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    ''Link start'' are the last words Jaredo had heard before going in to the virtual world,as everything becomes visible he gasps because what he hoped for in a digital world was all there and more in the town of beginnings he smiles the most he had ever smiled before he run's toward a little hut where a man sold swords he thinks will he give the man his coal for a sword? Jaredo walks away from the hut with no more coal but with a new blade he can call his, he named it rose, And jaredo walks away to start his journey. Running through an unfamiliar place jaredo is chased by wild boars he grips his sword and thinks will he attack knowing if he does he may dye and he thinks again that he probably will die if he keeps going like this so he pushes off of a tree he lets the boars pass he runs up without any emotion on his face and attacks, he walks away and continues on his journey for power.