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  1. Oh, my. A lot of things just happened at once. Lishuu was taken aback with how quickly the conversation spiraled. Between wires getting crossed beyond the control group, there were newcomers. New factors to the equation, variables that could skew the result. It wasn't good. She couldn't bring them back around when she had no idea where things fell apart. Instead, she tried her very best to focus on the things that were positive and keep the people who she was talking to from descending into the chaos. "Wow, then you're doing a great job," she said to Blue, who very earnestly wanted
  2. Just like that, the others had killed two boars and left her behind. Lish felt the first pangs of frustration from combat and realized that she did not like the feeling. There was something inherently competitive about it, like she'd failed to measure up. It made her feel inadequate. Recon, for as annoying as he was, actually landed the first blow. His attack came dangerously close to wiping out more than one of the pups, but the one hit that landed did more than enough. Starla followed up with a powerful looking hit that carved the second ham and set the table neatly. All Lish had to do
  3. In the next moment, Starla readied her weapon, visibly shaking. They were all nervous, really. The idea of fighting in this world was daunting. A single slip up would mean death, and she didn't want to die. Not like this. Not to some meager Boar Pup, a creature so weak that the people reading the monument might actually laugh at her. No, she wanted to go home. With a flick of her finger across her inventory, she summoned one of the weapons Koga had crafted for her. She'd have to thank him again for that- without it, she would probably be absolutely worthless. She charged in behind S
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    Stats and Level info! Lishuu Level 4 80/80 HP 8/8 EN
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    Threads! Am I doing this right? 4 SP
  6. "For me, yeah!" Lish responded immediately to Starla's question. Koga had engaged with Recon, thankfully, so there was no reason to match wits with the man. He would be helpful in the quest to come, assuring that none of them had to worry much about the boars overrunning them, but beyond that she did not much enjoy the idea of talking to him. "I'm hoping with all of us working together, it'll be a walk in the park!" Honestly, as they approached the field Lishuu steered herself onto the other side of Starla, away from Recon. With a buffer between them, she hoped that she wouldn't attract a
  7. It was a very strong conversation from the beginning, in her opinion; though it was possible the others didn't feel the same. Sketch seemed pretty interested in booze, but he did circle back to the Blacksmithing question that sparked things. When Koga responded, he pulled a weapon and showed it off. He described it as perfect, then went on to explain how the game separated items into different tiers and varying levels of success that dictated their usefulness. It was a strange, even categorical system that went leaps and bounds beyond her understanding; but it seemed simple enough in theory th
  8. Lish mouthed the words "thank you" to Koga and smiled apologetically before she turned to head back toward town. She looked to Roy with a kind wave, sucking in a breath and holding it for a heartbeat. "I think you'd be better off asking Koga, honestly," she told him, completely honestly. "He was the one who figured the answer out, not me." She struck off after that, managing to find the wherewithal not to make another horrid face because of the infuriating man. She didn't want to start developing wrinkles at a young age. Err... could she develop wrinkles during a full dive? Technology was so c
  9. If there were something amiss, Lishuu neither noticed or had any interest in noticing. She was preoccupied with the group of people that she was with. Should someone decide to join them, that might be different. She smiled to Sketch as he brought chairs out for Astralin and herself. "Thank you!" she told the man. Honestly, she could have done it herself, but kindness seemed so rare now that she looked beyond her bold, modern feminist viewpoint and considered the action to be done without chauvinistic intent. It seemed like Aincrad could use more people who didn't get needlessly offended,
  10. "I've found it!" she cheered merrily as she plucked the last of the materials she needed from the ground. Dismissing it to her inventory, she rounded to give Roy a wry smirk. "Maybe if you stopped trying to multitask, you'd be done too, eh?" With a coy smirk, she turned to Koga, whereupon she actually smiled. "There! With that, I can head back ahead of you and get these turned in. That is, if you don't mind?" Her back was turned to the other man now, so that he wouldn't see the desperation in her expression as she silently implored with the other man to give his blessing. "I think there's
  11. "No, no, I just didn't want to assume!" she chortled, waving a hand in front of her face to accentuate that she'd meant nothing by what she'd said. "I'm certainly alright with having friends, the more the merrier!" Lish glanced to Recon, who told them his actual handle at that point. Then he made an awkward comment about them being a tightly knit couple, and she simply laughed. "Oh dear me, no, I've not known him nearly long enough." She crossed her arms. "You know, Recon, I'm shocked! Out of all your jokes, that was the funniest I've heard." Finally, the message crossed her HUD that
  12. Everyone seemed to be in agreement. The life in this Town quickly became a gray that neither got darker or lighter with time, but instead sucked in all those too transient to leave it. There were people in this world who had grown accustomed to routine, no different from their daily lives on the outside. It was interesting to her, fascinating even to see how the social hierarchy asserted itself, even with the lack of a proper system to direct it. The evolution of mankind truly was as acute as it was chronic. "Sketch," she smiled, "and Astralin. It's good to meet you both. I do hope we'll
  13. "I... what?" Lish blinked, flabbergasted. The last time she'd bombed a math test was in year ten, and she'd managed to scrape by in spite of that by sheer virtue of a calculator. Since she didn't have any means of graphing slope intercept form- or even really a memory of what that entailed, given she would never use it again- she only stared at the man with a vacant expression. "What does that have to do with picking flowers?" she asked skeptically. She glanced toward the ground again where she had seen a material, then realized that she grabbed for it too hard and accidentally ruined the
  14. "So good to meet you Starla," Lish absolutely beamed as the girl greeted her with an upbeat attitude. It was a relief to meet someone in this world who wasn't already sinking in depression; or at least, who hid it better than everyone around them. "I'm just getting started as well! Perhaps we could help each other out, hey? Us ladies have to stick together- or, summat." At the interaction between the new woman and Koga, Lish blinked. "...I'm sorry?" she questioned, veiled horror pricking at her brows. "You... threw a dagger at her?" Koga hadn't seemed the type to proliferate domestic viol
  15. She was done long before Roy, but waiting for him necessarily ripped the wind from her wings. The other Player seemed to delight in taking his sweet time, in turn forcing her to stand idly by while he told his horrendous jokes. Lish managed to smile and only grimaced ten times or less throughout the ordeal. She counted that among one of her greatest accomplishments. The blue haired girl plodded along the path ahead of the others, only somewhat sympathetic that she had left Koga behind to buffer her from the man. Honestly, she doubted that the stronger Player had any more patience for it t
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