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[F13] <<Cleansing the Corruption>>

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Floor 13
<<Cleansing the Corruption>>
Credit goes to @Morgenstern
Recommended Level:  35+
Repeatable | 4 players max



  • SP -First time Only-
  • 8,000 col each -2000 Col for repeats-
  • Rune of Cain - A smooth stone rune inscribed with the Mark of Cain. Must be T2+ to use. 
    • Deals 50 Thorns DMG to anything that deals a critical hit against the user. Lasts for one thread. Ignores passive abilities that would otherwise negate this effect.
  • Last Hit Reward from Boss. May obtain drops multiple times from each boss. 
  • 3,000 Extra Col + extra possible rewards if Long Route is Taken


  • Must Roleplay speaking a receiving the request from Miraak the Priest. 
  • Must Roleplay and fight through the desolate wastelands of F13. 
    • Fight 4 Loot Minimum "Diseased Ones" per player
  • Roleplay entering Demon's End.
  • Complete either option Route. Short or Long Route
  • Roll the dice to find which Boss to fight (Unaffected by LD bonuses)
    • LD:1-5 - Famine
    • LD:6-10 - War
    • LD:11-15 - Death
    • LD:16-20 - Pestilence
  • Defeat Boss and Roleplay the ending.
  • Don't Let Miraak's HP reach 1 or Quest is failed. 


Image result for Last of us world

After the Fallen Event, Miraak is found outside the inaccessible chapel if this specific quest is taken. After being confronted, he explains to the players, "I require your assistance. Some time ago when I was under Artamiel's influence, I placed a powerful seal of corruption in what once was the largest city of this world. I understand now that it must be destroyed if we plan to put an end to the Corruption of this world. It seems that the Angel's power didn't lift it and we require to remove it directly" Once the player accepts, another Health Bar will appear under the party leader's with the username Miraak. He will give the player time to prepare before setting out into the desolate floor. 

After the players and Miraak make their way through the wasteland and arrive at Demon's End he will explain to them that they have two options. They could either charge straight ahead to the problem at hand, or make their way around, searching for anything not destroyed by the corruption. 

Once the players reach the center of town, they will find their way to the largest building in the city. He will lead them to a side entrance where he will use his magic to temporarily lift the rubble blocking the door. Once inside, players will find themselves in a very large open room where everything has been thrashed. A malevolent aura rests within the room, even though none of the diseased are inside. Miraak, who is shaking, tells you to stay put as he moves to the center of the room. He kneels to the floor to examine a large red glowing seal that covers the center of the floor, a circle with a 10 meter diameter. As soon as he goes to use an incantation to remove it, it explodes, throwing Miraak back to your side. While Miraak appears okay, a shadowy figure now stands in the center of the room. Miraak will gasp as he says the name of the being, sounding frightened. 

After the boss has been defeated, instead of shattering, it will crumble to dust and float away in the air, any remaining Diseased will flee. Miraak will take one last look at the seal before turning to the players. "I am afraid there is nothing to be done. I set this powerful seal, but it has been festering here ever since, growing in strength. While I believe it is at its limit and will progress no further, there is nothing we can do with it. It would be best to leave and never return. While we may have defeated it, it will simply return. Famine, War, Death, and Pestilence will always remain. I am afraid to say there is nothing we can do, it would be best to return. Come, place your hand upon me and I will return us to Angel's Point" Miraak will wait until each player places a hand on him, and once done so shall teleport all of them to Angel's Point. 

Failed Ending
As Miraak's HP would normally fall to zero, a white light flashes and it remains with a sliver of health. He looks to the players that fight with him, worry in his eyes. He looks to them and says, "Sorry, but we must retreat." He raises his staff and slams it into the ground, each of the players being engulfed in a blue light. When the light fades, they are in front of the chapel in angel's point. "I am afraid each of us were unprepared. Now that we know what we are up against, we should take time and prepare for another excursion some other time" With that, Miraak would turn and leave, entering the inaccessible chapel. 

After reaching Demon's End, a player may decide from one of two routes. Short, and Long Route. 



The players decide to keep the short but quick route and Miraak will nod. "It is best to not waste, but make haste" You will take the road straight ahead. Going on this route, there will be less Diseased encounter, but less rewards. 

-Going on this route, players must fight 4x Diseased Ones with Loot Minimum or Max Floor stats (Whichever is lower). X = the number of players.

Long Route


Deciding on the Longer way around Miraak will nod. "I too am curious about what remains after the corruption. Little is known of the diseased ones, so I wonder if they left much" Taking the longer route, players must fight more diseased ones, but receive more col and the potential for better items... at a certain risk. 

Before anything else players must fight 8x Diseased Ones with Loot Minimum or Max Floor stats (Whichever is lower). X = the number of players.

Party Leader may make a roll,depending on the CD they might find additional Col or Unique Item. 

CD:1 ~ Incarnation of Greed is Found and must be destroyed to proceed. 
CD:2-10 ~ Nothing
CD:11-12, BD:1-9 ~ Additional 5,000 Col
CD:11-12, BD:10 ~ x1 T2 Weapon of Choice - Corrupted Justice - 2 DMG, 1 Fallen


Incarnation of Greed
As it appears before the player, Miraak will look at it and gasp. "Careful! This being is very powerful and is known as the Incarnation of Greed. Unless you believe yourself strong enough, it would be best to avoid this fight and retreat now!" If the player insists on staying a grumbling voice would be heard. "You are here for the rewards, are you not? They are much more significant than the worth of your own lives" 
Receives its own Roll
HP: 2000
DMG: 300
MIT: 50
ACC: 3
Incarnation of Greed(Passive) - Heals itself for 50 HP if it lands a successful hit. Passively restores HP equal to all players added up Battle healing. 
Spite of Greed - On a BD:9-10, it sends a blast of pure energy, hitting the player for full damage, ignoring Mitigation. 
Sin's Destruction - On a CD:11-12, Incarnation of Greed will send a blast wave to hit all players. Deals 50*Hate Unmitigatable DMG. Takes priority over Spite of Greed. 

Last Hit Reward

LD:1-21, 10,000 Col
LD:22+ - Greed's Spite - T2 Weapon of Choice - Phase, ACC, ACC (Can Only be obtained once per player)


Image result for priest fate stay night

A support to the players within the quest aiding them. His purpose is to help cleanse the corruption of the world to atone for the Sins he had previously made. He is found to be wielding a staff with a golden cross at the top of it. He is kind and patient, but quite cocky when it comes to a normal battle. 


  • If a player mentions the Fallen Event or attacking players, he will bow his head and apologize. Afterwards, he will say he has learned an grown from those past mistakes. 
  • If a player mentions doing the quest previously with him on repeat runs, he will have no memory of doing so and frown at the player. 
    • For RP purposes, Miraak will have no reaction to anything given to him in terms of information about the quest. 
  • If a player were to attack him, he would say that he forgives them and teleport out. He can dodge any attack at him by a player. 

800 HP
50 MIT

CD:1-3, Heals the player (Or himself) with the lowest HP% for 200 HP
CD:4-6, Heals all players in party, including himself for 100 HP.
CD:7-9, Increases all players in party's DMG by 2 for 2 Turns. 
CD:10-11, Removes all status effects from players in the party and himself. 
CD:12, Uses Lord's Light - An AOE attack that hits all enemies with a wave of light, dealing 300 unmitigatable DMG. 

Passive Abilities
Lord's Protection - HP can not drop below 1 ~ Will Teleport out and quest will fail if this happens. 
Holy Breath - On a BD:9-10, whatever action used, it doubles its effect. CD:1-3 will heal player for 400 HP instead of 200. Etc, etc. 
Silent Night - If all players in party are in stealth, Miraak will shroud himself in magic, making him unable to be seen until a player comes out of hiding.  


Boss Fights




Related image
One of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse. It is the living incarnation of starvation and scarcity. Its only purpose is to spread famine and starve out humanity. Its very aura seems to drain players of all additional help. It fights players with a spear as dark as night. 
Receives its own Roll
HP: 1500
Famine (Passive) - Buffs are made Ineffective for this battle, this includes Sharpness and Barrier but doesn't include buffs granted by Miraak. Debuffs still work.
Corruption (Passive) Will always deal at least 100 DMG after MIT
Devil's Pierce: On a MD:9-10, deals double damage. 
Hell Blast: On a CD:10-12, Blasts a black wave of energy, hitting all players in the room. Deals 300 DMG to all players and Miraak. 2 Turn Cooldown. 

Last Hit Reward:
Song of Famine - T2 Debuff Song. Decreases a single targets ACC and EVA by 2 for Four turns. 



Image result for war the demonic paradise
One of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse. It is the living carnation of war and bloodshed. Its only purpose is to spread its violence on humanity. Its violent tendencies sometimes allow it to make multiple actions. It fights players with a Two-Handed sword as cold as night.
Receives its own Roll
HP: 2000
MIT: 75
War (Passive) -  On a CD:10-12, Receives another Attack. Can only activate once per turn. This CD is determined on his first attack's roll. 
Corruption (Passive) - Will always deal at least 100 DMG after MIT. 
Cleave(Passive) - Hits main target for normal damage and every other player and Miraak for half of that damage. Attacks not against main target don't receive additional ACC. Each part of Cleave uses the same MD determined from main attack.
Devils Smite - Will deal an extra 100 DMG on MD:9-10. 

Last Hit Reward: 
T2 Crystal - Bloodcrystal of War: +4 DMG, -20* Player's Tier Mitigation



Related image
One of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse. It is the living carnation of Death. Its only purpose is wipe out humanity as it is own. Its very presence prevents the creation of life and healing. It fights players with a scythe as eerie as a crow.

Receives its own Roll
DMG: 175 Unmitigatable DMG
MIT: 25
Death (Passive) - After hitting an opponent, the opponents current HP becomes its Temporary Max HP until the battle is over. 
Battle Killing (Passive) - Players don't receive Battle Healing and take half of their Battle healing as DMG every turn. Emergency Recovery is ineffective.
Devil's Sweep - Attacks with an AOE on a MD:9-10. Does not have to roll again for attacking other party members or Miraak. 

Last Hit Reward:
Death's Song ~ T2 Debuff Song - Target is unable to heal for the next two turns. Includes, Battle Healing. Can be removed by Purify. Doesn't affect Floor/Event Bosses. 



Related image
One of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse. It is the living carnation of plague. Its only purpose is to spread disease and the corruption. It constantly lands status effects to all. It fights players with diseased arrows that it repeatedly uses to sprout arrows into its opponents chest. 

Receives its own Roll
HP: 1,750
MIT: 50
DMG: 200
Pestilence (Passive) - On any landed hit, add a Blight effect dealing 24 DMG for the next three turns. These effects don't refresh but stack up to 3 effects in total. After reaching 3, it will refresh the oldest effect.
Corruption (Passive) - Will always deal at least 50 DMG after mitigation
Cleave (Passive) - Hits main target for normal damage and every other player and Miraak for half of that damage. Attacks not against main target don't receive additional ACC. Each part of Cleave uses the same MD determined from main attack.
Call of Corruption On CD:11-12, Will summon forth 2 Diseased Ones with the same stats as previously. Will attack afterward using the same roll.
Disease: On MD:9-10, Deal 100 Extra DMG, and apply two Blight effects instead of one. 

Last Hit Reward:

Essence of Corruption - Adds a Blight effect to a weapon for one thread. (36 DMG for 2 turn on a BD:9-10)

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