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    Profile Username: Kanna Real name: Kanna Vale Age: 9 (7 at first) Gender: Female Height: 3'2 About: History/personality Kanna Vale is the younger cousin of Sky Vale, and she thinks of him as more of an older brother than an older cousin since she knew him quite well and travelled with him and his family quite a bit. Kanna was an only child, so her brief uprising before SAO was nice for her. Her parents didn't really care too much for her, so they let her just do whatever she wanted. Naturally with this kind of freedom, Kanna became a sort of prankster. She never did anything big, but she would occassionally get in trouble. She only meant to try and cheer others up, but it wasn't always seen that way. As a person, Kanna is very childish, although she is less energetic than most children as she barely reacted much to most things that she wasn't interested in. Kanna didn't have too many friends either, so aside from family, she lacked much experience when it came to socializing. Kanna cares deeply about those that care about her, more or less having a reciprocal attitude with most people. Virtues: Kind: Kanna is a child, so she hasn't really developed a mean side yet. She likes to be a helping hand whenever she can, along with trying to get along with her relatives. Despite how some things have been rough for her, she's got a pure heart. Innocent: Being as pure as she is, Kanna also doesn't really know much about hardships and other negatuve things in the world. Since during her travels she was still a bit sheltered, Kanna was given the impression that the whole world is nice. Even in SAO, Kanna still thinks it's all a game. Determined: When Kanna sets her mind on something, she just has to get it done. Mostly due to her youthful curiousity, Kanna just doesn't like to leave things unfinished. So when you give her a task, expect her to get it done, regardless of time. Flaws: Reference: http://darkworldrpg.com/character-flaws/ Trusting: Kanna is a bit too trusting with strangers, since she never really had any bad experiences with them. Another thing with Kanna is that she doesn't really think about the things people tell her to do. Even if she doesn't have a bond with someone, she still listens to them. Aimless: Kanna lacks motivation to do anythjng just because she wants to beside pranking. This leads to her problem of doing whatever anyone asks tells her to. Her whole attitude of not knowing what to do makes her a bit restless sometimes. Klutz: Despite her determination, Kanna is still a bit of a clumsy person. It's a bit of a mix with her being unlucky and her just having bad hand eye coordination. It mostly isn't too much of a problem, but there is the occasional time that she just has to mess things up. Profession: (Leave blank until the Earning a Livingquest has been completed.) Skills Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: »Rank 1 1H Daggers Inventory Weapons/Tools: »DPS Package Rustic Knife [Rare 1H Dagger] (+2 Acc) Iron Chestplate [Vanity Armor] (3) Starter Healing Potions 2,500 Col 10 T1 Mats Roleplays » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress (no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time) Relationships (optional) Story Thus Far (optional)