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  1. Level 2!!! Now, to start my Earning a Living Thread. Either SP or PP, can't decide.

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    2. Nikodemus_Blackwood


      No problem. I'm usually always around doing something, so if you wanna do it as a PP, just shoot me a PM and i'll respond soon as i get it.

    3. Talo


      I think I'll do this one as a SP, but will keep you in mind for the future

    4. XWuZHeAR


      or reply to the quest I started with you

  2. Would like to apologize to the people I am in roleplays with. Ope House and Graduation season, very busy. Busting out two posts at the moment simultaneously. Then hoping to keep caught up.

  3. 15 Posts :D I know its small, but hey, its a start.

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    2. Hydra
    3. Nikodemus_Blackwood


      Good job Talo. If you ever need a tank for some questing, gimme a PM. I'll help.

    4. Ather


      Congratulations, man.

  4. Hello everyone :d Hoping to get to 10 Posts today (1 Post Away) 

  5. Any one up for a Roleplay? Message me if you wanna.

  6. HI IM SORRY. I got caught up with friends, but now I am here :D ready to RP

  7. Just been approved and got myself a Face claim. Afternoon everyone :)

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    2. Takao
    3. Talo


      Thank you Takao, are names are very similar, nice.

    4. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      Pro Tip: don't start fighting boars... they have a pretty high kill count on new players so far:D

  8. As I say hello, I say good bye. I'm getting tired, and need some sleep, so I'm hoping to roleplay tomorrow, good night everyone!!!

  9. Hi everyone, new to this site.

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