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  1. I sure hope I find someone to RP with soon... *Hint hint*

  2. «Kalina» Profile » Username: Kalina » Real name: Kalina Curnoff » Age: 16 » Gender: Female » Height: 5'5" » About: Kalina was never into video games that much, until her younger brother died in Sword Art Online. Getting over the grieving quickly, Kalina used her deceased brother's NerveGear after the funeral to play the game, hoping to find whoever killed her sibling and give them a piece of her mind. Having joined later than initial release, she has vast experience compared to most others, and starts at a much lower level since she's a new character. She is very determined to
  3. Yay! Made an account!

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      I humbly welcome you the site, enjoy your stay.

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      Welcome to SAO

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