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  1. Rythose's head snapped to the side when he heard a young girl's voice, attempting a smile but failing as usual. "No its fine, you can join me up here, I was just standing around. The weather is good for that sort of thing." he said to her a little awkwardly. He then stared at her for a few seconds, trying to figure out what to say to her, what to ask her, after all he still sucked at social interactions. "So..." he started to speak, but he still couldn't find the right words, so he just simply asked, "How are you dealing with the game? Coping wise and all. I had heard it was really hard for some people, so I just wanted to ask to make sure." He knew it was a bad thing to ask someone, but he literally couldn't think of anything else to ask, hoping she wasn't going to be too offended or depressed by what he asked.
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    Sword art Poll and Debate

    I personally am new here, so I haven't had that much (pretty much none) experience with the Sword Arts, so my opinion is mostly based on video games and D&D. I personally like "Proposal B" more because it seems like a progressive system, because if you're high enough to get to the top of the Sword Arts, you're probably on the front lines fighting gosh knows what, and that means you're already super powerful. Now that might seem unfair to the front-line fighters since this is coming from a new person that basically knows nothing, but that's just the way I see it.
  3. Rythose stood on a roof in The Town of Beginnings, watching the NPCs and the players walk around the street. It was slightly windy, which made his dress like outfit bottom flap around in the wind, but it was still pretty hot outside, which made a perfect balance of weather. He was watching for something, but he wasn't exactly sure what it was. He had felt lost lately, not that it was a new feeling, but normally he knew what was causing that feeling, but right now he had no idea. That's why he was back in The Town of Beginnings, hoping that he'd find something that'd help, something that'd tell him what was wrong, at least something. Rythose slowly removed his hood, letting the wind flow through his hair, making it flow around. He closed his eyes to just enjoy the weather, giving him a feeling of never wanting to leave. That thought startled him. He had never thought of truly being stuck in this world forever. He always thought of someone clearing the final floor and freeing them all, but that thought always left him guilty, wishing he hadn't been a coward and actually joined the front lines when he had the chance. His mind started drifting to the stories he had heard about the front lines: the death, the victories, but mostly the thrill.
  4. Listening to Kobold's story about the man in the cabin and the rock that apparently would give you a special skill, interested Rythose slightly, but hearing the man offer to help him honestly surprised him. "Hm...Kobold doesn't seem like the guy that would normally help someone. I wonder why he's doing this? He said it wasn't a trap, and its not like I fully trust him, but I doubt he's lying. It just doesn't seem right." Rythose nodded to him, saying, "Thank you, very much." Seeing him just walk up to the bolder and punch it, Rythose walked over to it, tensing his right hand into a fist before his right foot slowly slid behind the rest of his body, taking a fighting stance before he punched forward, turning his entire body into the punch. Action Taken: Basic Attack [-1 EN] Boulder: ID# 125098 results: BD: 4+2=6 (Hit.) ~ 1 DMG Pinball: 1120/1120 HP | 112/112 EN | 10 DMG | 3 ACC | 3 EVA Rythose: 20/20 HP | 1/2 EN | 1 DMG | 2 MIT Boulder: 38/50 HP | -2 EVA
  5. "A quest huh? That makes sense. Probably would be smart to do that then." He thought to himself as he nodded to the cloaked person again, noting how awkward he seemed to be in a conversation, but its not like he could blame him, he wasn't that much different. He nodded again as the man explained that the cabin was where the quest giver was. Deciding to make a bold move he walked over to the man, sticking out his right hand, taking a quick glance back at the cabin before saying to him, "I'm Rythose. And as I've seen people introduce themselves with their guild name, I'm a solo player." He then used his other hand to pull the hood of his armor back, his black hair starting to wave around in the wind. His face twitched a little, almost as if he were trying to smile to the other person, but couldn't do it.
  6. Hearing that it was a coincidence that they were meeting Rythose nodded to him, clearly not caring that he was an orange player, which is probably strange behavior for most. Rythose just watched him as it got awkwardly silent, noting that he adjusted his sword, but when he didn't attack him, he thought to himself, "Well if he were a Player Killer I can just about imagine he would've attacked me already." When the cloaked figure asked him if he was here to do a quest, Rythose raised an eyebrow and asked, "What quest? I didn't know there was one up here." "Is that the reason for this seemingly random cabin. Makes sense, but what does the rock have to do with anything?" He thought to himself as the man pointed to the giant rock behind him. He then shrugged and said, "Well I didn't know there was a quest up here, but it wouldn't hurt to do it." @Pinball
  7. Noticing the person in the purple cloak Rythose almost just ignored him, but once he saw that he was an orange player he stopped. Rythose had been warned about people with orange icons above them, "player killers" as they were referred to, or at least the starting of a player killer; most player killers had red icons. "I've never seen an orange player before...I wonder if he's a Player Killer or he just got caught up in something bad...can't know unless I ask." Rythose then nodded to him and dully said, "Hello there! So am I walking into a trap or was meeting you just a coincidence? No offense but I'm new here in this part of the floor and a cabin in the middle of no where usually means a trap, although I could be wrong, if so I apologize." His voice was quite monotone, and his expression was almost a bored look. @Pinball
  8. Rythose walked through the second floor of Aincrad, walking up a larger mountain on the south side of the floor. He was ridden inside the cloth hood of his armored chest, the armor on his chest looking like roof shingles placed on each other. The shoulders on the armor almost looked like shoulder pads, but more flat. The elbows of his armor were just like the shingles on the rest of his body, but more in a spiked way up towards his shoulders. The tassets of his armor were made into the same as the hood's cloth, but it were made into a dress like bottom part. The clouds above him were dark, most likely going to rain soon, but he didn't care, he was just trying to get away from civilization. The temperature was about 16C, and with the wind it felt even colder. He walked up the mountain, looking around as he noticed a little hut, but he was of course a little hesitant to approach it, thinking to himself, "What is that doing out here? I wonder if its a trap...perhaps even a player made trap." He looks around a little, trying to see if he can spot any players near him. @Pinball
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    Rythose's Journal

    Profile Username: Rythose Real name: Raion Hokori Age: 25 Gender: Male Height: 6"2 About: History/personality Raion Hokori grew up in a rich family with three older siblings: two brothers and a sister, but that meant their parents were very strict about their lives. His father always told him that it was his destiny to join the family business since he was born into the family, much like he told his other children. His father owned a computer programming company, which in tern made it so Raion had to study hard in school. His mother was a receptionist at the company, and his siblings were all programmers. Raion did three things while growing up: school, gymnastics, and a self defense class his mother put him in when he was five. What his parents didn't know is that his self defense teacher taught him more then just one technique, he was taught many different ones, and mixed in with his gymnastics it made him a conditioned weapon. But one of the key components that his teacher taught him was to never fight, that to not fight shows more strength then to fight. His life didn't change much until he was sixteen, that's when it seemed to him that a girl took interest in him, and unlike the other girls she didn't just seem to be pretending to get him because of how rich his parents were. The girl's name was Ochitsuita Heiwa, and to Raion she was the perfect girl, even though she came from a poorer family then his own. What Raion didn't know was that some of the greatest things in life could never be held onto forever. One day when he was twenty, he had taken Ochitsuita out on a date, not even telling his parents he was leaving. Unfortunately a lot of people knew who he was and that put a target on his back for muggers. While they were walking they began to walk past a dark alley, and that's when they were pulled into it; they were being robbed. Raion planned to give them all the money he had on him, but when one of them hurt Ochitsuita to shut her up because she was making “too much noise,” that's when Raion snapped. It was like he became someone else, and all of his training kicked in. He ruthlessly took down the robbers, none of them died, but the only blood Raion had on him was their blood on his knuckles, but due to his ruthlessness the fear in Ochitsuita's eyes drove him away from her, making him feel to afraid to see her and hear what she thought of him now. That's when Raion went into a workaholic state where he only went from home to work, then only went back home to eat and then sleep. He always ate breakfast before he went to work, and always brought lunch with him. He would work out with anything he could get his hands on, a blender, a large stack of paper, because he was too afraid to face his old teacher, and any time he was told Ochitsuita was there to see him he always told them to send her away, that he was "too busy" to see anyone. A friend of Raion's in the company, if you could consider someone like Raion even having something close to a friend, told him he needed to let loose or it'd all build up inside of him, but for years Raion never listened to him. Eventually his friend convinced him to try to get a game called “Sword Art Online,” which luckily Raion was able to. Without his parents knowing he went out and also got equipment for it, and set it all up in his room. He waited until the moment that it would be ready to play, and when that time came, he went into the game, not knowing the trap he fell in. Virtues: Raion is very protective of the people close to him, and is even protective of people he doesn't know. This certain part of his personality was developed with time, it isn't much of a family trait. This reflects on one of his favorite quotes from a book he once read: "its wrong to do nothing when you have the power to do something." This virtue also ties into his heavy feelings for injustice. Raion has a high sense of loyalty, anything short of complete betrayal and his loyalty will always be with the people he trusts the most. Some people say that the levels of loyalty he has is just a waste of energy, but he doesn't see it like that. In his own eyes, strong loyalty shows true inner strength and the determination to stick to something without relent. Raion holds integrity high on his list of ways to live, after all how could he not with all the work he's put through. He strives to do his best even if there's no one around that could point him out as slacking off. In his own mind he sees it as if he can't be his best when not around other people then his best is merely a mask. Flaws: Raion has a well controlled temper, but once that fuse is lit his wrath is nothing to laugh about. Once he gets angry it is very hard for him to control that anger, usually needing to let it out in physical ways. Now this wrath reaches its peak when someone close to Raion is hurt, that's when his final ferocity is really shown. Due to everything Raion has been through he usually walks around with a frown on his face, constantly thinking about his ex-girlfriend and what he could have done different. Anyone looking into his eyes could tell he was clearly haunted if not disturbed. Although he never shows his emotions through tears, sometimes he'll go out and shadow box to get his minds off of it, maybe even punch a tree a few times. Raion as also grown basically humorless, finding it hard to even laugh most of the time. He rarely finds anything funny and can hardly even tell a joke himself. A smile rarely crosses his lips, and if anyone tried to get him to tell a joke he'd tell them no or come up with something that couldn't even be considered a joke. Profession: (Leave blank until the Earning a Living quest has been completed.) Total SP: 5 Spent SP: 0 SP remaining: 5 Skills Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: » Inventory Weapons/Tools: » Set C "Tank Package": » "Shokan" Armor: T1 Rare. MIT+1 MIT+1 » "Korekuta" 1H Straight Sword: Vanity. Roleplays » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress (no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time) Relationships (optional) Story Thus Far (optional)