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[F01/11/21] «Nature's Treasure»

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Floor 1, 11, or 21
<<Nature's Treasure>>
Recommended Level: Any | Party Limit: None
Repeatable: Yes
Credit: @Itzal



  • The Materials Gathered


Marking the beginning of each tier (Floors 1, 11, 21, etc.), these levels of Aincrad in particular each seem to have various locations among the floors that are bursting at the seams with crafting materials. They are easier to find than other hunting grounds on comparable floors, with short respawn rates to make them the best locations to hunt for materials.

If the floor is vegetated, players can find a <<Garden>>. If there are a lot of buildings on the floor, players can find a <<Courtyard>>. If the floor is underground, players can find a <<Cavern>>. Many NPCs give away these farming locations, telling players about this amazing opportunity of extra materials, whether it be from plentiful monster drops or from the safer areas outside of town that make for easy, peaceful fishing and gathering.

Searching:  LD rolls of 11-14 give 1 material.  LD rolls of 15+ give 2 materials.  Gatherer skill is added to this roll as well.

Fishing:  Monsters and bosses never spawn.  Fishing receives no bonus materials.  CD 12s require a LD of 15+ (modifiers allowed) to fish up a treasure chest.  If 1-14, players receive 4 materials.

Treasure Chests:  LD of 1-3 does not result in a mimic, but drops (Floor * 25) col and one material.

Looting Mobs: Mobs that satisfy the loot minimum always drop (HP * 4) col and 1 material as default drops.


  • At least one [1] Page (20 or more posts)
  • Mobs MUST meet or exceed the loot minimum parameter.

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