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  1. Skill(s) Being Dropped: First Aid (Rank 1) Mod(s) Being Dropped: None SP Refunded: 5 Cost: 5,000 Col
  2. Alright, alright, alright! It was time. He'd scaled the mountain, gotten his stripes from the old master, and now he was ready. His fist fungus? Potent. His muscles? Rippling. The boulder? Unfazed -- but with any luck, that would be changing soon. Gambit pulled the wraps tight around his palms as he approached the intimidating rock. Adjusting his floppy black cap, the goofy looking boy regarded his task with a large, white grin. Before the sun went down, Gambit was going to split this rock in two! And that, he knew, would be a monumental testament to how far he's come, conside
  3. "Oh, golly gee golly gosh! My Toxic Venom is ready!" He was already standing in the shop. There really wasn't any reason for him to announce his presence any more than he already had, considering the extravagant way he'd entered the building in the first place. Gambit sauntered over to his prepared package with the enthusiasm of an excited child. It even had a ribbon and everything! It didn't. There it was, in all its glory: his Toxic Venom and Healing Salves! Ah, but what were their names? "Fist Fungus!" Gambit laughed, "Oh, oh, that's pretty good!!" "And... Healing Ru
  4. Hopeless. Utterly hopeless. How was he supposed to level up like this, anyway? All these quests were dangerous - and they were all the same, too. Go here, find this, kill that. Get a reward. Yip-yip-hurray, you're another level higher. Yay. They were all so goddamn boring! Where was all of the variety? The quests without some sort of world-ending boss monster lurking around the corner? The people that made these washed up missions were all burnt out nobodies, it was the truth. Gambit practically pouted. Standing alone in front of this massive bulletin board of requests, the b
  5. And then he stopped thinking, because his intense smolder had attracted the attention of the shambling circus freak. Before Gambit could come to terms with just what he was willing to trade for this elusive trinket (he was supposed to be saving that for someone special), a lazy swipe from the hash slinging slasher brought him back to his sense. "AH!" Practically cartwheeling away from it as if gymnastics would save him, Gambit would retreat to his safe space behind the purple-haired warrior. As long as he was behind the big ass scythe she liked to swing around like the most lethal pool n
  6. It did come as a bit of a surprise when Arabelle told him that she would not be getting him that trinket for free. "A price?" Gambit asked. He wasn't really used to seeing pricetags on anything, even though the currency of the game probably wasn't equivalent to yen in Japan. Still, his wallet was empty, and if Arabelle wanted money then she was going to be sore out of luck. A part of him told him to keep his mouth shut about it, but that felt too much like he'd be cheating her out of her expectations. So instead, he was honest. Until she went on to say that she wasn't interested in
  7. "Th-thank you! I'll stand behind you!" A normal person might have been embarrased by so easily accepting protection from a girl who was way smaller than him. But Gambit was by no means a normal person, and these were by no means normal cirumcstances. To top it off, he didn't really understand the whole man-woman dynamic thing. Everyone was pretty much the same to Gambit, as far as gender went. People were people. It was good that he was making progress, even if he had to rely on other people to help. He was going his own way - and, step by step, he was getting closer and closer to achiev
  8. Gambit could hardly contain his laughter after seeing the look on Arabelle's face. For all his investigatory work, he couldn't figure out why this item was still here, or what its use was. So it was useless. Palming the creamy giblet in one hand, Gambit hurled the succulent rot over his shoulder, where it probably exploded into a smear or something behind him. Sooner than he'd expected, the two would arrive at the concession stand. In the midst of all the fighting, Gambit had half-forgotten it had even existed. He frowned as he looked it over. Unfortunately for him, Gambit hadn't bought
  9. Schlap. The gooey bit of zombie flesh landed on his chest with a slight thwapping sound, where it stuck to his armor, slowly sliding down the metal plates. Gambit seemed, at first, confused by Arabelle's reaction and also completely enamored by the squishy chunk of rotten flesh. He peeled the item off his torso, pinching it between two fingers. The meat seemed to drip some sort of unidentifiable liquid... and it smelled absolutely horrible, like rotten eggs and fish. Gambit brought his hand to his chin, squinting, deep in thought. He turned the flesh around to give it a good look ov
  10. "Almost too convenient," Gambit admitted, his sheepish smile betraying his play-it-cool act he'd been working on maintaining. He was not at all used to talking to people, let alone being alone with them. However, Gambit had a general air of kindness around him that was easy to mistake for extroversion. Shy and outspoken; a healthy mixture of two parallels. Gambit rushed forward, reaching for the girl's shoulder. But he stopped, pulling back his hand like he was flinching. Then he pushed forward again, only to stop once more. "You've, uh. Got zombie giblets. On your shoulder." He wasn't t
  11. "Potion Seller," Gambit proclaimed, striding confidently into Ded Wrath & Beyond, "I am going into battle and I require only your finest potions." What's with the name of this place, anyway? Sounds pretty spooky for a place that sells... herbs and stuff. It looked super cozy for such an ominous sounding store, too! There were like, candles and stuff. Yeah, that's the stuff. Filling out the forms he was provided with, Gambit let out a small, nervous laugh. "I, uh... I get beat up a lot. So I need to have stuff that like... uh. Keeps me from not being alive. You dig?" Gambit woul
  12. Gambit was surprised she wasn't getting antsy after downing what felt like an entire ocean's worth of energy drinks. Yes, he was still on the energy drinks. It was seriously baffling - but, of course, it was times like these that Gambit somehow managed to forget that this wasn't at all like their world. You didn't truly get hungry or thirsty in the game - the feelings were simulated, and, by technicality, that meant you couldn't get full either. You could inhale as much crap as you felt like with no negligible side effects. In fact, from what Gambit heard, that's actually how the Frontliners p
  13. Only hit the ones that looked half dead? Easily enough! Wait, no. They all looked more than half dead. Arabelle quickly clarified, but Gambit had already pieced together her meaning. As the scythe girl went to work, Gambit was looking out for the straggler; the one that held onto dear life - or whatever it is they had that was similar to it, as far as zombie mobs went - for no reason. Gambit kind of felt sorry for them, in a way. But he felt sad for most mobs. They were literally created to die, and though he knew that they didn't have any emotion or any sort of thinking like him, it was the h
  14. In what felt like - but what surely wasn't - an instant, the zombies were on them. Up close and personal, Arabelle threw herself to her feet, wielding her scythe with renewed vigor. It must have been all of the Monster Energy Drinks. Imbued with the strength of only the most powerful wall punchers, Arabelle swung, literally (except not literally) trampling her opponents, grinding them into fine powder. Or really, just well defined rectangles and stuff. They exploded, like monsters do in SAO. That's just what happened. No more fancy words. Fancy words not good for Gambit. Ooga booga.
  15. It was probably somewhere around the fourth energy drink uncapped, downed, and promptly discarded that Gambit started to seriously question his choice of company. The small, purple-haired girl suddenly looked a lot less cute and a lot more like her name was Kyle with every can she emptied. And even still she continued. "Uh, are you sure you should be drinking that ma-" Crack. Another energy can would open, and Gambit would find himself quickly retreating into silence. "Hm." After she hit finished chugging the last of her energy drink, Gambit wouldn't really follow up on
  16. The look on Gambit's face only really meant one thing: he was shocked. Absolutely and utterly shocked. As the zombie that had been standing in front of him just moments before burst into a cloud of digital fragments made tangible, Gambit's shaky hands shot back down, attaching themselves to his side. He walked - no, waddled? - a bit backwards, before looping around when Arabelle called out to him. "Yeah!" Gambit laughed sheepishly. Then, much quieter, "Yeah... for sure." He coughed loudly into his sleeve before quickly deciding to change the subject. "So, uh, anyway. These zo
  17. As he scrambled to his feet and Arabelle swung her scythe through yet another one of the shambling undead, Gambit stumbled backwards, still a little shaken up by that whole exchange. There was only one problem, then. Maybe it was because he'd fallen and made himself look like an easy target, but the zombie he'd tried to punch was coming straight at him! Gambit was freaking out. You'd think it'd be all too easy to outrun a creature that could barely walk, but looking at Gambit, you'd be more than surprised to find out that he, for whatever reason, couldn't manage to do even that. Bi
  18. "Not interested," Gambit proclaimed. "Well, nice to meet you all!" Gambit happily spun around on a heel, walking away. He decided that he was done here. He'd met his daytime quota. The daytime quota of being outside. He was done for the day. So he was done now. Done here. "See ya!" What a day! He'd met new people, gotten punched in the face, molested someone - all in good fun, of course. One girl had a thing for Player Killers, apparently, and she'd said she'd protect all of them from one if they decided to show up. Gambit sincerely doubted it, but that's all good, too! Player Kill
  19. "Yes, ma'am!" Arabelle's words were met with unadulterated enthusiasm. Gambit had no intention to leave after that. Besides, he was practically entranced by the girl swinging the scythe around. So cool-! She tore through zombies like nobody's business, and still... they seemed to hang on by a thread. What was up with that? Gambit furrowed his eyebrows, noticing the group that had survived Arabelle's initial onslaught. Strange, strange. Gambit got up and ran over to one of them, swinging his fist with the raw strength of a lizard. It didn't even land, and he swung wide. The zombie stood t
  20. "Only like, a couple minutes," Gambit said, rubbing the back of his head. He'd all but practically collapsed behind the smaller girl, as embarrassing as that might be... and now he was having a conversation with her like there wasn't an endless undead horde of zombies scrambling to try and eat their brains. What a weird Thursday, huh? Gambit sort of gave a sheepish chuckle, pushing himself to his feet. She seemed like she had it under control, for now. He wasn't all too eager to get into the fray, as it was - embarrassing himself in front of girls wasn't something he liked to do too ofte
  21. And from the Heavens descended his savior, a scythe at her side! Except she was like, five-foot-nothing, and Gambit practically towered over her. Practically. Not really. Even still, he wasted no time in shoving the rest of his corndog down his throat as Arabelle leapt into action, bringing her weapon out and across the group of zombies. She cut through them like butter, three of them falling to the ground, bifurcated or otherwise lacerated, vanishing in what was the equivalent to a cloud of smoke. Transluscent blue shards hung in the air, gradually fading from view, as soon it was revea
  22. "AHHHH!!" Gambit ran back and forth, with nothing to keep him safe from the zombies. This armor he'd bought was an absolute sack of crap, and if Gambit had half a mind he'd get rid of it first chance he got. Luckily though, Gambit had less than half of a mind. So he kept running, just barely ducking and dodging out of the way of hordes' attacks and approaches, his death just a claw swipe or a bite away. He'd gotten hit once, and been shocked to find that literally half of his health disappeared. It was good he had Regen - but if one of these things hit him right, who was to say his
  23. "Oooh, a carnival!" Gambit exclaimed, paying the price for a ticket, one-hundred percent aware of how painfully late he was. See, he'd been so broke, that he had to run around selling all sorts of junk just for the col to attend... and by the time he'd gotten that done, the event was already underway. It looked like zombies this year, which was kinda cool. Except they were all just kind of... grabby. He couldn't decide what he wanted to do first. A part of him wanted a hotdog. Another part of him wanted to see how many times it took for a zombie to kill itself on his armor. Another part of him
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