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  1. Valentine gave a nod but his eyes never left the boss. “I appreciate it but if we die then neither of us did our jobs very well.” Valentine could be considered a lot of things by a lot of people. The one thing he could never be called was a coward. Would strategic retreat be smart under circumstances? Yes, if the situation calls for it live to fight another day. It did not mean he would abandon people. The Moss people were never cowards. “Let’s get this show on the road. Sherry ready to play.” The cobra flicked her tongue. She could be a blood thirsty little minx. Valentine started off wi
  2. Valentine felt a headache coming along. As a change of pace he was recently assigned to help some underleveled players on the ninth floor. His purify skill allowed him to deal with any burns that some of the players may get. How was he supposed to know they had the combat sense of a butterknife. The heat was not helping as it made him irritable. He was used to dry desert heat that makes one wish for water. Not the unholy rivers of lava. It did make him wonder if this was what the Christian people at his boarding school envisioned hell to look like. “Look! Just because I can heal you does
  3. Valentine let the snow pile up on his head as he sat on his porch. Watching the flurry of snow on the floor was a bittersweet feeling. It had a beauty inside of it that was intoxicating and cold. It was a great view that felt foreign to him. If Valentine knew the break up would happen. He would have built the estate on a floor of his preference. “Let’s go out for a bit. I do not want to stay in the big empty house alone.” Valentine was talking to his lovely companion Sherry. The albino cobra nodded as if to agree. She hated the cold more than he did. Valentine could tell it was painful fo
  4. Valentine managed to clean up the room in his estate. Having the place alone left a lot to be desired. He found the overall change in Aincrad made it easier for him to focus on other things. Not the fact that his life was falling apart. A notification on his hud caught his eye. Valentine gave a nod before sending his response message. Valentine found himself back on floor 19. Even with a good memory it did him no good. The floors changed a lot more than he remembered. Before it was just a straight walk, this time he was heading in the same direction. “Sherry. I do not remember this Bas
  5. Valentine gave a nod of satisfaction as he narrowly avoided tripping. He could agree with the little one's sentiment. Getting out of the fame was a driving motivation for a lot of players. If it was not such a death entitled game no one would mind staying. “It is a good goal to have. Also, not everyone can just join a guild. You have to find one that fits you. Not saying my guild is not good. We have a whole cast of colorful people.” The climb was not as bad as he was expecting. Maybe it was because his virtual body was in a lot better shape. “Watch your step. The ground looks a
  6. “Sherry. You could not possibly do anything to help the odds of me catching more fish?" His white cobra familiar came out of his sigil. The white mist condensing into her stand form. The snake shook her head side to side, as if she was saying no. Valentine was unsure as he could not speak to the snake. He was sure the little lady was giving him a condescending look. If a snake was capable of doing such a thing. Valentine felt his lip twitch. He averted his gaze from his snake as he felt his virtual blood pressure rise. At times he felt like the AI for his familiar was too advanced. It was
  7. Looking back on the relationship Val could not help but wonder as to where it went wrong. Was it because he was so weak Grimm could not stand the sight of him? Grimm was the second person Valentine had ever dated. As the young master with good looks and billions of dollars he was never lacking for suitors. Sage was the only one that caught his eye. After the man died Grimm was the second man able to accomplish such a feat. Valentine was getting lost in the sauce as the kids say. His mind was not coping too well. It was only because of his reaction time that he pulled back when he felt a n
  8. “Pleased to meet you Ethereal.” Valentine gave the girl a pleasant smile as he climbed. He did not mind how softly spoken she was. He assumed it was just because she was weak. Exercising caution was a decent trait for survival. “I am here to collect information for my guild. A lot of us have to go to lower floors to do it. It is easier for us to collect some information, to lower the chances of lower level players dying.” The mountain was less of an arduous task with someone to talk to. Being the lead in speaking was not a difficult task for him. His elite school business degree came wit
  9. Valentine took a recording crystal out of his bag. He found it easier to remain zen and focus on the task at hand as long as he had music. It was a blessing that none of his recording crystals took a hit when it came to the update. He decided it was time to play a good melancholy song. It would match the sadness in his heart from being dumped by his boyfriend. He did so much for the relationship to end. “I wonder if I should ever try to move floors. I like the place but the cold bothers Sherry.” His line did not move. It was a sad thing that he could not even fish up the bare minimum of w
  10. Valentine was having a good time. Sipping tea as he processed information on various quests. The system reboot gave him more work than he was used to. It was a pain in the butt that so many things just shifted. A pleasant voice alerted him to her presence. It was a young person he could only describe as a doll-like girl. If her skin tone was darker his mom would adopt her. She could have easily been the favorite child. “Yeah. I can take a look at it.” Valentine moved to check out the quest in question. It was one of the quests that he would have to complete for his knife skills. He figure
  11. Valentine was about to put his line back in the water when he felt a disturbance in the force. The disturbance was a loud splash of water that caught his attention. A baby looking crocodile popped out of the water. It was actually pretty cute in an odd reptilian way. It gazed at Valentine with warm eyes. Then rushed over like a deadbeat ex that needs money from you. Valentine flourished his blade. He started to use a sword art from the sitting position. The babydile was already lower to the ground. His knife slid into the belly with ease. The babydile stood no chance as the life drained f
  12. “This quest was remarkably easy. I may as well waste some time since I have such good bait.” Valentine threw the line back in. He figured anything else he kept out could be kept by him. As long as he met the quest objectives he believed he was good. The hook sunk into the murky depth with ease. A familiar tug was felt on the net as Val pulled out again. The fish landed on the ground with a thud before poofing. He gained useful material from the fish but was not satisfied. It was nowhere near the standard amount that he was making before. When he used to fish the catch would be bigger. Wha
  13. He walked upstream to get a decent chance. The system may have taken away his ability to fish but it did not touch the knowledge in his head. Even with lowered chances he believed he would be better than any new comer that tried their hand at fishing against him. Valentine sprinkled some of the special bait in the water, then he waited for seven minutes. Sprinkling some more this time he lowered the hook into the water. He did not move as his mind was calm. Even if he was confused about the recent event in Aincrad. Like needing to get through the tedium to get his time wasting skill back.
  14. Valentine could not escape the huff he made as he trudged along to a quaint little fishing shack. After waking up with a slight headache he spent the moment reorienting himself. Investing his skill points he noticed he fishing skill was no longer active. It was only after hours of investigating could he find out as to why. In order to gain it back he had to come along to a quest in the middle of nowhere. “Hello! Anyone home.” Valentine gave a smile as he knocked on the door. “Outback!” Valentine followed the voice to a fisherman on the water. “How may I be of assistance.” The NPC gave Val
  15. Initial Application: Here Last Application: Here Room(s) Being Added: N/A Room(s) Being Upgraded: Fishing Pond is becoming Ornate Fishing Pond Room(s) Being Re-Assigned: Ice Slime Farm [Slime Farm](Grimm), Bedroom (Grimm), Living Room (Grimm & Valentine), Becomes-> Ice Slime Farm [Slime Farm] (Valentine), Bedroom (Valentine), Living Room (Valentine) Total Cost: 15,000
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