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The End of Raging Waves [Seul vs Hidden and Sey]

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It was comforting to see that the arena hadn't really changed since the last time Seul had visited. Countless other battles had probably been waged in the time that passed, but today it was once again his turn to step into the ring. He knew very little about his opens for today's duel, but such circumstances never stopped him from fighting in the past. In the center of the field he quietly mulled over his stats while waiting for them to show up. While it was true his leveling had come to a halt recently he still felt like he was at a decent enough place to hold his own in a duel.

Prep time was almost up but his equipment seemed to be in order for now, so Seul drew his sword from the scabbard on his back and gave a few practice swings while he waited. Hopefully luck would be on his side.

@Hidden @Sey

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Sey    0

A white spear was in his grip, armor equipped and eyes scanning the arena. A player vs player zone, how lovely. It wasn't his idea of a fun time in his opinion, and he couldn't care less about the place. It seems he was in the middle of something, but he'll play along with whatever the hell was going on. Hidden was to arrive sometime around now anyways, maybe she knows a bit more about it than he did. With his new spear, it shouldn't be that big of a deal. As to how quickly a battle is supposed to end in a player vs player match, well, he never knew. Sure, he drew his spear at the throats of those who suddenly sneaked up behind him before, but that spear never connected into the virtual flesh of those people. Surprisingly enough, they were his connections now, despite this fact. And as long as he did what he did, he didn't fear death, despite his build. Still though, with the recent increase, he feels that now all the roles he had were complete.

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The girl in the cloak arrived at the scene, seeing the challenger and Sey had already arrived at the scene. She had wanted a fight and had gone searching, and ended up finding a proud player that thought they were strong enough to take on two. She had told him that she would bring along another player, and Sey was the only one she could completely rely on, and she knew his capabilities. She had invited him along, allowing her to have her first PVP battle with him. She originally had planned to go against him in her first battle when she was ready, but this would serve as good practice. Her dagger was sheathed in her cloak as she stepped forward. "Prepared for a good fight, love? Sorry for bringing you in on this, I just know your capabilities as good as mine, and you know me. This makes us a great fighting pair" She stepped forward, finally addressing the opposing player.

"Thank you for joining us, I wanted to try out real PVP, and see what it means at higher levels. It will be a simple 2v1 with half-health standards. None of us will die with this encounter" She scrolled her items, selecting them carefully. The fight would be beginning soon.



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“Well, I'm always more than happy to join some PVP action. It should be good practice for me as well, so I wish you both good luck.” He replied with a smile while stabbing his blade into the dirt.

In truth Seul did like being in the ring, despite not many wanting to participate in duels as of late. Fighting monsters was all well and good, but the thrill of facing another person who could think and reason was something else entirely. At least in a controlled setting like this it was fun to participate.

With a flick of his hand he sent the duel invite to @Hidden and @Sey with the specified parameters before grabbing his weapon and taking a few steps back to create space between their parties. The large countdown timer would begin ticking between then once the request was accepted and the battle would be underway once it was up. These final moments were all he had left to mentally prepare.


[ID: 87554 | LD: 6 | Turn order will be highest LD -> lowest LD]




  • 1035 HP
  • 104 Energy
  • 15 Base Damage
  • 101 Mitigation
  • 45 Battle Healing
  • 24 Holy Blessing
  • 6 Recovery
  • 5 Picking
  • 3 Evasion
  • 1 Search & Detect


  • Crusader MK II.......... // +6 Damage
  • Generic Armor MK.9...... // +3 Evasion
  • Remorse................. // +24 Holy Blessing | +6 Recovery


  • Two-Handed Straight Sword.| Rank 5
  • Light Armor...............| Rank 4
  • Battle Healing............| Rank 3
  • Energist..................| Rank 1
  • Search & Detect...........| Rank 1
  • Howl......................| No Ranks
  • Picking...................| No Ranks
  • Parry.....................| No Ranks

Extra Skills

  • Providence(Protector).....| Rank 3
  • Meditation................| Rank 0
  • Concentration.............| No Ranks
  • Survival..................| No Ranks

Skill Mods

  • Athletics
  • Dismantling
  • THSS Ferocity (Rank 5)
  • Justified Riposte


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(Sorry, Sey is a little muse broken)

As the duel invite was sent to her, she clicked accept, and her name was brought into the battle list. She mulled over her stats before closing it and preparing herself. She brought her dagger out of the sleeve of her cloak and turned it both ways before looking into the eyes of Seul. The cloak girl knew this was not going to be an easy fight and she was going to have to deal as much damage in the beginning as she could. She did not have Sneak Attack yet, meaning that the first hit was not guaranteed. If Seul was quick, than she would have trouble hitting throughout the entire match, and so would Sey. It would be a major disadvantage for the both of them. She looked up the the countdown timer. It had ticked to thirty seconds by now. Her plan was going to be charge him straight form the beginning and not give him the chance for the first attack. He would be quick, but she would have to be quicker. She would hit him with a flurry of unrelenting attacks and knock him off balance and then try to keep him there. An unbalanced players would be inaccurate until they regained balalnce.

87604 LD:17






Level 28
54 Energy
3 Accuracy
1 Evasion
12 Base Damage
36 Mitigation
1 Bleed
1 Paralyctic Venom
1 Phase
+1 LD
12 Hide Rating


     <<Shadow's Infection>> // +1 Phase, +1 Paralyctic Venom, +1 Bleed
<<Shadow of Dusk>> // +36 Mit, +1 EVA
<<Shadow's Light>> // +3 ACC
              <<Umbra>> // +6 DMG

Battle Ready Inventory
<<Shadow's Eye>> // +3 LD


One Handed Dagger | Rank 5: +4 DMG
Search and Detect | Rank 1: +1 LD
                      Sneak and Hide | Rank 1: +2 Stealth Rating
                                                        Gatherer | No Ranks: 4 Materials found instead of 1
      E Familiar - DMG | Rank 3 +6 DMG
                                                             E Survival | No Ranks: Immunity to Environmental Effects

Skill Mods


Edited by Hidden

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