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  1. Athena smiled, shaking Alec's hand, "Yep, Athena at your service." Upon shaking his hand, she curtsied a bit, before glancing back up, "If you have time to sit down tomorrow or something, I do have a few questions to ask you, Alec..." Athena grinned, "A pack of wild dogs? Three-headed dog? That sounds very exhilarating." Athena got a lot of wild tales and stories from the kids she always took care of, but she knew that this one was the truth. It sounded much like a quest or a hunt that anyone could take on, given they had the levels. Athena nodded her head, "Whatever quest you want to do, you'll have us three to support you!" Athena grinned, "It's never too late to go back and grab the quest." Her gaze rested on Drayna's lips as they curled upwards into a smile. Smiles made Athena happy, she loved making sure everyone was okay... Now she just had to get Kirbs to smile. She barely knew the girl, but she wanted to support her in any way that she could.
  2. Athena grinned, "Of course i'd go out with ya!" Her gaze rested on Alec, agreeing with him that she had managed to leave town on her own, "Alec's right, you managed to leave on your own." Upon hearing that the man was in fact a tank, Athena's eyes widened. She did have a few questions to ask him, mainly about his own build. She wanted to be a tank as well, but baby steps... Athena first had to level up a bit more, if she wanted to save others at least... Athena watched the interaction between Kirbs and her familiar, then between Alec and his. The two's reactions to their familiars were entirely different... Athena shrugged it off, not thinking much of it. If she didn't prove herself, she was in no position to give others emotional support. She had to be like a giant boulder, ahead of lots of people and able to take as many hits as needed before anything could get past her.
  3. Athena watched as Drayna jumped back into the safe zone. Athena's eyebrows furrowed towards the center of her face. She was definitely concerned for the girl. Upon seeing the girl's expression rest on her, Athena thought for a moment. Almost every other player wouldn't know the exact count, but Athena knew. She knew because she counted each day. "It's been roughly two years..." Athena stopped talking to watch the exchange between Kirbs and Alec. Athena was pretty much in the same boat as Drayna, she had never left this town. But the two's major difference between each other was that Athena wasn't scared. Her mind bringing her back to the conversation she had with the kid. Maybe it was about time that she actually went out and did something. Maybe she could bring her support to the higher floors. Blinking back into the present, Athena grinned, "It's a lovely day to go out. It seems that's what you wanted to do here, Drayna. Mind if I accompany you?" Athena could do with a change of pase and scenery. She honestly barely remembered what the outside world looked like. The only day she had left had been right before the ceremony.
  4. Athena smiled as she got everyone's names fresh in her mind, "I suppose I could introduce myself. My name is Athena, I've been taking care of the people here on floor one that are too scared to leave." Athena would have left sooner had she not been so caught up in her tasks. She had wanted to make sure everyone was emotionally stable before she went about and did something else. "Nice to meet you all." Her eyebrows raised as she watched the exchange that Kirbs gave Alec. It didn't take a genius to know that this girl was far from emotionally stable. Nevertheless, Athena was wondering what everyone was doing here in this particular spot, "What are you guys doing here?" Her eyes beating to where Drayna had left the safe zone, then they shifted to Alec and Kirbs, who obviously had stronger equipment than her and Drayna combined. Athena's eyes shifted to the black bear accompanying Alec. The bear was rather cute she had to admit.
  5. Athena had been spending all of her time on floor one in the town of beginnings. She had perfected her cooking technique, along with taking care of the children that had lost their parents in the game. Athena was currently spending her time wiping the mouth of one of the youngest she had been watching over. She spent her days and nights at the church. Athena looked surprised as the kid spoke to her about fighting, "Miss Athena... I know you like taking care of us, but don't you want to go out and fight, get stronger and protect the people on higher floors?" Athena widened her eyes, "I mean, I want to protect everyone in this game, but I can't just leave you guys." She would then give the kid's head a patting, "But, we have the other Miss, I think if you went out, none of us would mind.. In fact, we all want you to work hard and save more people than just us!" Athena would ponder over it for a while. "I'll think about it, meanwhile you enjoy your bath!" Athena began tickling the kid, and laughter could be heard. Fast forward about an hour and Athena would be walking down the street, near the edge of town. Near the exit, of the Town of Beginnings. She was out for a walk, looking around for people that needed her... But today it seemed rather empty. Much like it had been for the past year. Athena had really done up with this place... But she knew there were higher floors with people that needed her just as much. If Athena hadn't been so keen on going to that meeting spot every single day, she wouldn't have stayed on floor one for very long. Athena, the protector, she would have fought to get to the frontlines to provide her emotional support to everyone she could. She wanted people to have hope in this dull dark world. Shaking her head, Athena continued her walk. Hearing a few voices, she turned. 'I DON'T WANNA DIE!!!' Athena's eyes widened as she looked over at the source of the cry. A tanned girl with blonde hair, Athena couldn't get a good look of her face, because the girl's back was towards Athena, her face looking towards the plains. Athena was about to take a step forward when a tall, muscular, older man stepped forward, she couldn't quite hear what he said, but she ought to walk closer just in case. Athena took an actual step forward, moving her body in the direction of the duo when a girl appeared. She had the reddest of hair, and it looked like in the past there had been a spark in her eye, but it no longer lay there. Athena walked into the group of three now, "Is everything okay?" Her beady red brown eyes glancing between each player. She wanted to help, however she could.
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    Athena the Wise

    Non-combat: >> None Passive: >> None Combat: >> None Weapon skills: >> 2-H Axe : NOVICE
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    Athena the Wise

    Weapons: >> "Hell's Edge" (Rare). 2-H Axe Slot 1 ♥ +1 ACC Slot 2 ♥ +1 DMG Tools: >> N/A Armor: >> Here Items: >> Starter Healing Potion (Heals 50) x3 >> T1 Mats x10
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    Username: Athena Real name: Scarlet Lakewood Age: 23 on day of launch Gender: Female Height: 5' 8" Profession: Empty Scarlet had the easiest life anyone else could ever have while growing up. She had all the necessities in life, and more. She was on the higher tier of income in the United States but everyone in her family led a humble life. They lived in a casual one story house, Scarlet being an only child. They drove middle-income cars, and wore middle-income clothes. Scarlet was put through school as any other child would be. She went to a public high school and then attended a nearby college. All the money she got would go into her savings account. Her parents would put aside a set amount every year that would help Scarlet when she lived on her own. By the time she was done with high school she had enough to live on with a humble life for a few years. But Scarlet kept working hard despite having about one million in savings. During high school, Scarlet kept her friends close. Scarlet was considered the 'mom' friend of the group. They held tight to their relationships even going as far as to go to the same college together. Scarlet graduated as valedictorian and was able to attend college on full-ride scholarships. Scarlet loved her friends, they made her feel... Real. Like she wasn't who she was, the rich only child of two parents that had told her to get by on her own. Because that was reality, Scarlet wasn't even able to touch her savings account until she turned 24 so she could get through college on her own, and earn her own keep. Scarlet didn't mind though. She and her friends played games together and made everything work out. Her secret life that even her family kept a secret to everyone else being a turning stone in the very back of her brain. Scarlet and her friends vowed to get a copy of Sword Art Online. So that's what they did. Motherly. Athena is very motherly. This means she is not only protective of everyone, but she cares for everyone's life. Athena aims to protect and aims to be a figure that not only herself but everyone can look up to. She cares for not only physical well-being of others but also their emotional and mental well being. Athena will step in front of the boss to take the damage if need be, if it means protecting someone who can't protect themselves. Due to having the character trait motherly, Athena is very gentle and kind towards others. Humorous. Athena has a sense of humor. Although she is gentle, when somethings happens and she gets tilted (Not Explosive as it lists below), her words will become witty humor. Athena is known for her wide-range of humorous phrases. Outgoing. Athena is definitely a people person, she loves being around others and loves being in open spaces. She spends as much time as she can outside and adores talking with others. If you are looking for her, you can find her befriending other people and doing things for others. Explosive. Athena has a long fuse, she does not anger easily. However, when someone pisses Athena off, they are sure to know. When angered, Athena will explode and everyone will know why she is angered. Whether she takes the action to yell or cut off someone's hand, Athena when angry takes a very long time to cool off. Overconfident. Athena is not only overly confident in her own abilities, but the abilities of others. She thinks that if you're truly good, and truly work hard, nothing bad can become of you. Athena feels as if she can do anything when protecting others. Trigger. Check spoiler Unnamed (Child). Athena was pregnant when she went into SAO. Name (Relation). Here Name (Relation). Here Name (Relation). Here Name (Relation). Here