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    PROFILE : Username: Rizi Name: Nicole Adams Age: 10-12 Gender : Female Height: 4'10 Birthday: February 18th HISTORY/PERSONAILITY: Nicole was born with a sliver spoon in her mouth, getting expensive stuff at a early age. She was bitter and rude towards almost everybody except her family and the elderly. People thought she was just short tempered, and continued to consider her as a friend. Nicole had friends said but none that she enjoyed being with so every time they would invite her to their birthday, she would make up a excuse to not go. Her parents continued to spoil her with riches, making Nicole more spoiled and self centered. Nobody said anything about this attitude, but just complimented her on her appearance not wanting to provoke Nicole's family. She wasn't rude when she was a young little kid. Nicole was very attached to her grandmother, she would go to her house every Saturday and they would talk for hours until she had to go home. Her grandmother taught her how to be caring and kind, Nicole listened to her, being a sweetheart towards everybody and even to people who would insult her. It wasn't until when Nicole's grandmother died when she was eight, that's when's she ditched her bubbly sweet personaility and began to be spoiled and mean. She isn't rude to her relatives, especially from her mom's side cause her grandmother was in that side. Nicole isn't rude to the elderly cause they remind her of her grandmother. Nicole was in private school until she was nine and went to public school. Even when she was welcomed warmly, Nicole continued being snobby and rude. Her classmates continued to deem her as a friend, it wasn't until everybody didn't wanna be friend and ignored her. Nicole didn't care one bit, things got worse when she physically hurt other kids leading to the teacher calling her parents. Her mom and dad would be disappointed but forgive her afterwards. After getting a laid back response, Nicole continued picking on other kids until she got in trouble again leading to the teacher calling her parents. Nicole sweet talked her way out so she wouldn't have to face any consequences. After a day of school, she went on her computer and saw a online group chat. Nicole was bored so she joined out of curiosity, she was welcomed and she felt like this was her place instantly. She was thinking of a username since her said default, the members suggested Rizi so she chose that. Everybody there was carefree, outgoing and she felt like she could finally fit in. Months go by and everyday she would talk to them, not forgeting a day. It was eventually her birthday and her parents decided to have a trip to Japan since Nicole's dad side was Japanese and her dad's family was in Japan. Nicole didn't hesitate to tell her online group chat, they congratulated her until somebody said he,lived in Japan as well. He then told her there was a game called SAO and suggested she would buy it too. Nicole was excited, realizing it was virtual reality and waited impatiently for the day they would go to Japan. A week went by and they were on their way to Japan. Nicole asked her dad if they could buy the game and they agreed. After they got to Japan, they first went to her relatives and then got the Nervegear and a copy of SAO. Before playing the game, she told the guy who suggested that she've bought it that she got the game and was gonna play it. Her parents sat next to her as she was gonna start playing, they helped her get prepared and let her play the game alone. Not knowing that was the worst decision of their life. Virtues: Quick: Rizi is undeniable quick, physically and mentally. She runs and dodges quickly, making her useful in most occasions. But if she runs too much, she will lose too much energy and may not even able to walk at all. When something is behind her it's a high chance she would dodge it either way, Rizi reacts to things in a snap making her quick in every way. Loyal: Rizi will be one of the loyal people you know, never betraying you. She may argue with you and be bitter for a while but she would never leave you behind. If you were in a situation where you were in danger, Rizi would come over and try to defend you. Even if she knows she has no chance of surviving or winning. Cautious: Rizi always makes sure that she's safe before doing something. She doesn't take risks at all, and wants to go through life carefully. She's not a fan of taking risks or being adventurous but she would try her best to survive. She's usually looking left and right if she could sense any danger, if she does she would usually go hostile. Flaws: Bossy: Rizi tends to boss around people, even people who are older and more advanced. She usually thinks she's accurate and correct when she's not. When people don't listen to her, she gets very annoyed by that and will be mean to them for a long time. She can't cooperate with other people lacking teamwork but can't do anything without somebody helping her. Weak: Rizi lacks strength a lot, she's not able to carry a lot of stuff. If she does carry something that is heavy to her, she would fight at a slower pace. She believes she's strong and calls other people weak even though she's probably weaker than them. She didn't do any physical sports, making her lack physical strength more. Ditzy: Rizi is usually the one who can't make up strategies, she is not the brightest person you will know. She lacks intelligence the most, one of the reasons why she's not as good as she thinks she is. Rizi always needs somebody besides her cause she's very dependent when it comes to combat. She quickly gets damaged and harmed, making her quite annoying. Profession: (Leave blank until the Earning a Living quest has been completed.) SKILLS: Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: » R1 Dagger Sword Art Inventory Weapons/Tools: »DPS Package T1 Beginner Dagger- Paralyze, Damage T1 Beginner Light Armor- Vanity (3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) 2,500 Col and (10) Tier 1 materials