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[F23] Search and Rescue

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<<Search and Rescue>>
This quest is Part 1 of <<Breaking the Chains>>

Floor 23

Recommended Level: 30
Non-Repeatable | Party Limit: 4

Credit: @Jomei



If Fonsa Dies

2 SP
750 col per player
Quest Line is locked, participating players cannot continue to Second part

If Fonsa is brought back alive

1 SP
600 col per player
Participating players may continue to << Escaping the Underdark>>


  • At least 1 page of RP content (20+ Posts)

  • Must role play taking the quest from Tythen  in the Underdark.

  • Players must roll the LD to find Fonsa, and pair with the CD to find the result (See table below)

  • If the roll requires it, players must fight off 2 Beastmen x players in party before being able to return to the Underdark.

  • If Fonsa is killed/has died, bring back her wedding ring as proof that she is no longer alive.

Summary:Image result for dark elf

The majority of the Dark Elves in Kalanaes could care less about your visit to the town, many of them flashing you dirty looks and scowles, simply hoping that would will not talk to them. One man, however shines you a different look, one of desperation and sorrow. Unlike the others who pass by without a word, he directly approaches you and asks for your help. He claims that his wife had gone off to war against the Forest Elves on the surface, and her failure to return only hinted that she would no longer be living. The man clings on to a small string of hope, however, and asks if you could travel to the surface and search through the Queen’s Tower  to find out if she still lives, or if she perished during the fighting.


Note: Tythen, nor any of the other Dark Elves, do not know of the destruction of the Queen’s Fortress and the land around it on the floor above. They speak as though the Tower still stands tall, and that the land is not scorched from battle. Upon returning, none will believe you if you tell them of the damage done.



  • After taking the quest from Tythen, you must travel to the surface to look for his wife, Fonsa, in the wreckage of the Queen’s Tower.
  • Players must take four (4)  posts combined exploring the wreckage, before they could start rolling to find Fonsa.
  • Players take turns rolling the LD, and will find Fonsa on a natural roll of 13+
  • Depending on the  Natural CD paired with the LD that finds her, the quest will produce different outcomes:

CD Roll


CD 1

Fonsa is found dead, defend yourself from Crazed Beastmen.

CD 2-3

Fonsa is found dead, no Crazed Beastmen to be seen. For now.

CD 4-7

Fonsa is found barely alive, fight off Crazed Beastmen and keep Fonsa alive. (3 Hits)

CD 8-11

Fonsa is found alive, fight off Crazed Beastmen and keep Fonsa alive. (4 Hits)

CD 12

Fonsa is found barely alive, no Crazed Beastmen to be fought.


<<Fonsa>> (Ally)

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EVA: 1

Fonsa’s armor and weapon are damaged beyond use, making her unable to fight or defend herself aside from trying to dodge the Beastmen’s attacks. (Does not require a roll)

Note: Fonsa can only take so many hits depending on the CD roll. On a roll of 4-7, Fonsa can only be hit 3 times before dying. On an 8-11, she can take 4 hits.








<<Crazed Beastman>>

Image result for beastmen

HP: 300


MIT: 20

<<Bloodthirst>> The Crazed Beastmen are returning to finish what they started. Fonsa will always have 1 Hate automatically generated for each Beastman.

<<Crazed Swing>> On a MD roll of 9-10 the Crazed Beastman will swing wildly, hitting every party member, including Fonsa. (players take numerical damage, Fonsa takes 1 hit) This attacks Deal 100 damage to players.

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