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Found 5 results

  1. The Traveling Flame It must have been during your last venture, but you feel tired. The stresses of your latest quest make you weary. It must be for that reason that you see something flickering in the distance, something that shouldn't be there. At least, you don't think it was there before. A low flickering flame that seemed odd, as it's flame was as green as emeralds. For some reason, you feel like you are being drawn towards the green light, beckoning you forward with it's gentle flicks and waves. Before you know it, you're in front of a large wagon. Sever
  2. ✧ Pandora's Wares ✧ grandmaster merchant "fortune favors the bold." > identifications. > general stock. > junk selling. > and more, but An's still working on it haha /sweats Amid the large establishments and market stalls of the Town of Beginnings' trading sector is a small wooden building that has certainly seen better years. Weathered walls that have long since lost their varnish and have permanent grooves marked into the wood and wavy glass window
  3. ~Welcome~ The Night's Watch MERCHANT AND GENERAL STORE RANK 3 Just a few miles inside Yomi of Floor 10 past the dragon NPCs, a shop stood, looks old but still sturdy, its looks with a little influence of Japanese architecture, its sliding doors are wood and windows covered in what seemed to be paper and a dim light of a lamp visible enough for anyone who dares to set their eyes on it. A sign hung on the door with words that are scrawled hastily "footwear are not allowed inside, please leave them at the door" As you enter the shop, two lanterns aligne
  4. The sign for Catfish Forge was modified to read "Catfish Forge and Sundries." Inside the largely forge dominated building, a section of the store area had been set aside for shelves and and an extra counter. The counter was littered with all sorts of basic essentials every player would need to survive in Aincrad, and the cheerful face of Baldur waited behind the counter playing with a [Perfect] set of weights and scales crafted by Tyger which helped him in his mercantile endeavors. "Welcome! How can I help you today?" By each item on the shelf was a price, and one of each weapon type
  5. -Merchant | Rank 5 'Black Marketer - Able to Identify T1 - T10 items | 10 Identifications per day | Exp 3328/2560 -Store Theme- As you enter the store, you hear a faint tune playing in the background. Nostalgia washes over you as you are reminded of those rpg games of old, 8bit adventures - dragons, wizards, and magic. The store's interior is small, and cozy. The atmosphere friendly and warm like you're returning home after a long day. Somehow, the store smells like fresh bread - all the time. The counter is by the entrance, atop it is a small scale for measuring out Col
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