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  1. Would anyone like to RP with me? I'm getting lonely.

  2. Aki

    [OP -F1] Flashback

    It's been fifteen minutes and yet every part of him was still stiff with fear. The cold hard truth had never been so clearer. “No, he… he can't be telling the truth. This has to be some kind of sick joke. There has got to be a way out of here.” Aki muttered to himself, trying to calm his nerves, but not doing it as successfully as he would have hoped. He looked up from where he was sitting. He was on the floor against the wall. In the center of the Town of New Beginnings. Everyone around him looked scared and confused, something he really didn't want to be. He managed to calm himself down enough to stop ranting like a madman. “Ok, Akihiro, you've got this… You've got this…” He repeated calmly, his breathing slowing down as well. “If I really am going to be stuck here. I’m going to need to know who to trust…” He began to stand up, and walk out of the center of the town through the crowds of frightened players. "But who would that be..." (OOC: Hello everyone reading, this is a open flashback RP to day one of SAO. Feel free to join, but, no PvP… I'm not ready for that yet.)
  3. Aki

    Aki's Journal (Done)

    Profile: Username: Aki Real Name: Akihiro Nakashima Age: 18 History: Born in poverty, Akihiro, Aki for short, was forced to become a honest and hard worker. He didn't have many friend because of his attitude before Sword Art Online. He had two younger siblings, a mother, and a father. However, when he was young, his mother passed away in a car accident. The doctor operating was drunk, his mother didn't make it through the operation. His younger siblings, both are girls, were very athletic and competitive. He didn't quite fit in. So he turned to video games for entertainment and, to him, it was a way of socializing, and getting to know people like him. Where he felt he belonged. When he got his first job, he was excited. He no longer had to play old games from a cheap console or a garbage computer. After two months of saving the Nerve Gear along with the game SAO was announced. He figured something like that was expensive, but to his surprise, he was just a few weeks away from affording it. So, when it finally did come out, he got it. He named his charcter after a nickname if his. Aki really did pay the price alright, if you get my meaning. History: Aki was born into a poor family, with a caring mother and father. Later in life, he found out he had two twin sisters. His mother died from a terrible car accident on her way to work. Aki's inspiration was to be like her, selfless, kind, positive no matterhow bad things got. After she died, he felt like he didn't fit in anywhere, so he turned to online gaming. His father, attempting to cope with the loss, became an alcoholic. Aki got a job to afford some of these things and saved up enough to buy Sword Art Online. After a while, he bought the game and gear. The last thing he remembers telling his sister is that he'd come play some tennis with her after he was done playing. He regrets not spending enough time with his family and cutting them from his life, if he ever gets out, he will do everything to repair his broken family. Virtues: Loyal - Aki is loyal and trustworthy to the core. You can expect to do something simple as keeping a secret, or to do something as dangerous as to follow you through the depths of the underworld itself despite what he says about it. Which could be a joke or a comment about how it seems like something wrong or a bad idea. Hard Working - He is a great worker, he won't complain about the job he is assigned to unless he thinks he can get a laugh out of it. He will work until whatever he is doing is finished, unless he really can't. He also tries to help out wherever he can, whenever he can. Years of being in poverty taught him that you can't have too many friends. Honest - Truthful, this is a great trait to have. Aki is one of the most honest people you could ever have the privilege of meeting. He will tell the truth unless absolutely necessary, if isn't telling the truth, it would be for good reason. When he isn't telling the truth he is evading the question, or just tells you he can't say. Flaws: Smart Mouth - He can be a little, annoying from time to time, he happens to be a wise a- well, let's just leave it at that. He can easily find a way to make fun of, pretty much everything, some are funny, others are just plain rude. Which is why this is a flaw, it's risky, if they find what he says funny, good for them. If not, er, we will get back to you. Secretive - Aki sure loves his secrets, mainly because Aki likes to keep under the radar, he doesn't like the spotlight. So he keeps quiet about the thing he does, things he's seen, and what people have told him. This makes it difficult to get to know him, but once your there he might open up a bit and trust you with some stuff. Sceptic - Aki is Sceptic, this means he is always having second guesses, doubts the generally accepted ideas of the pubic, he might say it outloud too. He especially doubts himself, he believes one of his choices will lead to his death or his friends. So, he commonly doubts them and rechecks them, he is always full of anxiety. Skills: Inventory: Set A (Basic Pack) Roleplays: Relationships (optional): Story Thus Far (optional): Akihiro's Personal Journal: