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    Profile Username: Dawn Real name: Alice Johanna Schmidt Age: 23 Gender: Female Height: 5'11" About: History/personality Alice was born and raised on the west coast, living a comfortable suburban life with her family throughout her childhood. Starting in middle school, she began pursuing her interests in gymnastics, against the better judgment of her mother. Over the next couple of years, her commitment and training would pay off, paving the way for her to begin competing in both state and national competitions throughout high school. While there were requirements of a minimum GPA to participate, Alice never found herself having trouble in school. Granted, she wasn't signing up for advanced classes as her time was committed elsewhere, but she held up commendable grades. With both of these aspects of her schooling combined, she was easily able to get enough scholarships to get into her State college of choice. While she still had her gymnastics career to uphold while working on her degrees, she wanted to find something that she could hop into and relax with in her down time - VR. Diving into MMO games gave her the chance to wind down, be herself instead of the always outgoing, overly positive, shining star that everyone expected her to be. She could just be herself, in all her flawed glory. Alice is a sweet girl with a fiery ambition, seeking to be the best at what she does while helping out others along the way. While it's nice to be the best, it isn't any fun if there isn't any competition to add some heat. Typically staying within her own social circle, the only time that she engages conversation with strangers is through casual compliments or good tidings, although it isn't uncommon to respond in foul manner if the situation calls for it. Taking too much smack from someone isn't good on the soul and Alice would rather pull the weeds before they start growing tall. There really isn't too much that Alice isn't willing to take on as a task, but she isn't one to just say yes to whatever comes her way. She tends to get things done her own way rather than following along instructions if it isn't something vital, which is more interesting so long as there aren't any risks associated with the venture. She's a leader, not a follower, but when necessary, she can handle someone else taking the reigns if they're competent. Give her a shot, or two or three, and get to know her. Virtues: Leader - Having been in leadership roles throughout her high school and college years, she knows what it takes to encourage and lead a group of bodies. She knows the trouble it takes to influence those that either don't care, don't support her, or rebel outright. Not everyone is the same and she isn't the kind to tell them to just suck it up and follow blindly. Alice is down to earth and will more than willingly take the time out of her day to aid someone or explain to them her visions, answering any questions along the way. Devoted - Alice has always excelled at keeping her mind set to whatever tasks are at hand, sticking with it through thick and thin. She knows the importance of finishing something that she's started and, unless there is no means otherwise, she plans to finish whatever she has taken on. Even if it requires the help of others or going through troubles to obtain the answers, if she says that she'll do it, you can expect it to be done without delay. Patient - All good things comes to those who wait and Alice is no exception. Sure, everyone wants everything RIGHT HERE and NOW, but if we all had instantaneous gratification, then there really wouldn't be much influence to strive for anything. It's nice to have something to shoot for and have the requirement of putting in time and effort to reach whatever it is you're striving for. If not for the sake of saying you did it, then do it for the competition. Find something that makes the journey worthwhile. Flaws: Bold - While Alice is a leader and is devoted to her causes, it's suffice to say that she sometimes gets in way over her head. Some of the challenges that she takes on are more than she can handle or complete in time for a deadline, especially when she's juggling other tasks already. She tends to wind up stressing herself out or ruining her sleep schedule due to the lack of time in the day to deal with everything that she has obligated herself too. She finds it hard to tell someone that she simply can't do it. Ego - After all these years of excelling in whatever she sets her mind to, it's no doubt that it's all went to her head. She's quite the egotistical woman, thinking incredibly high of herself for all the things that she's done. While she doesn't shame others for not pursuing a life like hers, it's hard to be humble about always being on the go and never taking any time for luxuries. Her goal is making a name for herself in history, but if she gets too caught up with herself, some might not remember her solely for the good that she's accomplished. Stressed Out - While she's been here in SAO for a short time, it hasn't been so bad, but she always finds herself getting too caught up in everything. She tends to bottle up any anxieties or stress that comes along with the overbearing load of tasks that she winds up putting on herself, giving herself headaches while she pushes on. Only those that are incredibly close to her ever get to see just how much a toll it takes on her, but even then, Alice must be confronted headstrong for her to admit such issues. Profession: N/A Stats » Level 1 » 20 HP » 5 SP » 2 Energy » 9 MIT » 1 Thorns Skills Non-combat: » N/A Passive: » N/A Combat: » N/A Armor Skills: » Heavy Armor (Rank 1) - Gain mitigation based on your rank in the Heavy Armor skill. May only benefit from one armor skill at a time. Rank 1 Heavy Armor gives 8 MIT. Weapon Skills: » N/A Inventory Weapons/Tools: » 2,500 Col » 10 T1 Mats Weapons/Tools: » Pride of the Crusader (Tier 1, Rare Heavy Armor) ... +1 Thorns, +1 MIT ... Image ... An armor bright enough to influence one to praise the sun, this set was designed to be a beacon of hope for those around it. Custom built from a durable metal with cloth around the waist and wrapping beneath the left underarm, it's clear that only a tank would wear something of this heft. » Wrath of the Crusader (Vanity Armor) ... A basic, one handed warhammer. Roleplays » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress (no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time) Relationships Story Thus Far