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    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    Well, it is about time to make my appearance again, It has been some time and far too long. Hearing about this event seemed like the best way to pull your thoughts away from this world where death was easy to gain, but in my line of work, it was kind of normal to have that outlook for sure. Thinking about my work however made me think a bit more, how long does it take to make the army of Japan move on this whole deal or have they already done so. Well not to linger on that for much long It was time to show up at this event and get to know the kids from this world more. Wearing a black suit with a dark blue tie, that for a man of my posture seemed a bit small but still fitting good, I made my way to this event. Once there it seemed like a bursting party of love, of course with the season being around Valentine's day and people doing an extra gift to their loved once, it was no way to avoid it at this time. Hey, honey for when Ever I promise I will be at your side again, I thought and smiled with the mindset of making this world a better place by protecting the people here and now. Looking around It seemed like people have moved about for sure and some looked to be in love while others did some small talk. I made my way over to the table with food and took a plate and well set my eyes on some of the chocolates. Taking some food and chocolates on the plate I turned around and looked around for someone to interact with at least for a bit to start small talk with people here. My eyes were set on a few people, two girls to speak the most of, they seemed to have a conversation about something. While one was eating a lot of strawberries while the other was listening to her as she spoke. It got a bit heated for sure and I could not help overhearing it a bit as I walked over. "Hello there, You two ladies don't mind if this old man comes and sits down with you two," I asked the two girls as I took a chair and sat down on the chair with my body a bit overshooting the small chair a bit. "I could not stop and overhear the conversation with you two. Do mind the tough a bit, Cursing is alright but people will stare at you if you do so, you may even get unwanted attention," I said knowing full well what her crystal mend. I took a chocolate from the plate and placed it in my mouth before speaking again. Clearing my throat I spoke up again emotionless as I did but with a calm and soft voice, "I do however agree with her, As far as I can see. The world we are in is cruel, yes, but it is just as real as a real war, but with less blood and disappear. We have to face what this world throws at us by either great friends or by our own means. You are the character of your own story, you make your ways in this unforgiven world we all found ourselves in. We all move on however, the world we once knew is ahead of us and we get there, and that is a promise from me." I paused and looked at my plate thinking of that world we all once knew and looked up again, "But before I move on, I guess I should greet probably. I go my Commando here, but call me Gamiz, My old title does not have any power here so just call me whatever you prefer," I said with my deep calm and soft voice. @Mari @Minako
  2. Commando

    [F1 OP] "A Coward's Choice"

    Oh god, with just a simple swing of a blade the Girl took out her weapon was this really how kids these days playing video games is a bunch of aggressive trigger-happy kids. "Aye, that I was. But at least I can try to help people out here, but how about we all just call down before people start asking for a dual." I said to both the other guy and the girl that called herself Dazia. No matter what was going to happen, for sure nobody likes it when a weapon is pointed at them If I was him I would just start taking it calmly. I thought but hoped for the best. But it hoped wrong as the man became very hot-headed and stormed off "Well, not everyone likes getting a weapon at their face even if it is save," I said coldly to the Dazia as she seemed to not care about it all, With a simple look you could say I didn't care either. When a woman walked up with blonde hair asking if we made the man mad, "What if we are, its not like I would care who gets mad on who at the moment there is no reason to Yell at lower level players, Its really paints a dreadful picture for the man," I said monotone to the blonde not really sounding like I cared in the slightest. With a cold stern look on my face, I looked at Dazia again knowing clearly she went too far by pointing a weapon at another player, "And to be sure, Dazia Right, Be more polite if you want to be getting somewhere in life. That cocky attitude gets you nowhere," I said before I turned my look into a quite angry one as I looked at her. Hearing another player walk up I let out a sigh clearly could hear the disappointment in it. Not another person who wants to get mixed up yeez this girl really need to cool her head before speaking and act more like her friend and be more friendly to people or otherwise we going to have an angry man again. "OI! Kid, calm down, you being useless aggressive in your tone, so I advise you to stop that before you start making trouble for people. This may be a safe zone but we are still human and not some Dumb data thing," I said angrily to Dazia clearly getting a bit frustrated with her over how she reacts to people around her. "And if you keep being Cocky like this soon your friend over there won't be seeing the end of this game so start thinking about your wording and stop acting like an entitled kid," I said once more to her not changing my expression at all. Turning to the player in armor I nodded to her, "Sorry if my word seems hostile but we are with no trouble here, it just seemed that one of us doesn't know how to make new acceptances at all," I said to the woman in armor. @Ralacrest @Cordelia @Joanne @Dazia
  3. Commando

    [F1 OP] "A Coward's Choice"

    I could not help myself but think the one thing in my head This kid is really in need some help, If she had no friends and or anyone even to protect her a little bit this Kid kind of needed it. Staring at her for a bit I could clearly see she was holding her ground to not look scared or even try to give me the intention of some sort. "Hey Kid, I'm not here to hurt you, just giving advice. Best to make some friends in this world than just stand there against a wall. and the whole purpose of pickpocket is that the person getting pickpocket doesn't know who did it," I said with a straight stare into her eyes without changing any expression on my face. Turning to the voice from behind I saw two more kids, for sure they knew what they were doing because they were in a group. "Or listen, kid, you let me give advice and make sure she doesn't die if she wants to get out of the town. I'm even open to protect her if needed because nobody else seems to care," I said with a strict voice to the kid who spoke up, Yeez she was even smaller the this girl Looking at the man that walked up I kind of got a thought of relieve in my head, "Somone with reason I hope," I said bluntly to him before crossing my arms, "I should probably be more direct to kids their age," I said looking at the girls, "Hopefully she doesn't turn out like any of these kids," I said low hoping nobody heard it. "As you can see this man here is right you are in the safe zone but people can still cause problems with high hiding skills." Pausing for a bit I look at the girl I officially walked up to, "I'll be honest Girl If I scared you, I probably am sorry. It's been quite a time but to make you feel safer I'll introduce myself the proper way I have done for many years. The Name is Kazu Gamiz, sergeant Gamiz, Commando of the 3rd Tank Division, Of the I.J.A. At your service." I said giving a salute to the girl before turning to the rest with a respect pose but still an emotionless expression on my face. @Alec @Ralacrest @Dazia
  4. Commando

    [F1 OP] "A Coward's Choice"

    It was quite a job to help out the younger folks, No matter where I went people looked like depressive numskulls no matter what. NPC did not know much more than their world, we were in their Lore just adventures from another world that were sent to get to the top. But all these young folk are just scared, scared for dying, True I have been scared of that as well but Nowadays I have fast quite a few of these fears as a known Veteran. Of course, I want to help the kids, I NEED to help them that is my job and always been my job. I feel responsible for all this, those dam idiots know it is way too dangerous to go hunt for the man. I felt guilty for most of the people failed to protect and to make things worst My dam idiot of a younger brother got himself stuck here as well. With my Gold like chest plate and shoulder plates with markings on them and a cape made out of white wolf pelt. I slowly walked around with my ax on my back, the big monster of a thing sat close to my back while my armor made not much sound at all even for Heavy armor. Walking in the settlement a bit looking around as my expression did not change seeing all these players and NPC walking around. Staring without emotion or any smile for anything I looked blank around making it hard to read at all. It seems most players around here had someone to be in a party and get out there. Looking for a bit longer I spotted a girl, maybe about the age of 18 or 20. Walking up to her with a blank expression and no to any emotion in my voice, "OI! you, care to explain why you alone. It's not wise to do so Kid. Your Better of getting protection for sure or be with at least someone," I said to her standing in front of her a bit towering over her as well. "Plus you should probably be aware of your surroundings even in a settlement Kid, you never know when someone wrong comes up to you and tries to pickpocket you," I said to her with a bit of a schooling sound to my voice. @Ralacrest
  5. Commando

    An Old mans Story Commando

    Stats and Gear Player Stats: Level 1 | HP 20 | EN 2 | MIT 0 | DMG 5 | AVE 0 | ACC 0 Skills: Utility Skills: / Combat Skills: / Weapon Skills: Two-Handed Battle Ax | Rank 1 Armor Skills: / Extra Skills: / Items: Equipment: Gustav DMG +2 | Rare Tier 1 Two-Handed Ax Kings Gold | Vanity Tier 1 Heavy armor Empty 3x Starter Healing Potions | (Heals 50 HP) Empty Empty Gear: Items: Gustav DMG +2 | Rare Tier 1 Two-Handed Ax Kings Gold | Vanity Tier 1 Heavy armor Consumables: 3x Starter Healing Potions | (Heals 50 HP) Materials: 10 | Tier 1 0 | Tier 2 0 | Tier 3 Col: 2,500
  6. Commando

    An Old mans Story Commando

    Roleplay Story Thus Far: Commando has been helping out in the lower floors ever since he joined the game, he wants nothing else to get out of the game and see his family again. Most people avoid him because he seemed quite intimidating but that has not stopped him. Relationships: None Threads:
  7. Commando

    An Old mans Story Commando

    Information: Username: Commando Real Name: Kazu Gamiz Gender: Male Nationality: Japan Age: 49 Futures: 6'1" F. | 211 lbs Characteristics Gamiz-san has black hair with a few golden blond locks in his hair, With a Short boxed beard. His eyes are a brown-reddish color. with a nasty scar on his face from his real-life job, he stands at least 6 feet tall. His body is built to stand quite a lot as he trained himself every day to better himself more and more making him quite big as well. Most of the time his facial expression seems to be neutral at all times, and he kind of looks like be never is amazed by anything. "Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved." History, In House Gamiz was it always quite busy, with 4 children, Mei, Ayumi, Hideo, and Kazu, From young to oldest. With a father that was an office working at an IT company and a mother that worked as a lawyer, it seemed that Kazu ended up being quite responsible for all his siblings. Learning how to cook came fast and the other shores came not shortly after. He would always start a fight with his younger sister Ayumi because of some differences they always had, but mostly, in the end, Kazu ended up agreeing with her to make her stop crying or yelling at him. As school came Kazu became quite known as the thinker of his class, but that was just because he always was thinking ahead to see any dangers before they could come. Joining the robotics at his school he went on and enjoyed playing with the technology involved with the robots. Joining competitions and exactly never winning was not a big deal for Kazu as he just seemed okay with it. Once on his way back home, Kazu got distracted by a new museum that was getting set up in the town. Without thinking he went and entered the building while they were setting up most of their stuff still. Once inside he was amazed by the items on display, an old Japanese tank was set there and he could do nothing else but be amazed by this monster of a tank. Over the years Kazu went to this museum quite a lot and even started to work their, learning about the tank and that with the right materials it could still roll out of this building. Joining College Kazu choose to follow his passion and went into the mechanics. Learning more and better about how verticals worked. Kazu was quite good at learning things from here and soon he became known as the Tank lover in his class, this was because he was so focused on getting this thing working if he could. After he finished his college and with his degree in mechanics we went back to his town and working for the museum again, this time more to do maintenance to the tank. After some conversations and pushing Kazu at the age of 23 got permission to work on the tank to see if he could get it driving again. This ended up being a 6-year project for him but in the end, he did end up making the tank driveable again with some help from outside as well. word came out from a young boy at the age of 29 that he repaired an old tank to good state again, And soon Kazu got an invitation to a military base quite ways away from his current home. Traveling to the base Kazu was invited and asked if he would like to join the Tank Mechanics in the army of Japan. He happily agreed to this and was getting his new job as a Tank Mechanic. A few years in and Kazu got married to a woman by the name of Chihiro Nakamura, Living with her was one of his best memories in life. While working as a Mechenic he became quite good in driving them and even learned how to drive one properly, growing quite fun of this and even being quite good in ordering and giving orders he became a commander of a Tank crew nicknamed Axe. not many years later at the age of 41, a new family member was on the way, the young Emiko Gamiz. This was a wonderful moment for Kazu as he and Chihiro became parents to a young girl. With Kazu's job as commander of a tank crew Kazu has seen quite a bit of travel on his name and has not been as much home as he wished he could, speaking with his little girl every day. Ordering a year break from his boss Kazu went back home for a year to take a rest from everything. the few days he enjoyed with his family where great, hearing about a game from his younger brother that would work like the old games they played but then in VR, Kazu was interested and looked it up and even ordering one as well. Personality, Kazu is A stern and somewhat harsh man. He is ready to spring to someone's help without anyone needing to. Threatening to protect what he loves is mostly one of the things he wants to get to. Being cold and hash to people works for him and he never seems to care about anyone other than the things he moves. Yet he deeply cares about protection the weaker people and making sure everyone stays safe even if it cost his life. Virtues, Caring: Even he may not seem like it but Kazu cares about people in the way he would care for his family in the real world. being a protector of peace and being in the army gave him this self-assigned job to protect the weak. He will not seem like it but he will care for you even if you don't want him to do so. Wise: Kaza has always been quite wise around any kind of things let it be nature or either human. He knows his way around these sorts of things and seems to know what he is speaking about. This wisdom does not only go to knowing things but also to his action as he knows what is better for the person doing it. Quick Learner: Even in his early years he learned quite fast to care for himself and his siblings. Not only in this way he learned quick but also in other things like Mechanics and even robotics. Getting around things quite quickly he grew bored of most things as he learned them but still enjoyed them no matter what. Flaws, Emotionless Look: Many who meet Kazu would say this man has seen something, and true he as seen some things but not the kind of things people think. He normally looks like he is not interested in thing at all and seems to show no emotions at all on his face. It's like he is made of stone was it not for his family. Ordered: In many ways and forms Kazu likes to take charge in most things he does not like it when people start doing reckless things and go out of their way even if there was a plan. He hates it when people get out of order and will at all times point out that around him there are a few set rules and people should follow them if they want to be with him. He follows these rules for himself at all time and kind of follows them like a paladin follows an oath. Harsh: From what people say when they first meet Kazu, they will say he is a harsh person who pushed people to their limit and even beyond that. He acts with a strict first and wants to keep people in line. He says it is for the best of interests but most people will not take this at face value.