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Just some questions.

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I am new here. I have had basic experience with several rp sites, and this one seemed interesting. So why not get into it? I looked over the rules, which were kind of confusing, but I think I get how to play. I do have a few questions about rules,  gameplay, etc. that I would appreciate if they were cleared up.

  1. Character Backstory: was SAO only released in Japan, or can I play an American character?
  2. It is stated that a character cannot have any connection to the canon characters (who do not exist, save Heathcliff.) However, is it possible that as part of my backstory I had a parent who worked on the NerveGear, but because they kept all information secret, I don't reap any benefit.
  3. During miscellaneous situations that incorporate luck (attack rolls, finding dungeons, ect.) it is stated that dice have to be rolled. Is this dice built into the SAORP, do I roll real dice, or use a seperate application? What command do I use to bring up the dice?
  4. As a beginning character who gets a free weapon/armor, what choices do I have? Is there a list of weapons and armor I can choose from, or do I make up my own? If I do make my own, how powerful can it be?
  5. SP can be spent to unlock skills, but it also determines player level. Do I effectively sacrifice XP levels to unlock new skills?
  6. Similar to Question 4 where I ask if there is a selection of weapons, is there a bestiary to pick monsters to encounter from?
  7. I want to make a DPS character. What would be a good choice of weapon for them? Attack clearly raises my overall attack power and therefore DPS, but there is also AoE so I don't pick off monsters one at a time, Energy, because some weapons are as fuel-efficient as a bonfire of printer paper (weird euphemism), and Stun, but would Stunlocking be a quality more favored by a Tank over a DPS? Tl;dr, what's a good, well-rounded weapon with an offensive lean?
  8. I noticed that more floors were added onto the game as players killed floor bosses. This is pretty cool, because it puts direction and purpose in the story, but once Aincrad is cleared is the RP Server pretty much dead?

That ended up way longer than I expected. But thank you for your patience in helping out a new player!

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I might be able to answer some of the questions.

1: Yes. In fact, my character's country of origin is the U.S.

3: When you make posts, at the bottom of the frame where you make the post has a button labeled "Perma Roller" which will add a tab with the site's dice roller.

4: Refer to the Tutorial section's Resource list for the possible weapon types, skills, enhancements and tiers. Same goes for armor.

5: Your level depends on Total SP, which is a combination of unused and used SP. Thus, when SP is invested into a skill, it does not affect the Total SP. However, only the unused SP can be invested into skills.

6: There isn't anything in the tutorials for a list of possible monsters/enemies, but there are floor indexes in the beginner floors and intermediate floors subforums which have a few examples for the floors' mobs.

7: Right now, You could go with either Two-handed Assault Spear, or complete the riskless quest <<Breaking the Unbreakable>> to go for Martial Arts(After getting your character's journal approved, of course).

You could ask the questions that I couldn't answer to a staff member if you'd like. All you would have to do is PM them. I might not be staff myself, but it feels right to help out new players!



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2. As long as you don't know nothing about the nervegear. And as long as you weren't a beta-tester of any sort i don't see a problem with it.

8. That is a loooongg ways away. We've been stuck on floor 21 supposedly for quite awhile (at least half a year since that is about where i joined) so the end of this is to far away as of current to even worry about an ending.


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I'll explain this as simply as I can.  For a beginner (lvl 1) player, you have a choice from a few special packs.  Each one depends on what role you wish to fulfill. (Basic, DPS, tank, support). Since you're looking towards DPS, I would guess that you would choose that.

As for Tiers.  Tiers are basically level caps for yourself and equipment.  You start at tier 1, and will stay there until you unlock tier 2, at lvl 25.  That continues until tier 3 at lvl 50.  There may be more as we unlock more floors.

Anyway, Tiers mostly set your maximum potential for equipment.  Tier 1 Damage is just (1*Tier) per slot.

Now I will talk about equipment quality and slots.  As you venture, you will come across various equipment.  Each one different than the last.  Though, all have something in common: quality.  An equipment item is based around five different qualities: Vanity (0), Uncommon (1), Rare (2), Perfect (3), and Demonic (4).  Notice that each quality has a number next to it.  That determines the amount of slots an item has.  Other than Demonic, all qualities can be created or found in the field.

Now, going back to that T1 Dmg (Tier 1 Damage).  If a T1 weapon that is Uncommon is slotted with Dmg, then it will have +1 Dmg for  attacks.

With me so far?

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Yes, that Rare T1 weapon would have +2 dmg, which would add to your Base 1 equaling 3 dmg.  If you have weapon skills, it will be more.

Quality =/= Tier

The tier will be the one that you discovered the item on.  That is to say, Tier 1, since you are just beginning.

Quality can change depending on how it was made/how it was found/or any upgrades made to it.  Upgrading quality is possible, but one must use a special item that one can get in a specific quest.  Unfortunately, one can not upgrade quality past Perfect (3), pretty much making that the max that most anyone can make / find.  Demonic (4) quality items are EXTREMELY RARE, to the point that one can only find one as Floor Boss drops, or event drops.  Some people still call these "Uniques", but that is mostly because they hold unique enhancements, but we can skip past that for now. 

Now there is something to understand: equipment and items do not shoot up in tier when you unlock the next tier.  Equipment are locked to the tier that they were found/created in.  So a Rare T1 Weapon will stay a T1 weapon, even when you unlock T2.  You will have to find a new weapon for the new tier, or better yet, have one made for you.  Of course, there are items that can upgrade Tier, but those are also VERY RARE.  Mostly event items, but still just as hard to get.

So for example:  That Rare T1 weapon with 2 can become a Perfect T1 weapon with 3 slots, with a special item. 

Items and the materials (mats) can be found within respective tiers upon that tiers floor range.

  • Tier 1 items and materials can be found on floors 1~10
  • Tier 2 can be found on floors 11~20
  • Tier 3 on floor 21 and on, once we unlock more floors.

The various shops can create the equipment/items that you need in.  Depending on the level of the shop owner, they can create nearly any item that they physically can.  They can create any quality (except Demonic) and in any tier.  The main problem with that is that you can't use an item that is outside your Tier level.  Just like any RPG that has level progression, equipment will come up with higher level requirements, but instead of levels, it requires a correct tier.

For example: You can use the Rare T1 weapon, but you get a new T2 weapon.  Unfortunately, you're still below the requisite level for T2, so you can't equip it.

I think I explained a little more than you asked, but are you still with me on this?

Edited by Hirru

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ANOTHER question. I promise I'll post my finished character soon...

  1. The "Weapon Skills"  "One-Handed Weapons" and "Two-Handed Weapons." They don't have an SP cost to unlock them like the other skills. Do they upgrade with player tier?
  2. Do you unlock sword arts as you increase in player tier?
  3. Anyone notice the "Martial Arts" sword art "Falcon Jab" doesn't have an energy cost?

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Weapon skills for one hand and two require SP like any other skill. In Ranks up to 5.

1- 5 SP

2- 8 SP

3- 10 SP

4-12 SP

5- 15 SP

You unlock sword arts as you get more ranks in weapons.  We fixed the falcon jab. It should be 12. If you wish to stay up to date with questions if you have a discord we have our own server where people can ask staff questions, and that was addressed as one of them. The appreciation for noticing if noted and would appreciate if you manage to catch any other little slip ups or contradictions to notify us since the staff appreciates fixing and clarifying as much as possible.

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