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[F24] <<Raging Rhino>>

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Floor 24
<<Raging Rhino>>
Recommended Level: 40
Repeatable | Party Limit: 4
Credit Goes to @Hikoru and @Neopolitan


  • 5,000 Col
  • SP
  • Rhino's Horn [Consumable]: (Applied to a Weapon. When attacking, on the First Crit, the attack ignores 40% Mitigation of the target it's attacking. If it is an AoE it only applies to the first target hit, not all 4. If this item is stacked with a Phase Weapon, the 40% Phase ONLY affects Block instead of overall Mitigation.) [This Item drops Once Per thread]


  • Defeat Piasuhōn
  • At least 1 page (20 posts)


On Floor 24, respect is earned through combat in the Colosseum. People gather from all around to see people compete and fight against creatures big and small. Here, the people like bloodshed and the violence and gore that the Colosseum brings with it. The Chief of the people here wants to see if you can truly hold your own against one of the scariest creatures they have, Piasuhōn. Piasuhōn, or Piercing Horn, is one of the mightiest, and craziest, beasts they have available in the Colosseum. If you win, you earn fame and glory amongst the people and a large sum of money. But if you lose, The beast will devour you whole, and the people will forget your name as if it was nothing but a spec of dust under their boot. The choice is yours to make.


Image result for War Rhino fantasy


[Note:  receives his own separate roll from the player]

<<Piasuhōn>> is a respawning field boss with the following statistics.

HP: 1,100
DMG: 300
MIT: 50
ACC: 2
EVA: 2


Piercing Horn: When Piasuhōn crits, Piasuhōn's attack goes through armor easily, dealing 50% Phase, including block.

Trained Eye: Piasuhōn is able to land critical hits more easily. His Crit scale is 8-10 instead of 9-10

Pure Rage: When Piasuhōn's health reached 550, he is overcome by a fit of rage, aiming to kill. He gains +100 Damage to his base attack but loses 1 Accuracy in his blind rage

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