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  1. Apologies for the lack of Weekly links recently, I've been kept a little bit busy with the holiday season and don't want to be releasing rushed updates. To have a short version, welcome new players, go read the Christmas event if you're not already in it as raffle winners have been announced, and Riddle answerers will be released next week when I'm back on schedule.

  2. Apologies, but there will be a minor delay in the release of today's Weekly Link. I expect to have it up by 8:30 PM PST (UTC-7 or 8 I can never remember).

  3. OK, SPs are complete. I will be slowly catching up on my many PP threads. Give me about a week (conservative estimate), and then pester me if I still owe you a response. For now, I have many items for free at the event. Come by and pick them up if you use them in the event.

  4. I aplogize to people, but any private party threads I have will be going on hold temporarily. I am trying to get a little bti more power in before the event starts. And as I am distributing resources there I will want to join prior to friday (ideally by tonight if I post fast enough). If there are any threads with which you are in need of finishing before the event starts as well, please message me on discord or on site and I will try to post in them as well. Once I have finished the couple of quests I need to do, I will be back to my power posting everywhere self.

  5. Calling all merchants! (Or anyone else that wants to gather a whole lot) I'm going to start grinding for my unique enhancements soon and will be doing a bunch of nature's treasure threads to find the gear to get identified from fishing up treasure chests. If anyone would care to join me in one of these threads, just ask. I don't want to go in groups larger than 2, but I will take on as many threads as people would like. Let me know if you want to do one and how long you would like to go for that thread, I'm doing them until I get them done.

    Specifically to merchants, I'll be coming around and getting identifications done. As this will be in batches, I'm not just going to be using one. I would also like to begin to help merchants who are trying to rank up. To any merchant that identifies an item I don't plan on using I will let you keep it and do with it as you wish. All I ask in return is that any cost besides the identification cost be waived for that item.

    I'm going to bed right now, but if you want to start it go ahead and just ping me when you do. Otherwise, respond here or DM me on discord and I'll start it as soon as I can.

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    2. Dustin


      I’m always ready to RP.

    3. Morgenstern


      I am confoozled.... Merchants need money and items to appraise things?

      What you should do, i give a crap ton of materials to mid-tiered blacksmith - make them make you Rapiers. Give some money to the merchants and have them appraise. 

    4. Neopolitan


      Can crafters make unidentified items?

  6. I've got a crafting cost breakdown available in the OOC chat for anyone who is interested.