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  1. She kept just a bit of distance between herself and her old guild-mate, if only for the fact that she could feel her brow furrowed in frustration while she crouched down around the edge of bushes, the base of trees, and wading through the taller grass in search of some usable material item that was supposed to be out here. She caught a glimpse once of Adeux plucking an herb from the ground, then looked back to the area in front of her in disbelief. 'Am I doing something wrong?' She thought with a disheartened expression. Calcifer shook her head. No, it was going to take some time. She just had to be patient and keep trying. There was a noticeable pause when he asked her about how she acquired the game, but then her response came very normally. "Yes, I bought it. It was horribly expensive." She stood up straight, still focusing on her task and facing towards the fields. Her head swiveled back and forth slowly, and she took a few moments to search while standing in place. ID#: 156918 | LD: 2 - Fail @Adeux
  2. "Wonderful!" She nodded, glancing to the side and watching as he retrieved an item from the ground. 'Ah, so that's how it's done? Hmmm...' She mused in her thoughts. Calcifer then shook her head in response, "Not quite... I've got my sword, but I've only just started looking for ways to help people. I haven't been presented with the need to put it to use." In so many words, she admitted that she'd only begun doing quests. "For the better, usually." She then played it off, though her words sounded rather sincere. "Only the foolish and destructive look for any opportunity to draw their weapons." She took her hands off her hips and stopped looking out over the open fields to actually step into them, walking along and away from the city walls. She dropped her sight towards the grass in front of her, brows narrowed while she focused on looking for anything of interest. She began to wonder if the herbs and such that old man Zachariah wanted them to retrieve would really just be laying around on the floor waiting to be picked up. At least, she hadn't managed to spot any of them just yet. ID#: 155184 | LD: 6 - Fail
  3. She played off of the smirk he offered and smiled widely. "Of course! Yet there's strength in numbers. I'm sure we'll make quick work of this task." She nodded confidently. She turned back to Zachariah and finished receiving the instructions for their task. Go fetch five herbs from the fields outside of the city, and bring them back to the old alchemist. Calcifer once again walked with purpose as she strode through the city towards the Western Gate, this time with Adeux accompanying her. "So! How has the world of Aincrad been treating you?" She kicked off the small talk as they made it past the threshold. Calcifer breathed in the 'fresh' air as a breeze rolled by, sending ripples out across the grass. She had stopped and placed her hands on her hips, looking around at the vast landscape in front of them. There were boars lazily grazing in the distance, and wildflowers were scattered here and there. She had no idea where to begin, but taking in the scenery and surveying the area might just make a convincing enough excuse for inaction. ID#: 153884 | LD: 10 - Fail @Adeux
  4. Calcifer listened attentively to the elderly alchemist as he was describing a way to find herbs outside of the city walls. Just as he got to the good part--the part where he was asking for her assistance with such an important task--she heard her name called by a very mature-sounding voice from the side. She looked over, and then up. Wow, this man was tall. She felt herself swallow, and then heard the man named Adeux out. His words gradually clicked into place, and she realized what he was talking about. A twinkle almost seemed to form in her eye, and her back straightened with pride. "An Ember-Knight, yes!" She bent at the waist in a bow, "Ember Knight Calcifer, at your service! Although..." She straightened back up with a sour expression on her face. "These days I'm back to being just a fledgling knight. It seems I've lost all the capabilities of my past self." A small sigh, and she shook her head. Looking back to the tall, dark-haired man before her, she looked him up and down. There were...some similarities to his old self, if she was recalling him correctly. Then again, she was merely a petite shell herself. Calcifer nodded, "Yes, I think I remember you. You once traded me that summoning scroll in exchange for the whereabouts of the old guru in the mountains of Chisel Peak." She crossed her arms in front of her chest and nodded again. "Well! It's a pleasure running into you again. I was just about to take on a task for this gentleman." She gestured toward Zachariah, standing beside them and looking at the players expectantly. @Adeux
  5. With the most basic of gear equipped to her avatar, Calcifer strode through the Town of Beginnings with a purpose. She was still working out exactly what that purpose was and where it would lead her, but her chin was held high nonetheless. ‘First thing’s first. Gotta make a name for myself.’ She thought as she walked along. ‘If I want to be a well-known and respected knight, the first part is the well-known part.’ Her modest straight-sword hung at her hip and her arms swung through the air with each stride. Suddenly, a golden opportunity was presented to her. “Hello! Are you new around here?” A wise and learned old man was standing outside of a shop, smiling and waving at her. Calcifer’s chest puffed with a renewed purpose. “You could say that!” She stopped in front of the old man Zachariah and lowered her head into a bow. “Calcifer, the soon-to-be knight, at your service! What might I be able to do for you, Sir?” @Adeux
  6. I don't mean to be rude or anything. How long does it normally take for a journal to get approved?

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      I'm tryiiiiing. Does that mean I need to be on Discord in order to get things reviewed? I just wanted to know if I should expect to be waiting a while lol.

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      Sorry for the wait, but your journal is approved now. If you don't wish to join the Discord, make sure to get ahold of a Player Support Team Member via DMs for quicker approval times.

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      Generally give staff at least 24 hours to respond. You can also see which members of the Player Support Staff are online on the side bar of the forum and send them a message if you need something.

      I would highly recommend joining the discord server, because that's where we all socialize :)

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    Calcifer's Journal

    Profile Username: Calcifer Real name: Sakura Ito Age: 14 Gender: Female Height: 5’3” History Make-believe is the best game anyone can play. You can do anything, be anyone, and all the unfair rules of the real world don’t matter anymore. This creed became so ingrained in Sakura’s mind that she no longer wanted it to be ‘just a game’. When she was little, Sakura loved to pretend. She took an otherwise boring childhood and made it exciting, creating stories and adventures and friends and memories. What started out as a commonly innocent manner of play, however, gradually evolved into an obsession that infected all facets of her life. Her mother eventually tried to dissuade her from such unbecoming behavior, but her discipline rarely resulted in any long-lasting improvements. As she grew up, Sakura had one or two close friends at a time while she was at school. Of course they were labeled as the weird kids, since they were the ones that still played pretend at lunch break and ran around in the field having fake magical sword fights in gym class. In middle school, she discovered a lot of the online world and settled right at home into a popular MMO at the time. Calcifer, she named her other self. The one who would become the most awesome Ember-Knight in the realm! Personality “Yes, I’d like to pre-order the Nervegear bundle, please!” Sakura’s chest was puffed up with confidence and enthusiasm. Surely they still had some spots available. She’d been waiting in line for over two hours now--this was the moment she’d been waiting for! The exhausted worker on the other side of the counter in the crowded, and now kind of musty, game store tapped away on their keyboard, leaving Sakura in breath-holding suspense. “115,880 yen.” The cashier looked up from the computer and stared back at her expectantly. “Oh! Yes, of course!” Sakura fumbled with her purse and went to pay the nice person. She could almost feel her soul leaving her body along with the large sum of money she handed over, but no matter. It was going to be so worth it. Virtues Brazenly Optimistic - With a grin on her face and a fire in her heart, Sakura tries to look on the bright side in every situation. That’s the best way to live happily, after all. Thinking of the downsides in everything is just...too sad. Unorthodox - She may not tackle every situation in the most predictable way - and that’s part of the fun! She’ll most certainly tackle every obstacle thrown at her, but thinking outside the box is step one. Anything But a Quitter - She’s persistent, and it shows in the best and worst of situations. Most of the time, it’s probably just foolish stubbornness. Plenty of times, it hasn’t been worth it. Either way, Sakura hates giving up, and she’ll commit everything she has when she sets her heart on it. Flaws Technologically Illiterate - Sakura’s been playing video games for a couple of years now. Well...just one video game. One video game in which her only real focus was to run around, explore, roleplay, and blindly take on any quest that popped up in front of her. She’s got a lot to learn. Delusional - For a 14-year-old, she is almost impressively immature. Her heart and mind are a mystery, and many people might wonder if the fantastical delusions she prattles on about are truly real in her head. There haven’t been many people that embraced her way of living, and so she marches on to the next great adventure. All-Nonsense - There’s a reason Sakura and her friends were usually ostracized. She’s weird, annoying, and often just a nuisance. She hardly takes anything seriously that needs to be, and while her childish nature might be fun and entertaining to some, it’s downright infuriating to others. Skills 5/5 SP »[5/50] Rank 1 - One-Handed Straight Sword Inventory »Rare Weapon (+1 DMG | +1 ACC) »Vanity Armor »(3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) Roleplays Relationships Story Thus Far