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  2. Profile: Username: Rixu Real name: Yuri Letterman Age: 20 Gender: Male Height: 5'3 / 160 cm About: Currently a graduate student; or rather was. Hi, I'm Yuri (yeah I know, it can also be interpreted the other way). I was a graduate student studying up on game theory and economics. I was planning on becoming the top 1 theorist by writing the first thesis on VRMMORPG markets. I negotiated with the upper-ups in my department in order to get my hands on the very first VRMMORPG game. I told them that observing the players and their behaviors would be necessary for finishing my master's thesis. Convincing them was not easy. But then again, reading my 10-page proposal for why I needed to play the game probably wasn't easy for them either. Due to my preparation, I was given the NerveGear and this game called "Sword Art Online". Finally, things might just start turning my way. But alas, it seems that even in the virtual world, my bad luck just follows me. I've always had bad luck: getting splashed by mud from cars, vending machines "forgetting" to give me my drink, etc. If I had a luck stat, it’s surely in the negative values. Because of this, I now have a cynical perspective towards the world. If something can go wrong, it will most likely go wrong; and that includes people. The side-benefit here is that I'm always more or less prepared for anything or anyone. I also seem to have some split personality. It’s not something major but when I remove my glasses, I feel like I’m more impulsive. Ok it’s not that I actually have a split personality per se, it’s just something I programmed into my mind such that when I remove my glasses I can temporarily turn off the filters in my mind. Think of it as like getting a confident boost… or getting drunk. When I remove my glasses I become arrogant and impulsive that I’m not usually am. I typically reserve this “persona” of myself only for emergencies that require urgent action. I typically work alone. Sure I can hold a conversation with other people and I can work with others but that doesn't mean it's better. The world is already a risky place and adding people to the equation just makes it more riskier. Working alone is just safer and more efficient. I can handle myself. Surely, I'll be fine whatever may happen. Besides, it's just a game. Oh how wrong I was. Personality Keys: Sarcastic Cynical Cautious (Self-) Righteous Alignment: True Neutral Virtues: Strategist: I always think moves ahead. I usually have a contingency plan for every situation. I probably fit right in with the "Awesome by Analysis" trope. Cautious: You know that person that always reads the manual and strategies online before actually playing the game? Yea, I'm that guy. I always think before I leap. I've become observant of my surroundings and the people around me out of "caution". Independent: I generally don't depend on anyone. I don't cave in to peer pressure and I always follow my own intuition/thinking. In fact, I typically go against the grain. If everyone was going right, I'll be beelining for the left. Flaws: Cynical: Due to my constant experiences with misfortune, I'm now always expecting the worse from the world and from the people. I don't trust anyone easily. Forget the "leap of faith"; I'm gonna build my own bridge and then have someone test my bridge first before I actually walk on it. Analysis Paralysis: Give me too much choices or information and I'll shut down. I might not move for days until I perfected all my strategies. Interestingly, this correlates with my reflex speed. Mine has got to be one of the slower ones. Wonder who has the fastest reflex speed. Hmmm….. Stingy: What? I might need this potion in the far future, of course I'm not gonna use it even with half health. Donations? Yea... is 1 cent enough for you? I'm not gonna use or give stuff unless absolutely necessary. Being generous is not absolutely necessary. Stats: Base Stats: Level 1 HP: 20 EN: 2 Available SP: 5 Total SP: 5 Applied Stats (when Enhancements and Skill Stats applied): Level 1 Total SP: 5 HP: 20 EN: 2 DMG: 1 MIT: 0 ACC: 0 EVA: 2 Total SP to Level 2: 6 Skills: Non-combat: Passive: Combat: Weapon skills: Inventory: Chosen Package: Set C "Tank Package": Vanity Weapon of choice Armor of choice, Rare or lower quality (3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) 2,500 Col and (10) Tier 1 materials Weapons: H1: T1 Vanity 1H Assault Spear Obsidian Spear short spear, can be thrown, structure is similar to an arrow, I wonder if I could use this with a bow... H2: T1 Vanity 1H Assault Spear Armor: B1: T1 Rare Light Armor [Evasion, Evasion] Nyx’s Cloak it’s a lab coat, color black, it just doesn’t feel right if I’m not wearing a lab coat Evasion Effect: Reduces the die value by (1 per slot) on an enemy’s attack against you. Cannot be used to avoid a critical hit. L1: Vanity; Pants just some pants. Accessories: A-misc: Vanity; Glasses I know that the game gives me perfect vision, but I need it to “regulate” myself. To keep my impulsive self to a leash. Battle-Ready Items: (3) Starter Healing Potions Misc: 2,500 Col (10) Tier 1 materials Roleplays: N/A for now. Relationships: N/A for now. Story Thus Far: Current Short Term Objectives in SAO: Level up Survive Current Long Term Objective: Establish a spy network Conquer the economic market of SAO N/A for now. <This section is not part of the character journal (i.e. not official). It’s just a place for me to put stuff that I’m thinking about> To Do List: add more background add stories before sao that time when he was framed for stealing a wallet add monologues Evasion, Parry, Double Weapons enhancements