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New player looking to find a new way to let off some steam.

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Hi, I'm Lily.

I've been under some overwhelming stress lately and I absolutely need to find myself a creative outlet. In kind of a low point of mental health atm. Games just aren't filling that void and there's really nothing open in the world to do, besides roller skating, but that's become an issue pursuing due to waiting times on skates atm.

So here I am. I know the intro is atypically depressing, but I'm here to work on it. Hoping that I can find some new life or passion here in roleplaying. I used to do it in my high school years on another site for a different series, but haven't really touched on it in the 7 years since. Hopefully I haven't lost too much on my touch.

Thanks for having me.

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Gladly, welcome aboard.

If you can grab our Dischord and seek out a thread buddy. We are all pretty chill and everyone here is ready to give you hand should you need it.

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