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[F01] <<Making Vows>>

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<<Making Vows>>
Recommended Level: Any
Restrictions | At least the two marrying players
Quest Credit Goes To @Itzal

James Aria
Anime Priest.png

Upon approach, the priest greets you as normal. When he hears that you wish to be married he smiles warmly. "So you two wish to be married? That is wonderful to hear! We will need to discuss the details of your wedding such as location, the size of the wedding, food, as well as the wedding rings. I can also help you find someone to wed you, or I could do it myself if you'd like."



  • At least one [1] page (20 or more posts)
  • Required wedding details must be declared and taxes paid
  • Ring details must be declared


Players who wish to marry must first speak with the priest James Aria, who resides in the central cathedral of Floor One. James guides the players through the different topics that must be decided on before they can finalize, pay the taxes, and move on to prepare the wedding. It is encouraged that players RP writing their vows for one another in private, however, this is not a requirement.

Wedding Plans

The Thread Summary must include the following parameters for the couples' wedding: Location, PK access, number of guests, the option of providing stat-boosting food, wedding ring abilities, and the combined cost of all taxes. The total col owed must be paid to the @Banker account before the thread can be completed.

  • Private Wedding (no guests) 0 col
  • Small Wedding (Few invited guests, 1-5 additional players PP) 1,000 col
  • Medium Wedding (Invited guests, 1-10 additional players PP) 2,000 col
  • Large Wedding (Invite only/any number guests, PP/OP, player's decision) 3,000 col
  • PK Access:  1,500 col
  • Snack Table* (+1 food buff, Uncommon) 1,000 col
  • Feast Table* (+2 food buffs, Uncommon) 1,500 col
  • Banquet Table* (+3 food buffs, Uncommon) 2,250 col

*Players may select any Cook enhancements to apply, which must be declared in the Thread Summary. Any players who eats from an enhanced table receive the listed buff(s) for a single thread they participate in afterwards within 30 days of the wedding's closure. Threads that benefit from this buff must have been started after the wedding's thread begins, and players claiming a buff must declare these buffs with a link to the wedding thread in their first post. Wedding food buffs do not stack with other food buffs.

The Rings

Players can either purchase a basic gold band (1,500 col each) or a custom ring with any appearance they desire (2,000 col each). Ring choices (appearance and ability) do not have to be identical between the two players. Each ring has one ability which must be declared in the Thread Summary. The abilities will not be active until the couple completes the <<Saying Vows>> Quest. Wedding Rings do not take up an equipment slot. Ring abilities are only active when a player is in the same thread with their spouse.

  • Resolve: +(20*Tier) base health
  • Driven: +(5*Tier) base energy
  • Strong Will: +1 base damage
  • Resilient: +(4*Tier) base mitigation
  • Purity: (1) Safeguard Active at beginning of the thread (Cannot stack with Safeguard potion)
  • Affectionate: Transfer 5% of your max health to your spouse (1 post cooldown)

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