Kueto gave a loud squeak of happiness and twitched her ears brightly. What a conversation, huh? @Janslow
  11. She shrugged, triggering a small yip from under her cloak. Oh crap, w-wait.. Hold on! she nervously fumbled with her cloak but right after she started to panic, a small figure flew out from her cloak and landed square on her shoulder. Why now.. she face palmed herself, You didn't want to come out and here you are! she glanced nervously to Mint and then back to Kueto. A curse word strung from her mouth as she leaned in to talk to Kueto. "You said you didn't want to come out," she whispered, trying her best not to grit her teeth. Kueto only replied with a shrilly squeak and pawed at Illiure's cheek. She glared at Mint. "Not. A. Word," she said with a grim voice, her eyes dead and blank. She crossed her arms, finding a random chair in the shop and taking a seat with a sigh. Why now.. the brunette thought regretfully. Kueto took this as a cue to only annoy her companion more by jumping off her shoulder and onto the table, letting small yips and high pitched chirps. "Kuet- what are yo- shhhhh.." Illiure scrambled out of her seat and attempted to shush the creature. @Mint
  12. Summary : ~ 400 Col ~ 2 SP [ Quest + Page ] ~ A familiar ~ Title of <<Feathered Bunny>> Tamer
  13. Illiure sighed as she exited the tavern, even after taking a break, those few days spent in the woods exhausted her to the bone. Kueto happily circled her while she walked tiredly. It was worth it.. she maneged to give a small tug of her lips at her new traveling companion. I need to rest, too tired.. she couldn't find the energy to even tell that to Kueto. Illiure sighed and patted her on the head as they headed it a local inn. The player sighed in relief as she callapsed onto the inn bed. I feel like I'm on a cloud.. she thought drowsily. Kueto dove into her stomach, making Illiure give an 'oof' on impact. The light chestnut haired girl look up at Kueto with a loving smile and her last thoughts before falling asleep were. At last, I don't have to be alone in this world anymore..
  14. Kueto hopped down from her shoulder onto the small wooden table with a happy shrill. Her ears were up high and her tail was swaying excitedly. Illiure couldn't help but form a small smile on her face as she pulled out a few carrots from the bag. She held it high above Keuto's head and the feathered bunny whined with impatience. "Rule number four, no whining," Illiure whispered to the rabbit. This seemed to shut the rabbit up even though she could still hear small whimpers coming from behind Kueto throat. She gave a small shake of her head and sighed, giving up to the creatures adorableness. Illiure patted Keurto on the head as she greedily snatched the carrot and gobbling it up quickly. Once she was finished, she looked up at. Illiure with a hopeful look. The player sighed at her familiar, giving her one last carrot before saying. "No more," and placing the bad in her inventory. Lets be good friends Kueto. She thought as she gazed lovingly at the familiar. Kueto, as if reader her thoughts looked at her with beaming eyes and gave a shrill squeak.
  15. Illiure sighed as she reached the entrance of Snowfrost. She inhaled, the freezing bitter air and exhaled a warm cloud, "Here we go.." she muttered to Kueto and caustics all entered the small town. She passed by multiple players and NPC's roaming the area and headed straight for the small market of the town. She wondered around before she spotted exactly what she wanted. The brunette puffed as she held the bag of carrots in one hand. I can't believe that merchant made me pay that much for a bag of carrots. She wanted to grumble. Her shadow was fasted to her right as she stood in the doorway of the Hearth and Harrow, a local tavern. She pushed in the doors of the tavern and stepped inside cautiously, Kueto also sitting with alarm on her shoulder. She muttered a thank to god that the tavern was almost empty as she sat in a small booth next to the window.