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  1. This is one of @Mack's alts. If you're interested in forming a  Guild Cult, let me know via PM and I'll send you the details for what I have in mind.

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    2. Mack


      Ich bin ein Berliner

    3. Aereth


      @Mack Und ich komm aus Graz. xD

    4. Beoreson


      Guten Tag.

      I hear you are on a peace keeping mission?

  2. Tomas


    Profile Username: Tomas Real name: Juan Torquemada Age: 25 Gender: Male Height: 6'2" About: History/personality Born into a rigidly Catholic family, the fifth of seven children, Juan led a somewhat sheltered life, at least outside of the digital realm. From the time he could walk, talk, and begin comprehending the material he was being presented with Juan was brought up parochially in what would be referred to by many as extremist, even inquisitorial, orthodoxy. His education in the home continued throughout his childhood until he reached an age where it became necessary to sen
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