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[F01] <<Broken Vows>>

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<<Broken Vows>>
Recommended Level:  Any
Restrictions | Both Married Players Only
Quest Credit goes to @Itzal


"You've chosen to separate then?  I am sorry to hear that."  James Aria, the NPC who had helped the two players make their wedding plans, is very clearly saddened to see them leaving each other in the end.  "If that is the case then come along with me to finalize it.  You'll need to decide which items go to whom, however.  Once that's done we can pull out the papers."


  • Each player's Wedding Ring is lost
  • Each player receives 3,000 col as consolation


  • Sign the divorce papers


Players approach James Aria on the Floor One and talk with him about going through with a divorce. In order to do so, however, the priest must walk the two players through their stored items. Each item must be discussed as to whose inventory it will be stored in after the divorce.

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