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  1. Noticing that the boarlet began to slow down, so did Kata before he stopped in his tracks. When he stopped the boarlet seemed to turn around and face him. Grunting and starting to kick up random parts of the ground, dirt, grass, and more. Katakuri understood that the boarlet was going to attack him; it was the boarlet’s turn after all. This boarlet began to charge towards the player without a second thought, angry grunts, and hooves stomping at the ground underneath. Taking a few steps back, Katakuri gripped onto his vanity sword and held his ground. Knowing that he couldn’t run away fro
  2. Katakuri noticed that the boarlet was beginning to slow down from the damage it has taken from him, and he followed it at a decent pace. When the boarlet stopped, so did Katakuri. The creature seemed ready to attack and was going to give him everything he got, kicking up random parts of the ground, dirt, grass, and whatever it would fling up towards the sky. This situation, fighting, was causing his heartbeat to increase and giving him a rush. The boarlet began to charge towards the player with angry grunts and heavy hooves which stomped at the ground. Taking a few step
  3. Katakuri made sure that he had a good grip on his weapon before charging and swinging at the boarlet in front of him. Upon the swing, he could feel a heaviness he hadn't felt before in the game, and it caught onto his arms. His vanity-starter, two-handed sword went right into the boarlet. The attack let red pixels form into the air, showing that he did some damage to the creature -- That must be the graphics for blood in this game. Stopping in his tracks for a second and with his free hand, he held it out as a child would to catch bubbles. Trying to see if he could touch the red pi
  4. The boarlet began to charge and get closer within seconds, hanging onto the vanity starter-sword, Katakuri furrowed his brows and clenched his teeth before impact. A reaction of tensing up, because he was waiting for the impact of the creatures attack, Will this hurt?, He didn't know the answer to his own question but he would figure out within seconds if the boarlet was successful. This game seemed to play tricks with what you could feel, smell, and actually do. It was a little frustrating sometimes, but he would get use to it; he was sure of it. Taking a step back before the boarlet s
  5. The first swing of the game proved to be weak and lazily supplied, a missing blow, and the young man stood there while watching the boarlet scurry off. Glancing down to the sword that he missed seconds ago and letting out a sigh, "I'll get better, hopefully..." Mumbling to himself while closing his eyes, "...I just need to focus and practice, a lot of practice." As the boarlet got to a safe distance away from Katakuri, they seemed to meet eye-to-eye before the reddish-haired man took a stance while grabbing at his sword; ready to fight the pig. Before he knew it the boarlet was chargin
  6. After leaving the blacksmith's shop, he found himself going outside of the city once again. Going on an adventure that the wild goose chase was sending him on, "Hopefully boarlets are not that hard to deal with..." huffing to the thought, "...can I die from those?" Whispering to himself, saying those words out loud gave him a piercing ache in his chest. Trying his best to shrug the feeling of dread off, Katakuri found himself outside the walls and at the wilds of Tolbana. Pressing into his notifications real quick, he wanted to check on the tasks he had to do, and he quickly located the t
  7. Katakuri seemed to be annoyed at the way that Lyle functioned, but he decided to roll his eyes. He was dealing with NPCs, he needed to remember that they are NPCs and not actually another person stuck in the game. Shaking his head while looking down at himself, he thought, What does he even mean by that? Is it because I am skinny? The young male was quite the lean piece of muscle, he worked out, but he was not close to any kind of body-building material. He was healthy enough; a lot of people would probably consider him too thin for his height. Skin and bones is what his father always jok
  8. After adjusting his thoughts about smell and a few clangs later, Katakuri smiled when he heard the voice speak to him, "Welcome to my shop." Standing there, he didn't know if he should get closer to the man standing behind the anvil, rhythmically striking a heavy hammer against the product he was producing. So far the men that guide you through the introductions of the game have beards or facial hair of some sort while being quite old. It was somewhat of a charming aspect if you asked Katakuri himself. Before anything could really come out of his mouth, he was probably standing there too lon
  9. After the experience with Zackariah the alchemist and completing the 'first lesson' quest. Katakuri understood that he might have a handful of quests in front of him because he accepted to help Dorian the mayor. Walking along the streets, the young man thought about a few things; I wonder if I will have to gather materials for this Lyle... Is this going to be a similar task to helping Zackariah? Am I going to have to learn how to make something myself? I'm assuming so, I feel like these 'lesson' quests are an introduction to this game... if you even want to call it that anymore... O
  10. Katakuri decided that he would finish this day off with watching the sunset. Making his way out towards the gates, he passed the NPC guards and went through one of the city's many gates. Going over and sitting right outside of it, leaning up against the stone walls, and looking up at the sunset. It was a beautiful sunset, it almost made him feel like he wasn't even in a game when he stared at it, and he instantly relaxed from the view. The trees were beautiful, they even had a wind program which caused the vegetation to move and make sound. Closing his eyes to this in-game naturally beaut
  11. Slowly, Katakuri went to press the button but before he placed his finger onto it, he exited his main menu and inhaled sharply at the thoughts running through his head. Why was it so frustrating to know that he couldn't log out of the game? He loved games before he got stuck into one. Maybe it is because he learned of the risks that the game held before him. Thinking about his family again this is the first time he became worried about himself, I wonder if they found me and put me in a hospital. That thought hit him harder than what he expected. Thinking about his mom finding hi
  12. Looking at the list of different potions that he received, Katakuri was pretty happy with himself when it came to the first completion of his quest. Sitting back and relaxing on the bench while he read about the different potions in his inventory, he remembered that he needed to turn off the random pop-ups that he would get while collecting materials or gaining something in his inventory. Exiting out of his inventory space, he went towards the settings option and looked at a few things before finding settings that dealt with the player in game. It took him a few minutes befo
  13. On the way to Lyle's blacksmith shop, Katakuri decided to take a seat on one of the bench's to figure out what the notification that was going off on his side bars was. This notification was dinging and he was curious enough to look into it. Opening it up, the distraction seemed to lead him into his inventory and wanted to show him the items that he gained from the experience, "Oh! cool!" Being able to go outside the starter city and being able to gather materials was an enjoyable thing to do. Even having bubbles form and explode on him when he was making a potion for the first time, it w
  14. "Now, was there anything else?" "Yeah! There is." Katakuri turned to the NPC Zackariah and approached him to be closer before he explained what he was here, "Dorian sent me here to collect the col that he loaned you." Zackariah chuckles and shakes his head. "Leave it to Dorian to forget something so important. No, I'm afraid it wasn't me that borrowed the col. You might try Lyle, the blacksmith. I've seen him talking with the mayor frequently the past month or so, and he's just up the road. I wish you luck!" The response that Zackariah offered Katak
  15. Katakuri seemed to not know what to do when the mixture didn't turn into explosive bubbles. Glancing back at Zackariah for a tip or two, "I think I did it?" The male wasn't fully sure if he did it right or not. He needed a little guidance at this point and he didn't know what vial he should put the mixture into if it turned out good at all. Zackariah noticed that Katakuri was lost in the situation and came over to help. Picking out a vial for him and helping the young man transfer the liquid into that vial. After successfully crafting the potions, Zackariah holds them up, examining Kataku
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