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[floor 17- Rank 7] Legion's Apothecary

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He sits down at his station and takes a deep  calming breathe as he gets ready to set to work as he chugs a crafter's respite as he feels himself rejuvenated and ready to double the work effort that he usually does for all of this. Grabbing out all of his tier two mats he begins to craft up a storm ready to prep for himself the best items he could get for training and facing off against quest mobs that might be a bit out of his league ready to take more dangerous shortcuts to victory if need be. When he finishes he trashes half of the made potions and keeps the other half with a nod of his head at the success by the end. 'good enough. At least i have three perfects to sell now.'

#106308  CD:11+1=12 LD:20 +9 EXP 3 T3 Hp recovery +9 EXP -2  T2 mats

#106309 CD:6+1=7 LD:4 Not what i wanted +4 EXP -1 T1 mat

#106310 CD:10+1=11 LD:12 1 rare T2 HP recovery +6 EXP -1 T2 mats

#106311 CD:10+1=11 LD:13  2 T2 HP recovery +6 EXP -1 T2 mats

#106312 CD:8+1=9  LD:4 not what i wanted  +4 EXP -1 T1 mat

#106313 CD:1  FAIL +2 EXP -1 T1 mat

#106314 CD:9+1=10 LD:11 1 rare T2 Hp recovery  +6 EXP -1 T2 mats

Crafter's respite used (-3 T1 mats, -8 T2)

#106315 CD:4+1=5 LD:3 salvage fail +3 EXP -1 T1 mat

#106316 CD:8+1=9 LD:1 not what i wanted +4 EXP -1 T1 mat

#106317 CD:4+1=5 LD:4 salvage fail +3 EXP -1 T1 mat

#106318 CD:9+1=10 LD:20 3 rare T2 Overhealth potions  +6 EXP -2 mats

#106319 CD:7+1=8 LD:12 not what i wanted +4 EXP -1 T1 mat

#106320 CD:10+1=11  LD:18 3 rare T2 overhealth potions +6 EXP -2 mats

#106321 CD:5+1=6 LD:1 not what i wanted +4  -1 T1 mat

(-8 T1, -9 T2 mats)  +66 EXP

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He sits himself down and takes a calm breathe as he sits down at his crafting station ready to get to crafting for the day so he can get prepared for doing more later in the day when he was more awake at the very least. Rolling his shoulders he begins to work on his creations as he crafts up a storm ready to try and catch up to the other crafter's that have surely gotten ahead of him while he has taken his break and also due to the fact he has focused more so on combat rather than crafting mainly. When he finishes up his set for the morning he looks over his batch and nods his head with a small grin as he takes the only two actually good ones and stores the caffeinated energy for later crafting.

#106406  CD:11+1=12  perfect Crafting respite  +9 EXP -1 mat

#106407 CD:1  -1 mat +2

#106408 CD:5+1=6 LD:19 (uncommon unwanted) +4 EXP

#106409: CD:3+1=4 LD:11  +3 EXP -0 mat

#106410 CD:8+1=9 LD:12 (uncommon unwanted) +4 EXP -1 mat

#106411 CD:11+1=12 LD:9  perfect Crafting respite +9 EXP -1 mat

#106412 CD:2+1=3  LD:19  Salvage worked +3 EXP -0 mat

(+34 EXP, -5 T1 mats)

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Pinball strolled into the Legion's Apocethary, a flourish in his step. Strangely, he was in a good mood. Or maybe acting like he was in a good mood was getting to be the norm for him. Either way, there was a grin on his face as he greeted Mars at the door. "Honey, I'm home," he cried, closing the door behind him. He sauntered over to the counter, still smiling, and leaned forward, laying his face across the tabletop. "Do you have my stuff ready yet?" Pinball had, earlier, come in and hastily ordered a few things. He hadn't given any specific requirements as to what they look like or be named, but he had asked for three health potions and a Crafter's Respite. He didn't craft much anymore, but he knew it was nice to have - and with his luck, he was always going to need the healing items. 
So it was a pleasant surprise when Mars came out with three crystals, not the vials he had expected to be greeted by. "Oh my goodness," Pinball said dramatically, squishing his cheeks, "you do care!" Pinball laughed, snatched up his items, and paid for the items. He squirmed in place. "Mars cares," he kept telling himself, his humor bubbling up obnoxiously. Before he left, Pinball leaned over the counter to boop Mars on the nose. "You care,~" he squealed, and he pulled back his hand, running toward the door. "OkloveyouMarsseeyoulaterbye!


Name: Crystallized Healing
Your Profession: Alchemist
Your Rank: 6
ID: [#106308] [#106308-1] [#106308-2]
Roll: CD:11+1=12  LD:20
Item Type: Crystal
Tier: 2
Quality: perfect
Enhancement: Mass HP Recovery 
Description: A crystal that has the ability to heal once it is crushed within the palm of the user. 

[x1] Crafter's Respite 


4,050 Col 
12 T2 Mats 


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He sits down and prepares to raft himself up a storm to prepare for what he is going to expect is going to be the crafting orders as long as he is able to prepare ahead of time for the raid, and what he should expect from all of them by stockpiling and putting such things up for sale so he can have everything ready. here is to hoping i can take over as top Alchemist. He mutters softly ot himself as he quickly gets to work shooting for nothing less than perfection if he is able to do so as he gets to crafting all the potions he can drinking a shot of caffeine while doing so to make sure he is mentally ready during the process as he nods his head at the batch and sets most of them aside for himself.



#106478 CD:4+1=5 LD:2  +3 EXP -1 mat

#106479  CD:1  +2 EXP -1 mat

#106480 CD:9+1=10 LD:4  2 rare damage  +6 EXP -1 mat

#106481 CD:4+1=5 LD:8 +3 EXP -1 mat

#106482 CD:1 +2 exp -1 mat

#106483  CD:8+1=9 LD:20 +4 EXP -1 mat

#106484 CD:10+1=11 LD:16  2 rare MIT +6 EXP -1 mat

Crafting respite (1/2 used)

#106485 CD:7+1=8 LD:7 uncommon +4 EXP -1 mat

#106486 CD:4+1=5 LD:20 salvage woked +3 EXP -0 mat

#106487 CD:8+1=9 LD:14 uncommon -1 mat +4 EXP

#106488 CD:11+1=12 LD:16  2 perfect safeguards -1 mats +9 EXP

#106489 CD:4+1=5 LD:1 +3 EXP -1 mat

#106490 CD:7+1=8 LD:6  +4 exp -1 mat

#106491 CD:10+1=11 LD:13  2 rare damage -1 mat +6 EXP

Ranked up +1 more attempt

#106492 CD:9+1=10 LD:9  1 rare mit -1 mat +6 EXP

(-13 mats,  +65 EXP)



Edited by Mars

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He quickly sits himself down at his crafting table once more and gets to crafting up a storm wanting to improve himself as much as he can downing the caffeine that he makes halfway through the first batch as he than continues pushing through the rest with the quality having only downgraded the more he pushed himself to work as he sighs softly and just nods his head at that wiling to accept that for now since there isn't much he can do about that as he puts down his tools for crafting and than just takes the potions that are for him into his inventory and the ones for the raid and putting them out for display as possible things to buy to possibly entice the right customers.



#106583 CD:3+1=4 lD:5 salvage fail +3 EXP -1 mat

#106584 CD:1 +2 exp -1 mat

#106585 CD:8+1=9 LD:10  damage buff +6 EXP -1 mat

#106586 CD:11+1=12 LD:11 1 perfect crafter's respite +9 EXP

#106587 CD:11+1=12 LD:17 safeguards +9 EXP -1 mat

#106588 CD:9+1=10 LD:19 3 rare damage +6 EXP -1 mat

#106589 CD:8+1=9 1 rare damage +6 EXP -1 mat

#106590 CD:6+1=7  uncommon -1 mat +4 EXP

Crafter's being used  (45 EXP, -8 T1 mats)

#106593 CD:3+1=4 LD:16 salvage succes +3 EXP -0 mat

#106594 CD:10+1=11 LD:15 2 rare mit potions +6 EXP -1 mat

#106595 CD:5+1=6  +4 EXP -1 mat

#106596 CD:2+1=3 lD:14 salvage success +3 EXP -0 mat

#106597  CD:10+1=11 LD:10  1 rare mit potion +6 EXP -1 mat

#106598 CD:7+1=8 uncommon +4 EXP -1 mat

#106599 CD:5+1=6  +4 EXP -1 mat

#106600 CD:2+1=3 LD:17 success -0 mat +3 EXP

(-13 mats,  +78 EXP)



Edited by Mars

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It had been a long time since Sky had come into this shop. It was... well, similar to how it had been back then. He had gotten a crafters respite to help someone do his order. It had been pretty useful at the time, but now he was in need of something else. Walking into the alcemist's apothecary, he looked at the prices, wincing when he saw that he needed BOTH mats and col. He didn't have the mats though... But he might be able to get him some. 

"Hey mars, i'm in need of a mit and a damage potion. However, i can't actually pay your mat requirement. I'm about to go raiding for some col to build myself a guild hall, and hopefully i'l find some mats also. I'l give you a cut of any i get, as an IOU if you would let me pay with just col for now" He says as he looks at the alchemist. He wished that this deep pit inside him would just.... leave. He needed to sort out her death...

1 Perfect T1 DMG potion 1,100 Col paid


Name: Potion of Strength
Your Profession: Alchemist
Your Rank: 5
ID: [Leave Blank]
Roll: [Leave Blank]
Item Type: Potion
Tier: 1
Quality: Perfect
Enhancement: 3 DMG
Description: A potion that increases the strength of the consumer.

1 T2 perfect MIT potion - 1350 COl paid


Name: Ironskin
Your Profession: Alchemist
Your Rank: 5
ID: [Leave Blank]
Roll: [Leave Blank]
Item Type: Potion
Tier: 2
Quality: perfect
Enhancement: 3 Mit
Description: A potion that turns the drinkers skin to iron.


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He hears the door of his shop open as he would look towards that direction and find that it is the only man he knows of that would probably stick to martial arts after the changes to make katana better. The guild leader Stryder. He would raise an eyebrow at hearing the man's words and chuckle ever so slightly at them shaking his head slightly at that. Usually its the col that gets people. Well..people are usually Pinball before he did the whole turning orange thing. But i can provide damage and mitigation. You get me mats in the future i get you items now. If you ever want a partner on those little kill raids against mobs feel free to hire me i can handle creatures efficiently. He says with a air of utter confidence before taking the col to make the potions in question and begin to do some crafting in quite a long while. Which proves to show in the quality of his work as he looks upon what is just a mountain of failures. Walking back out into the shop area he would look towards the martial artist. I'll just send you a message when these get done. This was a botched batch.

#111308 CD:10+1=11  LD:9 rare +6 -1
#111309 CD:3+1=4 LD:3 salvage fal +3 -1
#111310 CD:1 fail -1 +2
#111311 CD:1 fail -1 +2
#111312 CD:2+1=3 LD:18 salvage works -0 +3
#111313 CD:6+1=7 LD:18 uncommon yield 2  +4 -1
#111314 CD:2+1=3 LD:3 salvage fail +3 -1
#111315 CD:4+1=5 LD:18 salvage work -0 +3

+26 EXP -6 mats T2 quality.

Edited by Mars

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Neo found her way to the shop without too much issue. It wasn't that most hidden place, though certainly not trying to be ostentatious. Once Mars had introduced himself, Neo just nodded towards him. She brought up her menu and sent a message towardsd him with her order on it. She also had a bit of an offer for him in an attempt to try and reduce some of her costs. She had just had her stock cleaned up quite a bit and wanted to have the chance to restock a bit before the raid started.


TO: Mars

    I'd like to order quite a few items. I can pay if you'd like, but I'm also willing to offer to go on the Herculean Labor quest with you as payment. We both stand to benefit from going on that and I'm fairly sure we can do it without too much difficulty. If not, let me know the total.


(Coordinated OOC to accept deal)

Ordering 20x Crafter's respite (Tier N/A) and 10x T3 Toxic Venom (all potions)


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Looking towards the pink haired girl that enters his shop he gives her a short small nod not bothering much with words since they would be lost or slow down the initial transaction at the very minimum. When receiving the message he would open it up and go through what is being asked for him to make and just nod his head not seeming at all perturbed by the idea of needing to make everything necessary for the order. I'll get to it shortly, and i'm fine with doing the herculean labor with you Neo. It'd make for some decent money and mat gaining for when i'm just idly crafting things, and would be able to fund your crafter's respite order quite well. Though i am curious why you need so many. have a lot of customer's these days, or is it some busy week or something? he asks the girl and waits for an answer before heading into the back to get to crafting up what is necessary with the base materials that he has at the moment with a bit of humming to himself to try and make time seemingly fly by faster.

#113070  CD:4+1=5 LD:13 (salvaged)  +3
#113071 CD:11+1=12 LD:5  (Toxic Venom T3)  +9
#113072 CD:12 LD:8 (Toxic Venom T3) +9
#113073 CD:7+1=8 LD:1 (uncommon) +4
#113074 CD:12 LD:10 (Toxic Venom T3) +9
#113075 CD:2+1=3 LD:14 salvage +3
#113076 CD:3+1=4 LD:15 salvaged +3
#113077 CD:5+1=6 LD:4 (uncommon) +4

+43 EXP, -2 T1, -3 T3

Edited by Mars

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With three day on the first day the black haired martial artist finds himself rather confident that things will go just as smoothly as last time as he begins to craft up a storm once more, and ends with rather disastrous results due to his exuberance. More so ruining the potions than making anything note worthy due to spending to much time trying to replicate his successes from the previous days. The potions just being sludge more so than anything useful except for one which matches the color and perfection of a normal vial of poison that he has made. Four down six to go. he says softly to himself as he sets down the vial next to the three others as he heads out of the shop to get to another day of combat.

#113146 CD:8+1=9 LD:15 +6 (rare +1 item)
#113147 CD:1 +2
#113148 CD:5+1=6 LD:3 +4
#113149 CD:1 +2
#113150 CD:8+1=9 LD:3 +6(rare)
#113151 CD:1 +2
#113152 CD:6+1=7 LD:12 +4
#113153 CD:12 LD:6  Toxic Venom T3 +9 EXP

4/10 toxic venom's

+35 EXP, -8 total mats (1 T3, 2 T1, 5 T2)

Edited by Mars

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After the previous four successes of at least getting them one time per day he continues trucking forward and begins to craft once more as he manages to get another success with some amount of luck on his part seemingly as he sets down the completed poison next to the four others as he finds himself halfway through to get to completing only a third of the order from the girl. 'I should get that order Stryder asked of me done at some point.' He thinks to himself in a small realization if he had done that or not yet. Not remembering for so, but feeling confident at the sametiem he did since the martial artist hadn't sent him a message about it.

#113293 CD:7+1=8 LD:19 Uncommon (+4) 3 items
#113294 CD:12 LD:10 +9 (perfect toxic venom)
#113295 CD:4+1=5 LD:2 (fail salvage) +3
#113296 CD:6+1=7 LD:12(uncommon) +4
#113297 CD:8+1=9 LD:1 (rare) +6
#113294 CD:2+1=3 LD:14 (salvaged) +3
#113295 CD:1 (failure) +2
#113300 CD:5+1=6 LD:7 Uncommon (+4)

5/10 toxic venoms

Edited by Mars

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Sitting down he begins the process once more and starts to craft up the storm once more to fulfill this order doing this more so on and off rather than consistently as he should be. Though that is to be expected when he is primarily more so focused on making sure that he can keep up in terms of levels. Focusing more so on strength rather than something like crafting when having the power is more valuable to him. Though he begins crafting once more taking his materials that he has and begins to attempt to craft the various poisonous potions that the rapier user had asked of him. Which by the end leaves him with only two left to craft which is rather good since it means he won't have to do much and can just focus on the crafter's afterwards.

#113507 CD:5 LD:11 +3 (salvage success)
#113508 CD:11+1=12 LD:13 (2 perfect toxic venom) +9 EXP
#113509 CD:4+1=5 LD:8 +3 (failed salvage)
#113510 CD:5+1=6 LD:5 (uncommon) +4 EXP
#113511 CD:9+1=10 LD:15 (rare 2 items) +6 EXP
#113512 CD:6+1=7 LD:3 (uncommon) +4 EXP
#113513 CD:10+1=11 LD:10 +6 EXP (rare)
#113514 CD:11+1=12 LD:9 (1 perfect) +9 EXP

8/10 perfect T3

Edited by Mars

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Sitting down to get to work he quickly picks up some of the materials that he has gathered throughout his time through doing various quests and grinding alongside Pinball and starts the crafting process. Focusing more so on the rejuvenation side of things instead of taking the more poisonous extracts he had gathered from various creatures whose drops for some reason had them for one reason or the other. Once completed he looks at and grins at seeing four potions of what he had been ordered and than just nods his head from having managed to get a fifth of that order done in terms of just that bulk order alone of needing twenty of these crafter's respites. Frontline business i guess. He mutters softly.

#113591 CD:10+1=11 LD:2 (rare) +6 EXP
#113592 CD:7+1=8 LD:16  (uncommon) +4 EXP
#113593 CD:3+1=4 LD:18 (salavte success) +3 EXP
#113594 CD:7+1=8 LD:10 (uncommon) +4 EXP
#113595 CD:12 LD:19  (3 crafter's respite) +9
#113596 CD:5+1=6 LD:12 Uncommon (+4)
#113597 CD:11+1=12 LD:7 (1 crafter's respite) +9
#114598 CD:2+1=3 LD:6 (+3) failed salvage

8/10 Toxic venom.  4/20 Crafter's respites.

Edited by Mars

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