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  1. I didn't see a post for this so I thought I'd make one. I'm pretty excited for this. I've started reading the light novels for progressive and am interested in the direction they will take the movie. There's a lot of light novel material so I'm wondering if there'll be sequels to truly expand the Aincrad arc. What are your thoughts?
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    Long time

    Hey everyone, I figured I'd re-introduce myself since it's been six years since I've role played on here. While I don't think I will actively participate in the role play this time, I think I'll actively post in the forums in the other categories. I love reading role plays and I have a love/hate relationship with the Sword Art Online series. I'm mainly in love with the concepts but I am not very fond of some of the arcs. That doesn't stop me from watching/reading the material though. I suppose I should start how I stumbled back to the forums and found out I was a registered user. I was looking for well thought out systems that incorporate numbers. I was browsing through several different types of Sword Art Online role plays, looking for something different. I was delighted to find there was a system here and I started reading. I then thought to make an account and found out I've been here before, six years previously to be exact. And here I am! And now, to share a little bit about myself: I had gone through the AMT (Aviation Maintenance Technician) program and graduated but upon graduation I have had a change of heart. I decided to pick up accounting and am returning to school for that but with that there are several complications. The pandemic has kind of changed my life quite a bit so I find myself sort of stuck in limbo working on school assignments and researching mundane stuff (like role playing systems that involves numbers). Besides school, I am also learning to improve my mathematical skills and programming. Math because it's something that I feel I can always improve on and programming because its increasingly becoming in demand that people who manage/manipulate data have a surface to intermediate level of understanding of it. Besides that, I am an avid gamer and I've done other activities such as dancing and martial arts. I don't really keep up with dancing or martial arts anymore but I probably should look into something to stay in better shape. The games I play range from competitive FPS titles (Val, CSGO, Apex Legends) to RPG titles. I've played titles as old as Final Fantasy I to something as new as the Final Fantasy VII: Remake. Although, my RPG experiences are not limited to SquareEnix titles but those are the main ones that I know people would really pick up on. Yup, that's pretty much all there is to me. I hope to interact with y'all through Discord or the Off-Topic forums. Keep clearing floors so I can keep reading. P.S.: I like sharks.
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    Ham the Honeyglazed

    Ham Username: Ham Real name: Jimmy B Age: 26 Gender: Male Height: 5' 10" About: Jimmy is a very calculating person and by profession has become very methodical. He's an Aviation Maintenance Technician whose happened to be stationed in Japan when Sword Art Online was released. He specializes in Avionics which is commonly known as a "Sparkchaser" by people in his line of work. Avionics deals with a lot of wiring and computer components of aircraft. Besides gaming this was his favorite thing to do -- work on flying aircraft that operated on "PFM" as people in his industry like to joke. Jimmy was an avid gamer ever since he was young and was accustomed to the computer-based games with mouse and keyboards. Hailing from other MMORPG's, Jimmy was no stranger to different game mechanics and systems that were out there but all of this was becoming routine. The announcement of Nervegear, the first generation of FullDive technology made by Kayaba Akihiko made waves in the gaming community. From that point on, Jimmy was anticipating what it'd be like to be fully immersed into a game. This is what prompted him to take the job in Japan even if it paid less than what he was used to. It'd all be worth it but sadly he missed the closed beta test and had to wait until the game's first launch happened. Growing up Jimmy was usually open to making new friends but his open attitude differed from what he felt inside: alone. Maybe one of the reasons why he was so friendly to people was because he knew what it felt like to be alone. He was never good at introspection but this seemed like a solid analysis. He wasn't big on "big" groups and preferred to be part of smaller operations. If a big group was necessary than he would be a part of the smaller operation that worked side by side with a bigger group. While Jimmy may not agree, he is very emotional. His mood doesn't swing up and down but he has been known to exhibit sorrow and anger alike depending on the situation presented. He doesn't have the ability to conceal his feelings too well and often takes the straight path by being blunt. He feels this erases any confusion in communication and often is better to know what you're getting into beforehand than to find out later down the road. Due to this, he expects the same out of other people -- he expects honesty but he knows deep down inside that this expectation will not always be realized and has created a way to assess someone's character based on their words which often leads to wrongful assumptions but occasionally when a person exhibits great character he often is right. Virtues Accountability. Bolstered by being an AMT, Jimmy strongly holds himself accountable for many things. Often times, he feels responsible for things that are not in his control but are indirectly related to him. Like a time where he was in a party and they got ambushed by thieves who ended up taking all their items. Thankfully, it was just that and not something that was more permanent. Even though, it wasn't Jimmy's fault, he felt an overwhelming sense of responsibility for this. For the most part, Jimmy can accurately take responsibility for things that are in his control. Diligence. Jimmy has a great attention for details. He often prides himself on it because he catches things many other people don't. He doesn't push this on other players but instead uses it to help him figure out complicated situations. Even in the game, Jimmy is careful to interpret the situations within their contexts and even identifying small changes in attack patterns mobs. He's quick to note weapons, equipment, and items that players or monsters may have in their possession. Compassion. Jimmy is used to feeling alone but craves other people's company. Being so far from home, and with no friends in this foreign land this has been an incredibly difficult time for him. Knowing this feeling has given him great compassion to other players and has pushed him to celebrate friendship where he can and in doing so he hopes to alleviate some of the despair many of the player base has been feeling. He knows because he has been there and he feels if there's any chance of improving people's disposition in the game, it'd be through meaningful friendships. Flaws Blunt. Bluntness is Jimmy's way of cutting through the politics or mind games that people play on each other when they first meet or to assess someone's character. While it's important to get to know someone fully before trusting them, he always felt that people have a tendency to make other people jump through unrealistic hoops just to satisfy their assessments. By being blunt, he cuts all of that crap and delivers himself as he is. Stubborn. Hardheaded. Stubborn as a mule. Thick-skulled. These are all descriptions Jimmy has heard before but he never felt that these descriptions were wrong. When he wanted to do something, he'd find a way to get it done. he'd observe his moral compass in the pursuit of these things but in some way or form he'd find a way. Too bad it doesn't end there. If he feels he is right about something, it is hard for anyone to convince him otherwise. These disputes can often be petty if Jimmy feels they are important matters to make a stand on and has led people to call him those names. Nosy. Jimmy has always been a meddler of people's affairs. Even before SAO, he has a tendency to find himself in the middle of people's drama. In a way, he felt that he could help find some common ground between people or help alleviate tension between two parties but it never works out that way. He gets dragged too far in and there are times he catches the backlash from being too meddlesome. Ham 2: Profession: Undecided Skills Current Skill Points [0/2] Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills : » Two-Handed Assault Spear: (Rank: 1) » The effectiveness with which a player can use two-handed piercing type polearms. (Example: Warspear, Lance) Inventory Weapons/Tools: » Basic Spear [2H}: Your basic spear with the point at the end and a long red feather for decoration. » Black Cloth Jacket » Beginner clothes matching F1's theme (medieval); mixture of a dark green/olive drab, tans, and dull white colors. Roleplays » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress (no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time) Relationships » Story Thus Far » If interested, ask me about the two drawn pictures and I'll explain. The picture of me is pretty self-explanatory.