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[PP-F4] Did anyone said uniques? <<The Essence of Steal>>

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He tried not to be obviously greedy with how quickly he snatched up that sword. Through his masked visage, cold blue eyes took the weapon, almost mesmerized. Absolute Accuracy, he mused, turning the blade over in his hands. A plan began to hatch in his mind, one that might be able to capitalize on both his newfound weapon's presumable consistency and the burst-like damage output of his spear (loath as he was to even think about using the polearm). 
He nodded, giving the sword a small twirl with a flick of his wrist. The grip was a dark red leather, and the hilt and pommel was this almost deep gold. The blade itself was silvery and seemed to move as it passed through the air, bringing with it this almost water-like quality of fluidity in motion. 

Pinball had noticed Emerath's reveal out of the corner of his eye, and had largely tried to ignore his presence, though his beating heart must have been convinced the guy would somehow call him out for who he really was - though that was, obviously, unreasonable. Right? 
Pinball had unequipped his dagger and sheathed his new sword, effectively hooking it to his belt. He glanced over to Zandra, and then to the group of people after she announced her intentions. Pinball didn't want to stick around. 
So, when he thought it was right for them to discuss and just effectively be distracted amongst themselves, Pinball turned and slipped away, hoping beyond hope that he wouldn't be stopped - by guards or players alike. 

+[Uncommon 1HSS] Tyrfing: Absolute Accuracy (will edit desc when out of school)

<<Pinball Leaves the Thread>> 

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