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What do you want answered in the Podcast?

What do you want answered in the Saturday Podcast?  

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  1. 1. What do you want discussed or asked about in the upcoming Podcast?

    • Quests
    • Floors
    • Bosses
    • Enhancements
    • Front Line Status
    • Rules/Rule Changes and/or Updates
    • Minecraft Aincrad Server
    • Staff Work
    • Other (Please make a post to explain)

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Hello Aincradians!  Just letting you all know that there's a podcast coming up and we wanted to ask all of you what you wanted to hear in the podcast.  Well more accurately, anything you want discussed or answered.  There's a poll set up for you to select from, as well as an other button.  If you select the other category, please explain what you want discussed/answered.  We will not skip over anyone's votes or comments so don't be shy.  Anything you're curious, confused or excited about is perfectly fine with us!

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Quests: I'd like to general themes of upcoming quests, not necessarily details. The story hook, if you will. "We've got a quest coming up for an upper/lower floor where you fight giant sugar shaped like rabbits." Also, any changes being made to old quests, or if changes are being made to update old quests

Floors: I know you can't necessarily give details, but you could tease something about it. "The next floor has a snow theme, or a star wars theme, or it's going to have a heavy focus on cats." or maybe "Hey, we're working hard to get a couple floors ahead of the assault team, then we're gonna circle back and spend some time working on older stuff."

Bosses: We can't get details on up coming bosses, but it would be fun to talk about what staff learned from previous boss fights, or new mechanics they have been toying with. Don't go into numbers, but concepts. Or maybe talk about what they're trying to do to balance bosses. Off of the floor, but not to the highest level player, while still making them fun for everyone and not complete push overs.

Enhancements: Are we in a good place? What balance does staff still need to make? Or thinking about making? Or does staff want feedback from players on X, Y, or Z?

Frontline Status: This always seems to be an awkward part of the podcast. Rather than talking about how long the boss fight takes, let's talk about the boss fight itself? Hit some highlights, talk about what the boss is doing. Make it sound fun for the people who don't get to be a part of it. Maybe also talk about the newest floor, since we basically went straight from boss fight to boss fight, highlight the floor we're on, or the one we just left.

Rule/Rule changes/updates: I think this is pretty clear, but maybe go over the most recent patch if there was one.

Minecraft: I know nothing about this, so It'll be interesting to hear about :)

Staffwork: We don't necessarily need details, but knowing what the various projects are would be fun and help us anticipate what's coming.

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