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  1. Just joined this wonderful community! I'm looking around a little, and have just finished my journal. Any advice? O have roleplayed a lot before, but this is a new place for me!

    1. Hestia


      well when your journal gets approved. You could do a few things. Try to find players to get to know and talk to in social or quest threads (would recommend helps makes threads go quick if you find a active person to partner up with to go through threads). You could try a few solo threads where you RP by yourself (keep in mind if you do this it can kill muse possible from doing every post by yourself.) However, benefit it could have the affect of improving your writing from creativity being increase, and seeing flaws in your own writing and fixing it. Also you should try to figure out what build you're going to go with, and think how you wish to get their.

    2. Hikoru


      Run, run while you still can before the numbers get to you


      Lol kidding. My best bet is to what Hestia said above. Build should come first when it comes to planning. You want to go DPS? Tank? Choose first and plan accordingly

    3. Janslow


      Thanks for the advice, guys!