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  1. ✧ Pandora's Wares ✧ grandmaster merchant "fortune favors the bold." > identifications. > general stock. > junk selling. > and more, but An's still working on it haha /sweats Amid the large establishments and market stalls of the Town of Beginnings' trading sector is a small wooden building that has certainly seen better years. Weathered walls that have long since lost their varnish and have permanent grooves marked into the wood and wavy glass window panes, providing a distorted peek into the shop's interior, which are positioned at either side of the battened and ledged door are the first impressions one could glean from the outside of the shop. On a newly-bought sign bracket hangs a medieval-styled sign bearing the shop's name in simple calligraphy. Another sign is posted at the door: Open on Monday to Saturday 8 PM to 11 PM You enter the shop. Immediately, you are greeted by a musky scent - the sort of thing that would remind you of old bookstores, if you've ever been to one - and... frankly, to call it a mess... is an understatement. For one reason or another, the interior of the store is littered with a vast assortment of items, of varying purposes and sizes and also too many to name: stacked and propped against wooden shelves and cabinets, stuffed into crates, and some you even have to step over as you make your way to the back of the shop. Is this place still undergoing renovation? Why is it even open in such a state? You wonder if this store - or the storekeeper - is something you can even associate the famous "Pandora" to. You turn a corner, almost surprised to see that this area has a better sense of order. A silver-haired girl who doesn't quite seem to have a handle of things yet looks up from behind the counter with an eager smile. "Welcome! How may I help you today?" [ identification/s : ] [ general stock : ] [ junk sale : ] credits: shop interior art by Noel L Kinnebrand on ArtStation; pixel art by @inglenookgames on Twitter.
  2. ~Welcome~ The Night's Watch MERCHANT AND GENERAL STORE RANK 3 Just a few miles inside Yomi of Floor 10 past the dragon NPCs, a shop stood, looks old but still sturdy, its looks with a little influence of Japanese architecture, its sliding doors are wood and windows covered in what seemed to be paper and a dim light of a lamp visible enough for anyone who dares to set their eyes on it. A sign hung on the door with words that are scrawled hastily "footwear are not allowed inside, please leave them at the door" As you enter the shop, two lanterns aligned at the doorway will greet you. Although the place is a bit dark, the lanterns provide enough light to see your hands and even where you're going. Another door will be before you and opening it will lead you to the shop itself. Lanterns on all four corners give a bright light enough for you to see what it has to offer. On both side of the shop are items that are sold and in the middle of the shop a table but no chairs, it is low enough for anyone to sit on the floor waiting for their turn if they're buying anything. After it, a counter where the shop owner sits, his head on the counter as he calmly looks at you and then fixes himself up at the sight of a customer He's a lazy merchant but hey your purchases is of great help to him. General Store This is the general store, where every player's basic needs are provided. Feel free to look for something that might catch your interest. Transactions are automatically done. Note: Upon Purchase please state how many EXP is given [+3 EXP per item]. RANK 1 SUPPLIES RANK 2 SUPPLIES RANK 3 SUPPLIES The Stockpile Here you can sell your unused items for col. There will be no refunds and I, the Crow is not responsible for any accidental transactions made, a deal is a deal Announcements A bulletin board is hung just after the door of the shop. In here are things the shop owner is putting up like promos, freebies, or a special shop section favorable to players (and the shop owner himself fuhahahaha) A special promo for player's level 20 and below ANY TIER 1 ITEMS YOU WANT TO BE IDENTIFIED ARE FREE OF CHARGE! ANY TIER 1 RARE ITEMS ARE 50% OFF IDENTIFICATION PRICE IDENTIFIED ITEMS THAT ARE OF T1 WILL BE FREE ALSO! (YAY!) (PROMO RUNS UNTIL CROZEPH IS STILL ALIVE OR IF YOU GIVE HIM BREAD) Item Identification Do you have an item that needs to be identified? then the Crow is more than willing to help you identify that item at a reasonable price Identify Cost: Equipment: [T1] Rare (420 col) [T1] Perfect (740 col) [T1] Demonic (1060 col) [T2] Rare (900 col) [T2] Perfect (1,300 col) [T2] Demonic (2100 col) [T3] Rare (1,540 col) [T3] Perfect (2,100 col) [T3] Demonic (2660 col) Consumables: [T1] Uncommon (180 col) [T1] Rare (260 col) [T1] Perfect (420 col) [T2] Uncommon (340 col) [T2] Rare (500 col) [T2] Perfect (700 col) [T3] Uncommon (580 col) [T3] Rare (820 col) [T3] Perfect (1,100 col)
  3. The sign for Catfish Forge was modified to read "Catfish Forge and Sundries." Inside the largely forge dominated building, a section of the store area had been set aside for shelves and and an extra counter. The counter was littered with all sorts of basic essentials every player would need to survive in Aincrad, and the cheerful face of Baldur waited behind the counter playing with a [Perfect] set of weights and scales crafted by Tyger which helped him in his mercantile endeavors. "Welcome! How can I help you today?" By each item on the shelf was a price, and one of each weapon type hung on the wall as well with a hand scrawled price hanging from it as well. "If there is anything you don't see here, let me know and I can try to get it for you. If you're looking for any special heavy armor or weapons, please talk to my partner, Tyger, as the resident master smith." He gestured to the <<Catfish Forge>> section of the shop. "If you're here for Healing Potions know that I only charge cost. I don't want to cost someone's life in order to make a few Col. I appreciate your business." He gives a polite bow. General Items ((General Items may be bought automatically. Simply post buying the item and deducting the Col from your inventory)) Antidote Potion - Cures the target of one Condition. Requires a post action. Customer Cost: 150 Col Healing Potion - Heals the user for 15 Hp. Requires a post action. Customer Cost: 800 Col Field Rations - Grants +10 MAX HP for duration of a thread or one role-play day. Requires a post action. Cannot be used in combat or if threatened. [TEMP BUFF Cook] +Max HP Customer Cost: 300 Col Immolation Potion - Grants the user rank 2 thorns. (Opponent suffers 6 DMG on opponent BD: 6-8 if you were a target of their attack and are hit.) Duration: 5 Posts. Rquires a post action. [TEMP BUFF Alchemy] +Thorns Customer Cost: 500 Col Basic Teleport Crystal - Returns the caster to the primary safe zone location of that floor. Requires two post actions to complete teleportation. Example: You use the crystal on your first post, but do not teleport away until your next post. Customer Cost: 2,000 Col Basic Armor - Generic good quality armor. Provides no enhancement bonuses but may be used to gain the benefit of armor skills. All types available. Customer Cost: 100 Col Basic Weapons - Generic good quality weapons. Provides no enhancement bonuses. All weapon types available. Customer Cost: 100 Col Dimensional Backpack - Adds +1 to player carry capacity. (This item does not take up an equipment slot) May only ever have one Dimensional Backpack at any given time. Customer Cost: 10,200 Col Custom Fishing Rod Gives a +1 CD to the fisherman who uses it. Customer Cost: 2,000 Col Custom Instrument Gives a +1 CD to the performer who uses it. Customer Cost: 2,000 Recording Crystal Allows the performer using it to gain EXP. Customer Cost: 800 Tier 1 Mats - Any basic material for any craft-based profession of tier 1.Customer Cost: 500 Merchant Cost Ledger: Sell Your Items (The way this works has changed. It is no longer automatic) "If you have any items you're no longer using, I can always use more stock for my store. I will give you a modest amount of money based on the quality of the item." He looks down at what you have to offer. "I'll buy: Uncommon Items: for 50 Col each Rare Items: for 100 Col each Perfect Items: for 200 Col or a negotiated price Baldur rubs his chin, "If you do have a perfect item for sale, it'll really come down to what enchantments are on the item for if I can give you a better deal or not. The Glass Display Case Baldur gestures to the glass case under his counter showing the rare special items he has accumulated. "In here, you'll find those special items that I felt deserved a better price, or were unique enough I thought someone with a discerning eye like you might be interested in." The Catfish Exchange Baldur gestures to a large worn ledger he keeps on his desk. "I can also offer you an exchange service. If you have an item you no longer need, I can exchange it for an item of equal value with different bonuses. For example, if you have a Rare Sword +2 DMG, but want accuracy, with a voucher, I can get you a Rare Sword of +2 Accuracy... for a small fee." Voucher Types: (These are legacy items and can no longer be created. They are the last of their kind) Voucher Inventory Baldur's Crafting Ledger
  4. -Merchant | Rank 5 'Black Marketer - Able to Identify T1 - T10 items | 10 Identifications per day | Exp 3328/2560 -Store Theme- As you enter the store, you hear a faint tune playing in the background. Nostalgia washes over you as you are reminded of those rpg games of old, 8bit adventures - dragons, wizards, and magic. The store's interior is small, and cozy. The atmosphere friendly and warm like you're returning home after a long day. Somehow, the store smells like fresh bread - all the time. The counter is by the entrance, atop it is a small scale for measuring out Col, inkwell and quill - logbook...all the things one would need to detail transactions and secrets. There is a large closet filled with items ready to be junked in front of you - the store itself contains some general goods such as potions, crystals and maps. Behind the counter stands a very bright faced and cheery girl. "Hello! Welcome to the 'Best Kept Secrets' I'm Ceres!" She introduces herself with the slightest tilt of her head. "I specialize in identifying items and have a build dedicated to it! I also have a few general goods items for sale. Did you need a teleportation crystal?" She blinks at you with lilac eyes. "Ah...what about a dimensional backpack? Potions? Oh, maybe you want to sell a bunch of your junk?" She gestures for you to come in with an excited wave of her hands. "Come closer... I can also sell you information about quests and mob bosses, maybe even certain players." She holds a hand up to her lips and gives you a small wink. "I am the keeper of secrets after all." IDENTIFYING GOODS -Please pay for your identifications in advance once confirmation is received- -Use the form below- EQUIPMENT TIER 1 Rare: 350 Col Perfect: 680 Col Demonic: 1000 Col TIER 2 Rare: 850 Col Perfect: 1,250 Col Demonic: 2,100 Col TIER 3 Rare: 1500 Col Perfect: 2,100 Col Demonic: 2,650 Col CONSUMABLES TIER 1 Uncommon: 100 Col Rare: 180 Col Perfect: 350 Col TIER 2 Uncommon: 260 Col Rare: 440 Col Perfect: 650 Col TIER 3 Uncommon: 500 Col Rare: 750 Col Perfect: 1,100 Col ⭒ ⭒ ⭒ ✩ ✪ ✩ ✪ ✩ ✪ ✩ ⭒ ⭒ ⭒ JUNK SALE Ceres 70% Player 30% EQUIPMENT TIER 1 Uncommon: 100 Col Rare: 200 Col Perfect: 400 Col TIER 2 Uncommon: 300 Col Rare: 500 Col Perfect: 750 Col TIER 3 Uncommon: 600 Col Rare: 900 Col Perfect: 1,250 Col CONSUMABLES TIER 1 Uncommon: 50 Col Rare: 100 Col Perfect: 200 Col TIER 2 Uncommon: 150 Col Rare: 250 Col Perfect: 375 Col TIER 3 Uncommon: 300 Col Rare: 450 Col Perfect: 625 Col GENERAL GOODS !Any items not in stock can be ordered in straight away! !! FARMED T1 Materials JUST 50 Col !! !! FARMED T2 Materials JUST 100 Col !!
  5. This afternoon had been the bane of Abalasster's existence. His shop had fallen into extreme disrepair, and his work had been set out for him. Yet, the silver haired merchant perceived. He set to work by initially repairing the roof. Many of the wooden planks had rotted and caved in and were in dire need of repair. It took quite a while, but with some hard work and the help of his ever faithful companion Khepri, he fixed the decrepit roof. Next was the shops interior. Many of the shelves had collapsed, and the display cases were in disarray. "Well, if we can fix the roof," Abalasster began, "we can mend some shelves" So he and Khepri set to work, and within a few hours, the two's hard work had paid off. The shelves and desks and display cases were back up and in cleanly condition. All that remained now was fixing the walls and cleaning the floor. "I'll get the walls" Abalasster remarked, hammer and nails in hand, "You, Khepri, can take the floor" Abalasster got down to business and began removing the planks that were beyond repair and began to replace them with new wood. It took a sizable amount of time to fix them, but his efforts bore fruit. Yet, where he succeeded, his companion was less than fortunate. Abalasster saw as the little scarab tried to haul a boom around, and took pity on his friend. "I'll handle it" Abalasster said with a smile, as he seized the boom from Khepri. He began to sweep the shop, and within a few more hours, the shop looked brand new. "Well" Abalasster began as he took a seat on the counter, "I believe this to be a day well spent". He got up from the counter and moved to the window that overlooked the city street. On the window still was a sign, one that read "closed" for the past few years. Yet, this would be no more. Abalasster seized the sign, dusted it off, and turned it over. "Open" it read, and with that a smile sprawled across Abalasster's face...
  6. The Wayward Market Outside of the city of Snowfrost on floor four- but still inside the Safe Zone- there is a simple shop and home. Made of cedar wood logs and cobbled stone this squat but cozy two story building is the Wayward Market. A simple shop of the merchant, Cosi, the inside this shop looks more like a cozy cabin then a shop with a roaring hearth, simple seating arrangements, personal effects, and chest full of what items the owner has. In a separate room towards the back of the cabin is where the actual shop is. The back room is where the actual shop is. One half of this room is dominated by large work benches as well as numerous shelves where implements and tools hang. There are a couple armor stands and weapon racks where arms and armor, some identified and some which still need to be identified, rest. The other side of the room is akin to a general store. Behind a counter are simple foodstuffs, items like teleportation crystals, other essentials, and oddities. The Wayward Market is finally open again for any player who needs staple items or more likely want items identified... General Stock: Identification Costs- Unidentified Weapons & Armor- Unidentified Consumables- Junk Sale Costs- Current Stats Template- Stats, Skills, and Gear