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[F23] Ugzeke The Mighty

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Floor 23
<<Ugzeke The Mighty>>
Recommended Level: 35
Repeatable  | Party Limit: 4
Credit Goes to: @Hikoru


  • 2.500 Col
  • SP
  • Troll's Blood: A unique consumable that, when applied to a weapon, adds +2 DMG for the thread


  • Defeat Ugzeke
  • At least 1 page (20 posts)
  • Players receive -1 to all BD rolls due to lack of light in the Underdark (Unless Night Vision is activated or a Glow Stone is used)


A powerful enemy lurks in the shadows of the Underdark, causing the ever so stoic dark elves to shiver at the thought of it. Its groans could be heard echoing through the caverns surrounding the town, each step causing the ground to rumble the closer it gets. Despite the dark elves not trusting humans such as yourselves, they beckon you to go and find the beast and rid it before it finds a way into their town. At least, if you fail, they won't have to see you around anymore.


Image result for Troll fantasy club

[Note: Ugzeke receives his own separate roll from the player]

<<Ugzeke>> is a respawning field boss with the following statistics.

HP: 1,500
DMG: 200
MIT: 35
ACC: 2
EVA: 0


Ugzeke Smash!: On a CD roll of 10+, Ugzeke uses his large wooden club and smashes it on top of the player with the most hate, dealing 175 Damage and Stunning the player.

Ugzeke Mad!: When Ugzeke loses half of his health, his body overheats, his skin taking on more of a red color. His damage raises to 250, but loses 2 Accuracy

Ugzeke Confused?: If Ugzeke rolls a CD of 3 or below, he has no action, despite his roll as he has difficulty seeing his enemies, and thinks that they are just stone

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