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Magic the Gathering Anyone?

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Anyone here into Magic: The Gathering besides me? I think next week I may attempt to go to a Friday Night Magic game, but I don't know if I will be able to make it. FNM. Stores host them. Anyways, just downloading the online game.

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Stopped a year ago... I used to have an Azorius deck and had a killer combo if I was able to pull it off. It included the emblem from Venser where you exile a permament when you use a spell (so basically almost everything in the game), into the void (return a creature from the field to the player's hand), and archeomancer (get instant/sorcery from the graveyard or whatever it's called to your hand).

Basically this is the combo that would go: get the emblem, already have into the void used, use archeomancer, get into the void back, use it to get archeomancer back, use archeomancer, get into the void back...

I got people pissed off at the combo...

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Me and some of my IRL friends play it from time to time.... i've got a sick Minotaur deck that a friend gave me that is about nothing but attack in numbers! I would love to get the online game.... if I had the money to buy it xD


Yah, just realized you had to pay.......XD

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Rui    0

My friends and I play all the time between classes. I have a ton of decks, all just casual though. Sometimes we go places, but mtg is too expensive to play standard. Used to play right up until Worldwake when everyone started dropping hundreds on decks for Mind Sculptors and the kor forge chick, and I don't think it's stopped being that since then. Sealed events are super fun though, especially if they give packs per win and stuff like that. Pay 25$ for 6 packs worth and walk out with 3-5 extra packs easy. Watched my friend pull a Narset just last Friday from bonus packs-- super fun.


Currently thinking of making a Tiny Leaders deck, one with a Tyramet commander, and maybe another with Eight-and-a-Half-Tails. I thought of one with that card Jaya and just 49 mountains in the deck. Would be a kind of ridiculous idea but we'll see. Trying to convince my friends to develop a small "Un" set just between us over the summer. Wonder what kind of silly mechanics they'd come up with. x3



Edit: my favorite deck is my snake deck I've been building up since Alara. It's centered around Lorescale Coatl and has cool friends like Winged Coatl and River Boa and cool cards like Snake Umbra and Brainstorms.. Fantastic stuff. Sucks that it wins so much cause I want me friends to win too, so I don't play it unless I'm playing a standard jerk, haha.

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I've also played MTG off an on, most recently during when the Innistrad Block was standard. Went to the pre-release event here for Dark Ascension I managed to pull from my packs:

Feed the Pack (sac a non-token creature and get X 2/2 wolf tokens, X = sac'd creature toughness)
Parallel Lives (Whenever you make tokens, double that number)
Tree of Redemption 0/11 (Tap: swap your life point total with ToR's toughness)

I also had a generic creature bounce back from the graveyard card, don't recall which one.

Only got the combo pulled off once, but I dropped Feed the Pack and Parallel Lives. Then dropped Tree of Redemption, used its tap ability to make it a 0/18. Sac'd Tree of Life for 32 2/2 Wolf Tokens then Bounced the Tree back to my hand from graveyard. Turn 2, dropped the tree again then sac'd it for 22 more 2/2 wolf tokens. Turn three, swung with 54 wolves. It was highly amusing.

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One long time ago I too played Magic The Gathering.

The combo's to talk about:

Green/White Deck: Sanctuary - Enchantment (As long as it was on the field you could not go below 1 hp), Sanctuary Guardian - Monster (If Sanctuary is in play, it cannot be the target of spells or abilities), Whispersilk Cloak - Equipment (Equipped creature could not be the target of spells or abilities), Taboo - Enhance Aura (Enhanced card could not be the target of spells or abilities. While this was on the field I'd have Reya Dawnbriger (At the beginning of your upkeep bring a monster from your graveyard directly into player then played a second whispersilk cloak on her. All with 4 mana because Elvish Piper is OP.

Blue/Black Deck Destroyer: I forget the name of the cards. But 2 Enchantments in play. One that would deal damage to the opposing player for any cards that were placed in their graveyard, and the other that at the start of their turn they take the top card on their deck then put it in their graveyard. Then hit them for 30 damage by using my card that made them take the top half of their deck and put it in the graveyard. Then nothing but counter's, unsummons, and destroy target non-black creature cards.

Green/Black Creature Killer: Nothing is funnier than a 1/1 Beast with Death Touch, First Strike, and All monsters than can block this must do so. Free Enemy Monster Board Clear ftw.

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On 11/1/2015, 5:20:46, Rag said:

+ I love magic. Have only been playing a couple of months but it's so fun.

I wish you lived somewhere in Kansas near me so I actually have someone to play with with the $150+ I've already spent on the game and not found anyone to play with.... :(


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