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Found 3 results

  1. At the outskirts of the <town of beginning> near the grove where Hannah, the artisan from the <<the third lesson>> quest likes to draw her pictures there is a nice two storey wooden building. Over its door there is a oversized wooden hanger, holding the words "The Hanger" on thin strings. If one enters the building there is a room with stairs leading to the attic. Up there Hei has his little bedroom, but what is way more important is the sparely arranged room which holds his Tailor workshop. There are a few Judys and James, dressed with what he has to sell at the moment. On a board to the left there are rolls of fabric, waiting to become clothing for whom ever buys it. At the door one can see a sign,reading: Special offer! 50% off for members of the Guardians of the New Dawn. 100% off on uncommon to rare Items for new players! With a second sign underneath reading: Just one free piece per person, for players below Level 15. Stats (Tailor Rank 8 [2134/2560 EXP]) Available Crafts: Cloths, Light Armour, Plushies Available Mats: For sale: Prices: Perfect: Rare: Uncommon: Good: Shops Equipment / Decorations: Ready for Pick up:
  2. The shop is finely set up with a main entrance made of a wooden door with an Open/Closed sign out front. There are windows on the walls towards the road so people can take a look without having to get inside the shop. On the inside of the shop is a wooden counter where the Tailor usually sits in his chair and awaits customer, if he's not sitting there he's probably out crafting materials in the back room. The shop is right outside of a small town right beside the lake with a beautiful scenery as he admires it every time he come to his shop. On Display: Uncommon Rare Perfect Prices: Tier 1: Tier 2: Tier 3+: Request Form:
  3. On the second floor, at the top of a mountain around two hours of from the safe zone, stands a modest looking building. On the door hung a sign saying 'Starview Tailor' A little tarp over the door to protect it from rain. Inside a small fireplace gave the place a warm, pleasant feel. The room was square, and had two lounges in front of the fireplace to relax while your order was being done, or while waiting for service. If you looked up, a seethrough glass roof let in starlight, and allowed people to see the stars, and during the day it was covered with a tarp that had stars embed in. Behind the Counter laid his basket of hand sewing, and his machine, the heart of his shop. ------------------------------------ Ranks & EXP Result Chart Gear used while crafting EXP: 118/160 (Rank 4) Crafts a day / 5 CURRENT MAT: - <TIER 1: 3> - <TIER 2: 0> - <TIER 3: 0> Crafts Reset : 11:45 Am UTC+10:00 Shop Col/Col Earned : 0 Transactions (Stats)