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  1. Basuke

    [F1 - PP] Slower Day Than Usual

    Basuke chuckled -- it was nice to hear that he wasn't the only one longing for something as simple yet reminiscent of the outside. "That is what I heard. Had a talk with them and some red tea at night; ru-roibos?" His face scrunched up at the pronunciation, head raised to the ceiling for a beat as he tried to recall. "... Something like that. Am keeping an eye out for the store. Wonder if they have frappe." To Snow, he nodded, interest peaking at her profession. A chef! He'd contemplated the idea of picking that up for his side job at some point, but still found himself hesitant to commit, unable to decide fully for himself. Floor 4 meant he was going to need a jacket or two for the winter, though, but it was thematically fitting for the woman he spoke to. "If am in the mood for food," he reassured the player. "What kind do you serve?" With quick finger work, the boy pulled up his friends list, sending friend requests to the two patrons at once. "To let you know of the Starbucks, if find it," he said to Xin, before turning to Snow. "And to remember to visit food shop." A grin, and he turned over to the owner in pleasant interest now, watching the man work his culinary magic. "Oi boss, come join us when you done! If not for share present, for chit chat. Sure we want to know you better too." @GetComfy
  2. Basuke

    [F1 - PP] Slower Day Than Usual

    At Xin's offering of a hand shake, the boy took the woman's hand with his own. "Basuke," he replied, grip firm, before withdrawing quickly. "Here for snack, craving something." He'd raised a curved finger and waved it in a gesture, trying to recall. "Heard about Starbucks from another player. Can't find on first floor... So maybe is elsewhere?" Maybe he should track down the girl he was speaking to another day for more information. Local brew would make do for now -- at worst, they'd match chain institutions (he'd hoped). At best, he'd find a new place to frequent and delicacies to indulge himself in. Basuke took a seat on a pillow at another table, sitting next to the two women as he waited patiently for his order to arrive. He'd some curiosity as to what other players were out and about doing as well, given his leave from the Town of Beginnings for such an extended period of time. With a cock of his head after he'd listened to Xin's answer, he turned to Snow with a question himself. "Snow, bag earlier of food -- you know owner? Good friends?"
  3. Basuke

    [F1 - PP] Slower Day Than Usual

    Preference? Basuke hadn't thought this far. The boy glanced behind the counter, checking to see what sort of equipment the cafe had. Most likely, the shop owner wouldn't have the chilled dessert in a cup he was dying for, but with any luck the man would have a blender and some sweeteners. His best bet for the moment. "Dalgona," Basuke relayed, as he stepped towards the counter to offer his col. "Do you know it? Was trendy a few years ago." Through his menus, he materialized his payment in a purple pouch, handing it over to the barista. "Honey, crumbs, cinnamon. Thank you very much." His gaze fell over the other patrons of the shop, one of them speaking aloud to the room with a cheerful disposition. How curious. And here he'd thought he was being rude by being loud. Maybe since he hadn't made his intentions clear, it would've been -- here, the woman speaking was being friendly with the other players. Basuke shot back a smile as he hovered over the counter, hands digging back into his hoodie's pocket. "Doing alright!! You?" -- Wait, the woman ordered cookies? The kid materialized what was left of his allowance and set it upon the counter, wide-eyed and excited. "Can you make drink crumbs cookie? And another plate for me too! Appreciate it!"
  4. Basuke

    [F1 - PP] Slower Day Than Usual

    Whoops. The idea of having Starbucks just the other night with the group of adventurers round that campfire just made Basuke interested in the idea of grabbing a nice drink to enjoy today. But for some reason, despite Andromeda's mentioning of a store like that being open, he couldn't find it on Floor 1 for the life of him! Maybe he was misremembering a crucial detail somewhere. Either way, to satisfy his craving, Basuke would have to make do. "Yo--!" Here came the bull in the china shop. With a hearty push of the door into the cafe, what greeted the young boy was the idea of serenity and comfort, and immediately the youth felt a wave of embarrassment wash over him. Especially since there were a handful of players present in the store whose attention he might've grabbed just from his entrance alone. Mouth agape, his sights traveled through each person present, ending on looking at the homeless-looking man behind the counter. A hand traveled to the back of his head as he scratched it, shutting the door gently behind him. "Oops. Sorry. Bad habit. Um... Coffee?"
  5. Halloween event? Of course they'd be centered around the different occasions celebrated around the world, though Basuke never had the opportunity to dress up and visit door-to-door for treats before. Aincrad wouldn't afford him the chance either, he found out that much as he listened in to Andromeda's words. A zombie invasion sounded much more pleasing to the rowdy kid, and had he been there, he surely would've had a blast watching the fights take place all at once, or beating up a good few ghouls of his own. Kind of funny to call someone 'Starbucks' girl though. A grin graced his face as he ruminated on the thought. But it's nice being known for something. It didn't occur to Basuke that the question might be turned on him eventually -- all he had was two years of cold brutality and loneliness, and just as many contacts to make up for it. "Ahh-- l-long story!" The boy waved with a hand, sweat drops nearly visible from his panicky, frantic disposition. At the same time, it felt cheap to chicken out of sharing his own, while another member of the crew had already confidently shared their own. With an exhale, the kid rubbed at an itch at the back of his neck, choosing to look back into the light of the campfire. "Um... No laugh, okay?" Everyone in the floating castle had a story to tell -- maybe his would, perchance, happen to be normal rather than not, contrary to he'd expected. One sip of his tea, the boy quenching his thirst and drowning his anxieties. "Floor 2. Urbus." The town's name came out of him in a drawl, as though he was speaking of an ancient demon's curse. "There is one rock quest. Big stone. Must beat with two hands." His cup was set to the grass by now, only a quarter filled with red liquid. His right hand held the other, thumb pressing upon its palm, rubbing in circles around the folds of his flesh. The flame's glow continued to linger, brazenly burning bright, puppeteering the dancing of shadows all around the group in the midst of the forest and fields. "Not very good at rock fight. Mistake to go to Urbus -- did not know how to come back to Floor 1. Stuck for long time. Then two people, friends show me way out." "A few... bats though. Explore cave adventure with them. Was nice, fun time." Basuke let out a chuckle, before he looked back up to Andromeda, smirking. "Think your story is better. I mean, at least no one end up hurt, right?"
  6. Everyone is important? Basuke titled his head, silently raising a brow. What a strange turn of phrase. He understood, of course, each player's individual quality to provide for each other, to take care of one another in these trying times... but what might've prompted that turn of phrase? He'd file that tender quality of Mari's at the back of his mind. Perhaps he'd find out one day. Most likely not. Connections with people was tough, and if the woman was as important as he thought she might've been, maybe they wouldn't even be here on the first floor most of the time. He continued drinking the tea Andromeda provided them, mulling over the information. Work with others, take breaks. It sounded like pacing oneself was one of the more important qualities of life in Aincrad nowadays. That was fair -- he'd been pacing himself too, even during the two years it'd taken him to crush some dumb old rock. There was a method to the madness of being trapped in some isekai world, that much was obvious. And now he had confirmation of its practice. Good for him! A light smile graced on the boy's face. And events, of course. The public sure loved its timed parties. Any special goods might come into play to help aid them in the future -- at least, if the events Mari was speaking of something akin to the one game he'd played in the past. "People" he began, working on drumming up another question to pose the troupe. "You find... friends, that is your... key?" He swished the cup in his hands, watching the liquid swirl around gently. "Isolation... You mean you were lonely? Or lost? I can understand, too. Friends important." Basuke recounted how he got out of his extraordinary predicament. "With friends, safe." "... How you meet yours?" With a glance to Andromeda, he added, "You got story too?" @Mari@HoaxDemon@Tanoshi@Andromeda
  7. When Andromeda began passing round a set of cups, Basuke took it with thanks in a lowered bow of his head, and examined the drink closely. The tell-tale symbol of the store's brand was etched on the plastic. Funny, how images as such could transcend language barriers. The boy whistled at the gift, a smile dawning on his face. "Looks good," he remarked, feeling a little nostalgic for home. "I'm impressed." He took note of the explanation about frontliners. So that's what people've been up to these days. The boy clicked his tongue, a slow realization of being away from the vanguard creeping up on him, and he wondered for a moment how much effort it must've taken for them to get to where they were. Years had gone by since he'd been at that rock. What a stupid reason to fall behind with... Floor bosses, labyrinths, tower. He'd mark those terms with a pin to his mental bulletin, and get back to researching on them. "Hard workers, then. The more important people fight to free us... I understand." As he began to uncover and drink from the handout tea, Basuke turned to watch Andromeda explain her question with a wave of her hands. It was a lot more beneficial, it seemed, to him and the rest of the group. A voice at the back of his mind told him he should've saved his own query for something similar, but he whisked it away easily. No question's stupid, he justified, gaze returning to Mari in anticipation for a reply.
  8. There was much for the talk of food, but Basuke squinted his eyes as he turned to look around the group, wondering if anyone would make a move. Did... did no one have any food saved away? Wha... Seriously...? He groaned, pulling up his inventory for a hot second with a brash wave of his fingers. The few containers of food he'd pulled up were fogged up, still as warm as the day they'd been prepared. They weren't made by him, though -- in fact, the chef label on the small examination window read 'Randal'. The boy's face lit up for a beat when he saw the name, before going stoically calm again. Inside the emerald-tinted containers were small portions of Italian cuisine. He hoped the food would taste good, having not tried each different meal before, but he had hope in his friend's skills. Plus, for a party of people, it should've been way better than whatever granola bars he was going to offer them to begin with. He passed around some to Tanoshi and Andromeda, the two being the closest to him, before raising one of the boxes towards Mari and HD, beckoning them over with it, a disgruntled look on his face. "Luuuuuckyy," he scorned, lamenting his eventual feast for a beat. "Food rare or something? It is... very strange." A glance towards Andromeda, Basuke offering a tilt of his head. "Not sure marshmallow is though. Sorry, too bad." His gaze returned to the fire, as he began unboxing the sample in his hands. "Maybe I become chef one day, from look of it. Looks good money." From his menus, he then brought out a pack of dispensable chopsticks, the boy picking out a set for himself before offering it to the party. "All you need to prepare more. Seriously..." Oh, and one more thing. Basuke shot a curious look at Mari, not having forgotten her offer. His hands made their way around his own box of food, lifting up the lid as he spoke. "We ask one question, right? Mine, then: 'Frontliner', what's that mean, to put simply?" He'd heard the term before, but given little context, it was hard for him to judge what stood for. Perhaps now would be a good time for him to catch the gist of it for real.
  9. "Tanoshi?" Basuke repeated, trying to commit the name to memory as he put a hand to his face. So he was Japanese, then? The name sounded familiar enough. "Tanoshi, nice to meet you!" The boy eyed the other two a distance away, wondering what was the hold up in their spat. He tilted his head at Mari's objection, nodding in understanding at the answer she followed up with. A hand held up to his mouth to holler back. "Okay! If not--" Attack! That was the word! "-- attack us, then you cool!" He didn't need to know what solitude meant, nor why she was watching the stars above. As long as there wasn't danger, it was good enough for him. The two began talking about food. Marshmallows were being namedropped often enough for Basuke to recall the word, but not so much the delicacy. He raised a brow, warming his hands by the fire. Had they not eaten? Maybe so. HD did seem to be out of it, spacing out while standing and gazing into the flames. Meanwhile, at the corner of his vision, Mari appeared to feel out of place with her fidgeting. Basuke tilted his head to the side, mind humming with query as to why they hadn't joined in at the hearth yet. Maybe they were just shy. The boy snorted, before waving them over with enthusiasm. "No need to leave. You two hungry, right? Come and eat here! Rest for tomorrow or before going." He returned his hands to the flames, before looking over to Tanoshi with a wry shrug. "It's like they never done this before. You too? Camp out here is normal, I think. Used to be every day, I remember. Now just every two weeks, I think." @Tanoshi @Mari @HoaxDemon @Andromeda # a-arabelle ;w;);;
  10. He cocked his head to the side, shooting the hooded figure a confused look. Their words were strange, and Basuke couldn't figure out what they'd truly meant himself. So much for thinking his capabilities for a basic camping trip outside was enough. The boy held his face as he shook his head, repeating the player's 'name' under his breath. It was attached with a groan, along with slumped shoulders. "... Puppy, sheep; if you like animals so much, just say you're a furry, be nice to others and get it over with...!" At the behest of the original camper, the hooded figure approached the fire, taking a seat. Basuke watched him from the gaps in between his fingers, before withdrawing his hand and loosening his grip from his weapon. A sigh, before the boy managed to add, "Be with you two. Second." One crouch, turning to face the insides of his tent. With a gentle ruffle through his clothes pockets, he allowed Smiggle to wriggle out of his person, setting him loosely on the tent floor. The worm seemed to look about curiously, mouth agape, and the boy returned him a small smile, only barely visible with his back towards the flames. "Stay here," he spoke, patting its head gently. "And if you want to wander in the soil, be careful when you do it, okay?" "Scree!" Once he let the earthen child down, Basuke began to rise, turning around just in time to react to a thud and a howl. Right at the entrance of their campsite was yet another player -- oh. This time, their cursor wasn't very welcome. The boy felt his eye twitch for a second, uncertain of how to cope with the newcomer. "Hai!" was all he could shout, out of surprise and concern than fear, and the best his body could do was drop his hand towards the hilt of his blade once again. The knowledge that HD had plans on reacting to their new villain irked him more than the gesture should've. The man rose from his spot, walking over to the orange-haired player as he removed his hood. Basuke furrowed his brows further, confusion and concern mixed heavily on his face. Was it really a good idea to approach this outcast of a person right now? Didn't... didn't he notice her indicator? That means-- uh, what does it mean again? It's been so long since I've checked the system manual... The woman got up on her own, though it seemed like HD was trying to aid her up. She toyed with a dagger in her hands after a spell. At her warnings to the shoutees (Ah, that's me), he gulped in embarrassment, stammering out a "Sorry," when he finally found his voice again. Pee-kae-ur? What the heck's a pee-kayer? Basuke grumbled under his breath once again, pressing his lips together tightly. At least she'd dropped the dagger in her hands now, seemingly tripping on her words. So she wasn't a threat, after all? The boy felt a little sorry for her, but many, many more questions swirled around his mind. He raised a hand, letting go of his weapon. "Sorry-- Can you-- can you put it simply? You are not here to..." An honest, processing pause. "To... hit us? Yes?" Gahhhhhhhhh. Gaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh speaking in a foreign language is hard--!! Before he could receive a reply, though, it seemed that HD's advances were rebuffed, and it brought a smirk to the boy's face. He snorted, wearing a smug smile as he looked away, before remembering the boy at the campfire. That's right, he should be cordial about his presence too. A steady amble over to the fire, before he took a seat to a side of the player in black. "Strange day," he commented, leaning back to rest of his hands. "Not a lot of people here most of the time. Ah..." He gestured over to the different players as he said their names out. "HD. Mari. Basuke," a hand resting on his own chest, before he extended it over to the other boy in curiosity. "Name?"
  11. A boy. About his age, Basuke guessed. As his eyes watched the tent materialize right by him, he waved his menu away, returning them to his jacket pocket with a grunt of surprise. "Volun... volunta-ree? Safe, yes, but..." The boy pursed his lips, shoving his fingers under it in curiosity. He stayed that way for a bit, eyes shifting as he pondered the word, before a shifting of grass behind them caught their attention instead. From the dark, a hooded player approached, his words taunting the two would-be adventurers. Had Basuke been a little more attentive, he would've registered half of the words, but all he received from the stranger were bad vibes and hostility -- and it seemed to be so as his acquaintance mirrored the sentiment with paranoia and volume. Why they were out here? "U-um," the boy finally managed, facing the newcomer. "You need something?" His eyes travelled to their cursor, then back to their form, barely illuminated by the campfire. They weren't dangerous yet -- and Basuke was sure that he wasn't going down without putting up a fight. Perhaps his queries were worth humoring? "... Just here to sleep, man." An honest response, coupled with an honest gesture; he gripped his blade's hilt, nested by his side, hands gentle, but resolute. Maybe that alone was enough of a warning against them trying anything funny. "Hello?" And suddenly, there were four. A young lady that looked vaguely familiar approached, seemingly intimidated yet curious. Basuke tilted his head, shooting her an exhausted look, before glancing back at the hooded attendee. "Camp, yes," he added, pressing down on the edge of the hilt in his hand, raising the blade behind him upwards. "Was. We can go back to it if not he's not a danger." The free hand in his pocket reached out to point at the mystery visitor, the boy furrowing his brows as he did so.
  12. A terrifying reality of Aincrad of the present was how crowded the inns were. And today, Basuke got unlucky. A full house... So that left his boarding plans shot. It felt that he was thrown out onto the streets, left alone to fend for himself with the way the receptionist scowled at him. He turned his attention down towards the main road out of town. Guess it was one of those days where he should be camping. With the land flooded in darkness, what was left in the sky were a thousand shimmering lights. Maybe more, if the boy were to count. He scratched at his ear as his feet hit dirt from stone, then shuffling through some grass instead. A shortcut, he justified, trying not to get his new kicks muddied. One where the monsters weren't rowdy, and all was calm and serene. For a moment he wondered if there would be some other player, unlucky like him out there. Then he pushed the thought away, his mind too busy occupied with the wriggling within his jacket pocket. A screech, as the worm peeped out from underneath the grey cloth. With a soft chuckle, Basuke wiggled his finger over his familiar's head, watching its form bob in the darkness. At least someone was excited to be out in the wilderness today. "I'll set you down in a bit," he assured the worm. "No need to worry." His gaze returned to the road, as he neared the edge of the fields. It seemed that fate had betrayed his expectations once again -- where he expected a mull black-and-blue, there was a faint glow of orange ebbing out against the grass. Company. Basuke winced, before heading over to the stranger. His steps were louder, careful, and he announced his presence with a "Yo!". The wriggling creature slunk into his pocket, wary, as the boy looked the other player over. "Kick out of town too?" With a finger, he pulled open his menu, turning his body to an angle, ready to set up a tent. "Too bad, huh? But this place safe, right?"
  13. When Basuke entered the shop, he was greeted with a particularly horrendous sight -- a scatter of fabric pieces in various colours across the floor, running across the width of the room. With his mouth agape, it took him a few seconds to recover from the mess, before he even approached the counter, taking careful steps as to not muddy the materials with his soles. The boy stopped when he was certain he was safe and close enough to pick up his shoes from the shop keep, trying his best not to think too hard about what had happened here. "Um... Thank you very much!" Basuke bowed his head for a moment, before glancing around. "And -- uh... Good--good luck." Storing the item into his inventory, he retraced his steps, knocking over a small spool on his way out with his foot by accident. Immediately, he rushed his exit, hoping it didn't incur the ire of the tailor if he'd seen it.
  14. Basuke

    Basuke's Appraisals

    # i highly doubt basuke will have a profession but placeholdr anyway Familiar Name: Smiggle Crocs V Description: A round, fat, short yellow snake, striped with brown all around its body. Its body is larger than its head, and it has a tiny dark tail. With two beady black eyes and a diamond-shaped mouth, this tiny, hardy creature hides in Basuke's front hoodie pocket. Familiar Mastery Skill: Treasure Hunter Thread Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/18769-f01-sp-child-of-dirt/
  15. “So… what is this thing? It’s small, wormy, digs through the dirt, finds loot -- I-I’ve never seen anything like it…?” Basuke settled down on the armchair opposite the beast tamer once again, as the creature he’d picked up earlier wriggled happily on the lady’s lap. By her side, on the arm rest, was the bag of feed that he'd handed back to her. Her wolf friend came over and sniffed at the worm curiously, before patting it on the head with a large paw, giving a small whine and a chuff. “ScrEEee!!” The woman was preoccupied with a thick glossary in her hands, one with a dark-peach leather cover. She rummaged through the pages, scrunching her nose up, adjusting the set of black-framed glasses on her face. Finally, her flips came to a stop, as she carefully pointed at a section near the top of the page, mumbling. “Tsu--Tsuchinoko. ...It’s a Tsuchino--ko...” The three looked over at the newly-identified tsuchinoko that hopped and wobbled around excitedly, squirming and screeching. A chuckle from the woman as she reached out, stroking down its back. “What a lovely creature! I’m sure it’ll make a fine friend.” “But, like,” Basuke tilted his head, gasping for the words in his confusion, lost but impressed. “What is a Tsuchinoko? -- Is it a reptile?” “Honey,” the beastmaster looked at him gently, with a glint in her eye. “It’s a cryptid! Take good care of it, now.” - - - Thread Summary